Bosch has introduced a new charger for electric cars

Bosch introduced a new line of chargers for electric — Power Max 2 and Max Power 2 Plus — improved performance and more compact design.In order to fully charge the Chevrolet Volt from a home outlet, it takes 14 hours. No problem, if you come home at 5 o'clock and go to work at 7 am. However, this factor scares many of those who are considering the purchase of electric cars.

Charger Bosch Power Max Power Max 2 and 2 Plus is rated at 240 volts. Both support two modes: 30 amps and 7.2 kW and 40 amps or 9.6 kW.

Compared to the original Bosch Power Max the second model has a more sleek and compact design and improved power output. The "plus" model Max Power 2 Plus is the Wi — Fi connection, allowing you to start charging and monitor the process remotely. Cable length — 5.4 and 7.6 meters. The device is designed for use outdoors.

Starting price — $674 for 2 Bosch Power Max 30 amp with cable 5.4 m.

The CleanTechnica website recommends before buying to clarify, does this electric car charging standard and is compatible with the SAE J1772 plug supplied with the Bosch Power Max 2. The fact that the U.S. is now run in parallel three different and incompatible format, which causes errors and anger of owners of electric vehicles. Many are waiting, when, finally, win one standard. published

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