Tower, consuming could cleans the air of Beijing

Not many people know, but it turns out there is a company that provides free in the cities tower for air purification from dust. Studio Roosegaarde''s Smog Free tower, or the Tower from the smog, was established in Rotterdam and Amsterdam last year, wonderful experience of the two cities showed the efficiency of the tower and now she was established in Beijing. According to the statements of the creators, it is able to clean 30 000 000 cubic meters of air.

Studio Roosegaarde''s Smog Free Tower captures more than 75 percent of harmful particles with a size between 2.5 µm and less than 10 microns.

Tower filter consumes a lot of power — 1700 watts, but uses the standard grid and positive ions that come to the tower, together with particles contaminating the air.

Particles are collected in small bags and they are also used to create jewelry. In Beijing of the collected particles was done for 300 rings.

Unfortunately, in order for these towers with fully purified air in the whole city and should be installed every few meters. Because the company offers the tower as a kind of island clean air, and suggests that in the future towers will be installed in areas with high pollution levels and problems with ventilation. published

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