How to make a pool vacuum with their hands

Swimming pool vacuum – a great invention for cleaning surfaces. Regardless of the quality of the filter installed on the input on the pool walls and on its bottom plaque. In addition, the pool often falls dirt leaf dust, which is precipitated, in an unpleasant layer on the surface. Such contamination can be removed by many ways, but one of the best vacuum cleaner for the pool. With your hands to make it fairly simple, and today will assist in this task.

Methods of cleaning pools, There are many ways to sustain a swimming pool clean. One of them is a constant replacement of water and filling the pool through special filters. In this case, the water will not have time to stagnate and it will not be able to quickly develop pathogens. However, this method is very costly, because water will have to be changed at least 1-2 times a week... but it may be too much.

Depending on the size of the pool, let them in the country set even a small timber, the amount of water can reach up to tens of cubic meters. Even the average pool size 4x2 m, depth 1.2-1.5 m is more than 10 cubic meters of water. Count just how much will be the expense. But that's not all. Of course, the water from the pool, which stayed there only a few days, you can wash the car, water the trees, rinse even the facade of the house or to water all the beds in the garden. But how much water would it take? A cube or two? What to do with the rest of the water? Drained into the sewer?

Well, if so, but it is often a Central sewage system in the country is not. Then the water is discharged into the nearest ditch, but it is fraught with many challenges – from the development there of harmful microorganisms and to the organization of a small swamp with frogs and snakes.

In General, this is not an option unless you have at the cottage swimming pool, just a cube or two of water, for example, a children's inflatable. Then, in principle, and the question of cleaning it out. But we're talking about pools of average size, but because you need to search the right way.

  • You can use open-line pump with filters, but you have to understand that it only purifies the water. That is, depending on the applied technology and equipment, the water is cleaned from impurities and microscopic organisms, which may create a pathogenic environment;
  • Apply to clean pool provides and chemicals that just give you the water in dead condition. But again, you only get rid of bacteria, but not from debris on the water surface and plaque on the walls of the pool;
  • The use of a special net will help collect the leaves and paper with the surface of the water, and brush with a long handle to remove part of the plaque from the waterline. But the rest of the dirt will just settle and remain on the bottom.
As you can see, cleaning the pool, which is filled with water, it is not as simple as previously thought, when buying a pool. Here it is necessary to use complex methods, one of which is the pool vacuum.

What is a pool vacuum?This equipment, especially if you do not go into the technical characteristics, is the pump for the distillation and purification of water with multiple filters. From the main pumping unit, a long hose with a handle and brush, through which there is a collection of dirt and plaque. Wiping brush the bottom and sides of the pool, a bristle or rubber base brush you can remove dirt from the surface, which along with the water goes into the hose and reaches the pump, where it is cleared by passage through a filter or multiple filters. Depending on power and General purpose cleaner for pools, filters inside it can be changed even several times during one cleaning of the pool, it all depends on the severity of the contamination.

Swimming pool vacuum helps with cleanup of sediment and plaque that forms at the waterline.

Most often, it is gray and yellow spots, and the film, which should be well rubbed, so she moved away from the walls of the pool.

If you work with a vacuum cleaner for pools correctly and systematically, it will last you quite a long time. In addition, every single pool cleaning will take much less time.How is the price on swimming pool vacuum?To buy such equipment without any problems. Today vacuum cleaners for pools are available in a range of companies offering swimming pools and integrated equipment, as well as many wholesalers, online stores and even in a standard retailing. But the price tag can vary significantly.

At first glance, to pay a few thousand rubles for a miniature vacuum cleaner can be, but only whether he will cope with the work? On the other hand, is it worth to buy powerful equipment and a long time to blame themselves for such a serious waste? Probably, it is necessary to define an alternative method by which it will be possible to find a solution to the issue at a minimal cost.

If to continue the conversation about the price of vacuum cleaners for swimming pools, they can reach hundreds of thousands of rubles. For example, vacuum cleaner robots for swimming pools, which independently move on the bottom of the bowl and clean the surface. The same powerful vacuum cleaners from reputable producers of pools recommended, but terribly expensive. Well, and other options, which often cost more than they should.

So still recommend you to read the next few sections of this material, which you will find interesting tips.

Alternative purification of small summer pool, We decided to continue the theme, starting from small pools to testify. Let it be inflatable or frame pools, because often such we have installed. Major same and composite pools we'll skip that one tonight, as sure that buying a pool for a million or two, no one will split hairs with the instrument to clean it. A comprehensive system will be purchased on the first day of the buying pool.

