Recipe ginger water for weight loss

Ginger is a natural fat burner that speeds up the process of weight loss significantly. How to eat ginger to lose some weight – read our material. Ginger has long been used for the treatment of gastro-intestinal tract, maintain the heart muscle, as well as the treatment of asthma. However, not unimportant role is a wonder-plant plays in weight loss.

Recipe ginger water for weight loss

Peel the root ginger peel and grate the ginger on a fine grater, You should get a tablespoon of grated ginger, fill it with a liter of warm water. Please note, not hot, and is warm. Put in a dark place at night and let it brew. In the morning add a teaspoon of honey and stir well. The resulting infusion is necessary to drink during the day. The course is 30 days.

Interesting. To determine the freshness of ginger, pay attention to his skin. It should be smooth. If the peel is wrinkled, it means the ginger is already stale on the supermarket shelf. To store ginger should be refrigerated, not longer than 7 days. If You cannot find fresh ginger root, ground take.

As for the power supply, You don't need to sit on a low calorie diet – just to abandon the excess of sweet, completely abandon fried, fatty, smoked. Try to keep the carbs were the basis of food in the morning and proteins in the second. If I want sweet, eat it as a second Breakfast in an hour and a half after the main meal. If You love pancakes or cottage cheese pancakes, eat them for Breakfast.

Try to drink ginger water in small portions to stretch its use for the day. The only thing you shouldn't drink on an empty stomach and before bedtime.

Remember, ginger water will not just replace the water. Therefore, in parallel with a drink be sure to drink clean water. Do not drink more than a liter of ginger water daily, and eat ginger in any dishes or tea. Excessive consumption of this product may lead to heartburn and nausea.

In addition to weight loss, drinking ginger water increases libido, reduces cholesterol, soothes muscle pain and eliminate the migraine. published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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