How to clean the pool in the country

Dirty home thanAny stand-up is not sterile (distilled) water is prone to "bloom" — it starts blue-green algae.

The second factor of pollution, debris caused by the users of the pool. Even if it's not sand, skin particles, hair, cosmetics – sure to fall.

Third – if the pool is outdoors – the garbage caused by wind: the same sand, pollen, leaves, etc.


All types of contaminants – physical, chemical and biological – are present in any pools. Timely and properly cleaned the pool save your health a tremendous amount of water.

The main ways how to clean a suburban pool
  • Physical cleaning
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Electro-physical purification

The simple solution how to clean a home pool if the water is still transparent, but on the water and on the bottom of the visible debris – autospalatorie nets and vacuum cleaners. But the bottom is easier to clean, and special water vacuum cleaner.

If it is a small children's pool, the bottom is easy to clean with a conventional hose technique vacuum. One end of the hose is lowered into an inflatable pool and using the other end make a slight movement as if to suck air. And the water immediately starts to go through the hose. So you can clean the bottom from sand and debris.


Deciding how to clean the bottom of the pool with their hands, many make the water cleaner by yourself. You will need to purchase a pump and filter for water. And the brush and holder her improvised or taken from the home vacuum cleaner. This brush needs to be cleaned and a bottom, and walls, and the waterline from the sediment.

Cleaning the water cleaner effective, because filters can't collect all the bottom debris and treating the walls from the plaque.

How to clean the bottom of the pool bottom if the cleaner does not help? Then we will drain all water and clean the pool of dirt with a brush with detergent.

Another way physical pool cleaning is filters.

Filters remove the impurities that are not visible to the eye. Without a filter the water will stagnate and faster to undergo decay.

The filters are:

Sand is the cheapest. The filter is a quartz sand, which is washed with tap water weekly. For debris from 20 microns. Cartridge – hold COP 10 microns. They are more expensive, but better clean. Diatoms are the most expensive, keep the debris down to 3 microns. Quickly clogged, so that the cartridges need to be changed several times a year. A good option to treat water in the pool at the cottage in the presence of plots which need to be watered is an organization running the exchange. Ready-made systems to do this, you will not find. Here you need to be technical savvy myself. The point is that the surface of the water constantly merges 0.5% of the water that goes to irrigation of the plot. So the plaque on the wall is collected, and the water does not bloom. Also have to do without chemistry.


Chemical cleaning methodThough efficient filtration and water circulation helps to fight with the dissolved contaminations, it is necessary to use chemical cleansers.

The simplest remedy – chlorination of water to destroy the nitrogen compounds. But he did not completely kill the bacteria, and is a poison.

Bromine as a sanitizer is not worse than chlorine but more expensive.

100% safe sanitizer oxygen.

To quickly clean the pool from the mild of plaque on the walls without having to drain the water, simply make a double dose of cleansing and disinfectants.


The signal that the coating around the pool it's time to seriously clean – muddy water: a greenish or milky.

Green water is the result of biological contamination with microorganisms. And that is what causes irritation of skin and mucous membranes, but not the chlorination of water, as many think.

To combat algal blooms using drugs against algae – algaecides. But free from green water cannot be considered safe. Bacteria, viruses and fungi are destroyed only disinfectants.

How to clean pool at home in the muddy water


The causes of murky water:

1. Contamination by pollen, spores or dust, with clay, which do not catch sand filters.

Solution: using drugs coagulants and flocculants, which bind small impurities, forming flakes. People collect them with a vacuum cleaner.

These drugs cannot be used in diatomite and cartridge filters

2. Contamination by microorganisms.

Decision: to carry out shock treatment disinfecants.

3. It can be difficult because water clarity is affected by:

  • the chemical composition of water
  • acidity (pH)
  • the content of mineral substances and inorganic impurities
You may need expert advice on the selection of reagents.

What to do if the pool of rusty water

The water looks rusty from the iron contained in the water.

It is possible to pass this water through the filter, cleaning of rust before she gets into the pool.

Or treat the pool water with a coagulant, which will oxidize the water and the sediment will drop cereal on the bottom.

Choosing what to clean my pool at the cottage, remember that the overdose of chemicals will cause chemical contamination of the pool, which is difficult to deal with.

How to clean a pool without chemicals

This method is called electrophysical. It involves the use of ozone generators, UV lamps and water ionizers on the basis of ions of copper and silver. Effective and safe for children treatment method that requires regularity.

Many people wonder how to clean swimming pool water, folk remedies.

  • Water can be salt – 50 kg of salt in 10 tons of water + soda. It protects against midges and birds, but ineffective against algal blooms.
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Disinfector with copper pipes under the voltage of 220 V, hand made.
The Council in question as to clear the frame pool can be only one: combine all methods of cleaning. In time to change the filter, do the vacuuming, disinfect the water. The same is true if you have a stationary stone or a temporary rubber pool.

This video shows cleaning of the pool cleaner

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