Continue on the small fonts made of plastic, inflatable and frame pools. To wash and clean them, because the sun warmed the water in the pool is a great environment for many disease-causing pathogens. So get rid of them in several effective ways:

  • Every day cover the pool to keep anything extra;
  • Accept procedures only correctly – after showering, bathing, special clothing, do not forget to take Slippers and don't allow the water animals, even the most beloved;
  • Often collect debris from the water surface with a net or a special plastic scoop;
  • Use pool chemicals that will help to cope with bacteria, algae and other negatives in water;
  • Time to change the water in the pool;
  • And be sure to use cleaning and washing of the dry pool until it without water as well as cleaning and washing special vacuum cleaner.
Yes, it will take time, but this will not go away, especially if you wish to have the procedure was pleasant and did not affect health negatively.

Swimming pool vacuum with your handsSo you don't have to buy expensive equipment, we will give you advice on how pennies make it yourself. You will need to spend money only on high-quality filters for the pump and pool chemicals.

We decided to ignore the few models where the database is being created independently. We don't need to think about the pump design, because he's already there. But the purification system we have thought through to the end.

It is really simple and we only need to combine the existing pump with a few extra details.Brush pool vacuumBrush – the part of a General mechanism for cleaning which will remove plaque from the walls of the pool. With its help, you can make daily cleaning, if required, or to clean tougher dirt, if you need cleaning much less frequently.

The brush can be made from different materials, or simply purchased in the store. This is not the most expensive piece of equipment, but because everyone can afford to buy.

If you want to make the brush yourself, there are several options:

  • The first is that you just connect the intake water hose pump brush from a home vacuum cleaner. In the set of virtually every modern household appliance includes a brush which is not used by us. It is with a very narrow slit, flat and small, for cleaning in corners and behind furniture. It can be applied to the pool. But there is one drawback – she's really small, and thus the cleaning time can seriously increase;
  • Brush with polypropylene pipes. You need to take the tube p/n that is used for distribution of water in the house, cut off from her only 20-30 cm along the tube to make slits with a width of 3-5 mm. Next, cut the tube in half and insert both pieces into the tee p/p, which is also used for wiring in plumbing work. Of course, there will have to use soldering. Now, in the third hole of the tee install another piece of a polypropylene pipe, which will be the adapter between the brush and the hose leading to the pump. While the first two pieces of pipe with a slot, you need to jam on the edges, this also has a special p/n plug. Brush ready!
  • The third type of homemade brush cleaner for water – upgraded brush p/n pipe. That is, ready to take the brush that you just created, and add it to a few auxiliary parts. It can be elastic with a regular car wiper, cleaning the windshield, which is glued onto the pipe with a slot. It gum will help to remove dirt from the surface. Also, it may be a thin strip with bristles. Any Supplement can be glued or screwed in small screws to the pipe!
When you create a brush to do all the edges without sharp corners that will not scratch or break the surface of the pool. You also need to work only with quality glue and soldering polypropylene pipes to at minimal effort under water brush does not fall apart. Please note that the slits in the tube for water intake is offset, depending on the angle of the brush to the walls or bottom of the pool, and the rubber or bristles, which we installed on the brush for scraping the dirt should not get into the grub and prevent it to suck up the dirt.

Connect the pool vacuumNow we need to make a homemade vacuum cleaner worked. To do this, it needs to be sealed in the first place.

Take a simple transparent corrugated hose, which plumbing work is installed on the traps under sinks, and fix it on place of withdrawal of water from the pool. Usually it is already there, as the pump takes water from a bowl for the distillation.

Our hose can be connected quite simply, and there are several ways. The first is to use an adapter sewer by selecting it exactly in size to the rubber band tightly close to the intake of water and also tightly grabbed the hose. And, second – the use of ordinary plunger where you want to drill strictly in the middle, where, and to install another piece p/n pipe. Further, the plunger can be put on the water inlet, and a vacuum cleaner will be ready to go!

Please note that it is much easier to work with a rubber sewer adapter or other plumbing parts, as due to the large assortment you will be much easier to make the right choice in size.

Another mandatory item is the handle to the vacuum cleaner. This may be again the same polypropylene tube with a length of 1.5-2 meters that will be installed into the brush. With its help, you will be able to set in motion the whole mechanism of the cleaning.

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Work with a homemade cleaner for bassejnovogo our equipment ready, install it and check the performance after the pump. If everything is fine and the water is sucked in, passes through the filter and is discharged again into the pool, begin cleansing it.

Much better to start with clean walls. It is advisable to immediately wash the parts of the pool above water, what can be done with a regular brush. Next, walk along the waterline and the vertical wall in the water. And only after cleaning of the walls, you go to clean the dirt from the bottom of the pool.

You only need about an hour to the average pool to bring it up. Now the water is clean and safe, of course, provided a comprehensive approach, which we talked about earlier.

Swimming pool vacuum with his own hands – a simple invention, which is even more interesting to work on.

Spending only a half day of purchase of all the necessary, preparation of drawing and the Assembly itself, you will save a lot of money and can clean your pool at any time. published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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