Electric – machine of the near future

In the near future, the traditional modes of transport that use fuel can be displaced by electric cars and unmanned vehicles. It may happen within 5-10 years. In some developed countries – Norway, USA, Netherlands, electric vehicles are gradually becoming of future technologies in a familiar and popular mode of transport. Although it is not yet the appropriate charging infrastructure, plug-in hybrids that connect to the network, yet actually more popular than electric cars without internal combustion engine.

As time has shown, the cost of the batteries has been steadily declining, and the rate of mileage of these vehicles increases. There are more than 30 models of electric vehicles. Such models are already available in almost all the major manufacturers. Actively developing pilot projects for the production of electric vehicles, as well as investment in this kind of vehicles. As predicted by the International energy Agency, the electric vehicles by 2020 can be up to 8% of all sold cars.

As you know, there are certain regularities in the distribution of innovative products. The first 2-3% of buyers called innovators, the most important for the developer. They are always interested in innovations and is ready even to overpay for novelty. These people and form new trends among consumers. Thus, other factors that depend on specific conditions. For example, in California the owner of an electric vehicle could charge the car overnight in your garage, in Russia, the same ease of use yet.

Important and financial costs. It is necessary that expenses of the owner of an electric car was comparable to the cost of the owner of a traditional car with an internal combustion engine. In California the amount to be paid government subsidies for the purchase of the electric car is 5000$. And in Norway, drivers of such vehicles opened lanes for public transport, enabling them to significantly save time.

A significant role is given to government initiatives to create infrastructure with sufficient charging stations. It is important to ensure owners of new vehicles psychological comfort: access to charging station, increasing the radius of movement. At the present time a feeling of pleasure, for example, from silent ride and instant acceleration, clouded by the constant need to monitor the battery. For the solution of this problem requires increasing the radius of motion, and improving storage so you can recharge less frequently, improving the efficiency of energy use by electric vehicle.

Planning trends of the spread of a new product, of course, not too reliable. Any predictions can only be approximate. Changes in sales of electric vehicles, of course, needs to happen. But accurate prediction of time of these changes is still unknown.

The spread of hybrid vehicles is ensured not only by their novelty and fashion trends, or measures of the state support. Economic efficiency of use of this transport also plays an important role. Electric cars in Europe is already gaining a place in the corporate fleets, in the segment of utilities and public transport. In Russia this trend, unfortunately, no.

Among the major advantages of the electric vehicle can also be called reduction of emissions. And although the electricity is produced mainly with the cost of coal and gas, more get development of alternative sources of energy. One can think of fueling Tesla, with the roof integrated solar panel. Another advantage is the possibility to charge the electric car overnight, allowing it to level out a dip in daily consumption.

In Russia, the development of electric vehicles was started back in Soviet times: for example, BelAZ trucks were hybrid cars. And currently, more than 20 residents of SKOLKOVO innovation center focused on a specific task: improvement of the electric drive system, creating more efficient and capacious drive improvement systems self-management. Some solutions are ready for implementation: for example, the ability to insert the energy storage in the trolley. This will make them independent from power lines.

Qualitative changes are observed in the transition to the rynkova mass production. The success of Tesla has been associated with the production of lithium-ion batteries from Panasonic, which is one of the leading battery manufacturers in the world. Trends in constructive cooperation can be traced in the work of the Panasonic with the Russian resident "INSOL Technology." This company has been in the warehouse gruzopodyemnye. These gruzopodyemnye have long been working on electric propulsion and their production is much more market Tesla. But while there are still problems with two sets of lifts: while one is charging, the other one works. Huge success awaits the man who will be able to solve this problem.

The creation of a massive electric car was initiated approximately 10 years ago and have already fixed many of the errors committed in this difficult process. Therefore, there are even some advantages from the fact that Russian companies are involved in this rivalry the second. Currently, the society and the business sector are waiting for the qualitative leap, the emergence of a new generation of electric vehicles. You only need not to miss the key moment when the technology will be economically advantageous. Because from that moment the division of the market will happen very quickly.

Excellent prospects and the use of unmanned vehicles, such as taxis. In this case, the economic benefit is undeniable and not even in 10 years. Of course, such an innovation society will need to get used to, perhaps this experiment will begin with tracks, not the streets of big cities. Unmanned vehicles are tested by all major car manufacturers. So with all probability, it can be freely bought in five years.published

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