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Since women's blouses from the category of underwear moved in casual clothes, it was not so much time. A little more than a century. And all this time, they tend to be a style men's shirt. Adored by me Raf Simons showed on the catwalk is simple, but so close in spirit to the wedding dress based on this model. And I'm more enthusiastic claims that there is nothing sexier than a woman in a man's shirt.

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1. 2012-2013 Blouses: Shirt cut

This does not mean that the fashion blouses 2012 only a jacket of classic cut. This add-in modeling and decoration build an image based on a single canvas. It is not necessary to withdraw shirt from the wardrobe of her husband, although I do often. But it was fashionable blouse will, if it is sewn from fabric feminine, translucent or streaming. Such as, for example, Valentino. Smooth shoulder line, a fortified cuffs and a wide, covers the bone, armhole on the spot. Concise decoration in the form of a bow, tissue transparent.

Example Just Cavalli more candid. Blouse by shirt fabric flying transparent. The sleeves like wings. Stand collar goes into a bow-tie, the folds on the shelves make the silhouette is wide enough. The image is not exaggerated and clear: a new interpretation of classic female having masculine.

Interesting ideas on the podium were at Anne Valerie Hash. Fashion blouses, 2012 it is a combination of gentle colors and translucent fabric, and taken as a basis for men's shirt shirt front and small stands: an option under the suit. Again, the cuff closes the women's bone over brush - a distinctive feature is a man's shirt.

Louis Vuitton shirts with sleeves already higher treasured stone. Of the remaining women's stuff just gorgeous collar lace cutwork. Exaggeratedly large, rounded, with a large figure, emphasizing the femininity of their owner.

2. Evening blouse 2012-2013

For evening option is easiest to base white or black. Just remember that the most basic shades are never static. Carefully select the color white is on-the-very different and can be a "killer" for the color of the skin. So it is black.

A simple white blouse can be the basis for the bow of the publication. With it are bold and sexy images. But they are pure and innocent, as he himself white. That's the essence of the incomprehensible dual hidden in ordinary at first glance, things.

Another trend evening fashion: black shirt with a bright décor. The status color material is underlined. This leather, velvet, silk.

3. How to wear fashionable blouses 2012-2013

1. In the new season, I can personally meet one of his passion completely. Wearing fashionable blouses 2012 with the sleeves rolled up. That is, I have a click in my head :-) And tuck the sleeves are not only possible, but necessary even romantic blouses, not just shirts. Raising so sleeve fashion show of the female hand over a brush. This looks sexy look, and makes a man's shirt is absolutely a female piece of clothing. A blouse gives a fashion trend: negligence.

2. Admission of or negligence. That's what should fill blouses. The freedom of movement of the body and above all, do not need to emphasize the waist. The main emphasis of the female figure in the coming season are hips. They have all the attention. Thus blouses worn in the late 19th century (only rigidly fixed waist skirts) do overlap, closing times of the skirt.

4. Folk style

Being fashionable is not difficult, because all the fashion has long been created, and on the surface. Sometimes it finds things difficult to call. Fashion blouses autumn-winter 2012-2013 confirmation. Ornament, embroidery, contrasting yoke, fabric and lace, imitating crafts finding difficult to call. But ostromodnye trend - easily. Folklore is also visible in the cut: a sleeve, not reaching the brush and without narrowed, no armhole (single cut sleeve) or armhole with a flat shoulder, simple gates, no classical buckles, spacious silhouette.

Fashion blouses Anne Valerie Hash

Fashion Blouse Isabel Marant

How easy it seems to be a trend in folklore as easily mistaken in its framework. A perfect example of pastoral be cute and super modern at the same time - the style of Ukrainian designer Lily Pustovit. Her images are attractive and mysterious. It is about such things say that they are deep in its simplicity. But I seem to be talking about the everyday, of blouses. :-) And it turns out that seem simple, does not mean it to be. So in matters of Poustovit. Connect the print and lace print and applique turned her naturally and beautifully. She freed a woman from pritalёnnogo silhouette, closed a lot of the body, using multiple layers. And with all this streamlining negligence used to wear blouses that risky for the outlines of a female body. However, all that we see, collected and tied it on sexuality and mystery.

Fashion blouses Lily Pustovit

5. Transparent blouses

If you see to how to change the article of clothing throughout its history, it seems that women were fighting with themselves. Rather his two guises. On the one hand they were fighting for gender equality, including through clothing: wearing men's shirts or blouses with minimal decorations, short, simple lines and cut. On the other hand - a period of naizhenstvenneyshih forms lengthened blouses, decorated with lace, embroidery, fabrics used are expensive and delicate. And in order not to be, but to seem cute and fluffy, touching and defenseless ... And in that disguise again to fight and win. In the 2012-2013 season, a killer goal will pursue a blouse with a neckline type Carmen, various options of transparent fabrics, sleeveless blouses, white or black guipure. An important rule: the more transparent and feminine fabric, the easier it should be a style blouses 2012.

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Blouses and tunics can be called to the front clasp. Summer is coming tunics and dresses, blouses and extended from the shirts will be popular. They are spacious, comfortable and have a lot of options to wear just feminine.


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