The car of the future

Difficult to answer, what will be the car in the near future. But we can definitely say that the priority will be environmentally friendly, practical, convenient, and compact model. Maybe it is the transformer, which will impress many car owners. Flying cars of the future is clearly from the world of fiction, but as close to a perfect device with artificial intelligence will definitely win the hearts.

Energy consumption

It is worth noting that already, the engines require less fuel than 5 years ago. Scientists agree on one thought: to minimize the amount of emissions that will have a positive impact on the environment as a whole. To create such an engine, you must fully upgrade technical control and equip it with electronic programs. This means that very soon there will be the car of the future, which almost needs no power and will run on the fuel of natural origin.

We can say with confidence that in the future it will be economical and powerful. Such a thing as ice will simply disappear from use. Some automotive companies of Germany have already signed a special contract according to which undertake to 2050 to completely stop the production of traditional engines. In Japan for such a treat with some mistrust, of the company of the rising sun claim that to save the machine from oil will happen no earlier than 2060.


The car of the future will not contaminate the surrounding world. Perhaps this trend is pursued by all manufacturers machines. It is likely that very soon will be a new kind of engine which will be absolutely safe for the environment. While there are two most realistic ideas about the motor of the future: Hydrogen. Due to the fact that soon the production of hydrogen becomes cheap enough, the production of engines will be beneficial to many automobile companies. There is a possibility of creating a unit that can be charged from outlet or by means of charging devices.


In order to avoid deaths and serious consequences after an accident, you must provide full security. The car of the future is likely to have an unmanned control that will allow you to avoid 90% of accidents. It is worth to mention that when you create intelligence that will drive the vehicle, the car interior will change slightly. Unlikely to remain a usual design. It is likely that the interior will be similar to a cabin with a sofa and a projector in the center. The design of the cars of the future will be based on electronics. Mechanical parts will completely disappear, and that will improve security. You must take into account the fact that the person in the cabin must enter only the data about the place where he wants to go, everything else will do for his car.

The dimensions of the vehicle

Few would argue that the roads, more cars. A place on the carriageway is less. That is why priority is compactness in designing the unit, as the car of the future. What will it be, it is difficult to say, but one can assume that, most likely, the dimensions of the body will be reduced in comparison with the usual models, and perhaps cars will even be transforming. Although this is contrary to the assumption the car will be huge forms in order to create the most comfortable conditions for the driver and passengers. Seem interesting versions that say about moving the interiors of the cars: when they will be transformed depending on situation. Sports cars may get manual controls along with automatic. I can't imagine what a pleasure will receive the driver after several months without a steering wheel and pedals!

Tires without air

For a long time in the field of cars began the task of creating tyres which would have had the highest level of security and are not damaged. Previously it was thought that an inflatable tyre is the solution to this problem, but it is not. Regular car is moving by relying on compressed air, that "effect" on the suspension. There are suggestions that the tires of the grid spokes will be delivered on the car of the future. What will it be with this "equipment"? We can only guess. When using this equipment machine is to rely not on the air, and the spokes of rubber, made using a technology that allows high strength and flexibility. These tires are now Bridgestone produces. However, they are used so far only on halthcare. The objective of the company are experiments on the carrying capacity, and soon the car of the future will ride on such a supernova tyres.

Without what will the car of the future? Music player. He is already on the verge of disappearance in modern cars. The reason for this is that more and more drivers are using iPods and smartphones. To listen to the music, just connect your gadget to the car using headphones or wireless programs. Button. Most likely, the car of the future will be equipped with a touch panel. Mechanical shift lever. Now the vast majority of cars have automatic transmission.


So historically, that for several decades people have moved to cities, leaving the villages and hamlets. Therefore, with the growth of population has been observed to overflow highways. This is especially felt in big cities. To skillfully maneuver among other vehicles that need a compact machine. She can squeeze into the smallest Parking space. The concepts of cars of the future are constantly changing, but one thing remains constant – the desire to make your vehicle the most small and convenient. The perfect solution is a car CityCar. It is safe to walk on the sidewalks without creating a discomfort of movement. Its length is 2.5 meters in folded form, folded at 1.5. The output driver is provided through the door or through the windshield. Therefore, the Parking problems will not arise.


The safest car in the world can be called the AirPod. His "children" may well become the vehicles of the future. Now there are already cars running on garbage and electricity. This instance starts with anything other than air. The release into the environment carbon dioxide is practically zero. The engine works with pistons as internal combustion engines, but they don't recycle the fuel and compressed air mixture. The difficulties of such a car are that when you crash there is a possibility of explosion of the motor. But the producers took care of it, and after mechanical damage to the tank cracks, through which the mixture exits the engine.


Companies strive to create a car that can carry a person, and to Park instead. It is these people seen the car of the future. Such a vehicle was proposed by the company Google. Created this car based on the Toyota Prius. It is able to pass more than 500 thousand kilometers. However to manage it is only in Nevada and California. Where laws do not prohibit use of automobiles on automatic control. The purpose of the machine is that the roof installed special radar, albeit invisible rays. They "examine" the space around the mirror to help them in this, and the data is transmitted to the processor. Bumper equipped with touch panels, they allow to avoid collision with anyone. The windshield "sees" with the camera out for any traffic signals and road signs installed in front of or in another part of the road. For selecting a route meets the GPS. He chooses the most successful and shortest route. published




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