Scarlet dress 2012

Trend of the upcoming spring-summer season 2012 - feminine and elegant image. The epitome of absolute femininity for many designers become a red dress, is building the image of superlatives.

Creative geniuses flight of fantasy world of fashion gives unique shades of the standard this fiery passion, causes a storm of emotions in both men and women sizzling jealousy.

Red Dress 2012: Valentino

The traditional view of the red dress evening draws only images that differ aggressive sexuality. Designers fashion house Valentino was able to break down these stereotypes and present the gentle, innocent silhouettes representing both day and evening wear.

Surprisingly, even the red leather dress, which for me has always been the epitome of vulgarity, looks amazing organic and delicately. And the girl in a simple cocktail reminiscent of the gentle, just open flower.

Evening dresses by Valentino - closed, with long sleeves, with chaste-transparent, giving only a slight hint of sensuality. Trend of the season is a thin belt to match the dress, makes it easy to focus on the waist.

Red Dress 2012: Bottega Veneta

Dresses from Bottega Veneta - is simple feminine silhouettes, variety of textures and drapery. Red chiffon evening dress creates the illusion of flying butterflies. Multi-layer fabric creates a translucent effect, and is complemented by exciting red chocolate hue, making the image of softness and warmth.

Unexpected combinations of cocktail dresses in chiffon, silk fabric create a stunning melange texture intertwined in intricate patterns that emphasize the silhouette and create the effect of pleating.

Red dress 2012: Christian Dior

A classic silhouette, silk, chiffon and leather thin belt again - all this quiet, pretty practical dresses presented the fashion house Dior. The image of the extravagant woman Galliano was replaced by the more traditional and the real Bill Geyttena.

It seems that the designer did not want to take risks, and presented too mundane and even boring model. Sorry, but the dress by Dior in the season did not cause the sense of touch to something beautiful and sublime.

Red Dress 2012: Antonio Berardi

Aged Antonio Berardi dress style is elegant and perfect brim. For each of them the characteristic features of the item, "highlight", gives the image of the necessary appeal.

The collections occupy a worthy place and futuristic dress with patent leather inserts and gentle silk, resembling a traditional Chinese dress Qipao.

Deserves special attention evening dress to the floor, filled with aristocracy and elegance. Brightness scarlet mitigated by a combination of opaque fabric and lace chiffon air, giving the image a shade of intelligence.

Red Dress 2012: Oscar de la Renta

Dresses Spring-Summer 2012 by Oscar de la Renta just full of blending a variety of styles. The emotions that they evoke, also form a contradictory mix.

On the one hand, silk dress in Victorian style with a skirt ponderous and too simple chiffon, which, in my opinion, not enough harmony in the image. On the other, a rather modest dress silhouette, but at the expense of interesting details and textures of fabrics, creating a sense of noble simplicity and refinement.

Red Dress 2012: Yigal Azrouel

Red dress by Yigal Azrouel fit girl with an inner core and the unique beauty that does not need to overload the image of distracting details. Minimalism, strong sexuality and elegance - these are the distinctive features of the talented American designer dresses.

Red Dress 2012: Emanuel Ungaro

Current interpretations of femininity in fashion house Emanuel Ungaro - is the elegance and sensuality of the modern girl, keeps pace with the times. Owners red dresses have always been like the muse of lyric poetry, as sublime and unapproachable, can not be said about models by Emanuel Ungaro, which create a very uncomplicated images.


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