How to build a pool on the plot

A nice hot Sunny day to a cool dip in the pond. We're looking for a coolness about him in the summer heat. Well, if he is far away, and to reach it you need to spend time for short and finding the water you need to go back. The best solution to this problem may be the construction of the pool in his backyard, provided that you have it. There are various ways to arrange the temporary, denvie pools using various constructive solutions placed on the surface, and you can build a long-term capital structure with depth in the soil. And to reduce the costs of construction of the pool, all works executed by themselves, i.e. with their hands.

The main stages of building a cheap pool with their hands.

To exercise our cheap construction of the pool as we decided their hands with the use of reinforced concrete and with careful and qualified approach to its creation, embodied in designed the right project based on precise calculations. The whole process of construction of capital pool consists of separate stages, the first of which is the creation of technical specifications for the design and the design stage. In the terms of reference defines all those ideas and desires that would like to see embodied in future pool. Its shape, size, location, character of the interior decorations and landscaping around it, the method of filling, cleaning and removal of water and the necessity of constructive elements, allowing you to create shelter from the weather.

The design of the pool.On the basis of the technical task is the development of a future budget of the pool with their hands. Based on the available characteristics to be found in the location of the soil and the magnitude of impact loads from the weight of water is determined by the thickness of its bottom and sides, as well as the characteristics of the material that will be used for their construction. According to the obtained results of calculations determine the final size of the pool and sets the quantity of materials necessary for its construction, in the form of cement, sand, gravel, rebar and material for the construction of formwork. If the preparation of concrete will be performed directly at the construction site. When using ready mixed concrete delivered from the factory, it is necessary to know the internal volume of the formwork, to order the desired amount.

Construction, installation of the pool with their hands.
  • The second stage involves the production of works for its construction.
  • Originally dug pit with the necessary dimensions, taking into account slopes, precluding the shedding of its walls, the device pillows under the bottom and a place for the construction of the outer casing. If the place structures of the basin are the groundwater, the drainage device is necessary to facilitate their removal.
  • Then the bottom is laid leveling bed of sand, with its seal, on top of which is laid a layer of gravel. The thickness of the layers is performed in accordance with the project.
  • Prepared on the basis of the constructed formwork, pre-prepared of panel elements, which lays fittings. Reinforcing mesh is laid on the base of the bottom of our pool.
  • The third stage is filling the formwork with concrete mix and concreting the bottom of the pool. This process is considered the most responsible in the process of building a pool. Formwork needs to withstand the pressure of the concrete mixture, and the mixture itself needs to be subjected to vibration for better compaction and removal from it of excess air.
  • After setting time and concrete strength, is the removal of formwork, renovations and the elimination of irregularities on the inner surface of the pool.
  • To exclude the filtering of water through the pores of the concrete, it is waterproofing, by applying a polymer or cement compositions, which penetrates into its pores, clog them.

Interior finish of the pool with their hands.To give the pool a finished look, this is interior decoration and landscaping of the surrounding area in accordance with the design solutions.

  • This can be a finishing of the inner surface levelling mortar based on cement binder, or coating it with ceramic tile.
  • The pool area is concreted and covered with tiles, having a maximum coefficient of friction when it has water, or covered decking.
Equipment pool.


For efficient operation of the pool it is equipped with additional equipment, which is used for filling and removing water from it. Filtration and heating, creating a comfortable environment when bathing in it. For the gathering and out of the swimming pool will require stairs and handrails, to illuminate the water in the dark, you should install the lights, and with him arrange the deck chairs.

In this completed form, it will bring joy to their owners, to decorate the site and contribute to the creation of a pleasant stay around it on hot days. And a pleasant sense of pride that the pool is built with your own hands, fill your heart and soul.published

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