Fashion Story by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has become famous because of its appearance and candy perky smile. She sings and plays a role in American films. Popularity came to her after the role of Cat Valentine yoke from the TV series "Victorious." But not only that she is known. Many teenage girls would love to repeat it fashionable images, which will be discussed in this post.

Heavenly blue and lace. Style 50s. Very exotic!

Retro style. Delicate cream and champagne color - always ennoble!

Red roses - never go out of fashion. Cocktail dress for all occasions, important not to overdo the makeup. New trend: neutral makeup, bright clothes, shoes matching lipstick. All topics in last spring trends.

Glam rock. Stylish and modern. Look like a hunter - it's a dream!

Huge eyes, dark long hair and soft, girlish figure make a girl mileyshey special. She goes doll outfits in which she looks feminine and youthful. In principle, the entire wardrobe girl anyway based on the capsule: lush skirt, tight blouse, heels.

Cocktail dress a la Provence. Gentle, sweet, for the summer.

Style casual. He was always to the court, so you can get dressed in the office. And it is very feminine.

Style Candy. You can go on a date and in the movies, eat popcorn and just wear a dress at home. Very easy and convenient.

Universal modern style. Tender romance that is appropriate absolutely everywhere.

Ariana just loves bright juicy colors in clothing. Probably among her clothes not only turbid dark colors, as well - the whole rainbow palette available!

Style dudes. Ruffles, pastel palette, red lipstick. Do not forget about the bright accessories.

The dress on the red carpet. Girl in pink will always be glamorous lady. This outfit is suitable for discharge. Just nice and tasteful.

Casual chic.

Heels, cocktail dress, style simple and chic at the same time. Attire for the evening.

Watch girl pretty curious. You know how it is sparkling and attractive, as well as all the lights.

And that we, yum-yum, little lady Gaga. And bow, like Minnie Mouse. Very glamorous!

Style baby doll, a lot of frills always pleasing to the eye, a small heel, pink hues and, of course, handbag!

The fluffy skirt, sun and skin-tight T-shirt. Again based image - tall heel and bright lacquer varnish iridescent shades.

Cookies macaroni. This dress itself becomes sweet candy.

The emphasis in a dress is almost always at the waist. These are girly outfits that matched only cute baby. And she was and is, at least 21 and a girl, and someone at that age can not afford to look quite childish. And here it is - it is.

Just as something cute. Nothing special: jeans and knitwear.

Girl in red as you are beautiful. Do not forget that red requires perfection in everything. And then, and open-toed shoes.

A material? Photo evident that this silk, feathers, soft viscose, soft chiffon, silk, flowing materials. Prints only the flower. Accessories - like a Barbie doll.

The two-layer dress with large prints and padded shoes with thick soles - and you're the queen of the court.

Repeat Ariana style is simple, is not it? Just do not forget to put on a smile and a firm to bring a wonderful mood playful cat.


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