Patio at the cottage: how to make your own hands

Patio at the cottage: a comparison of various types of materials for construction

What is patio, knows not everyone, but the concept of a zone of the holiday cottage or the local area familiar to almost all of the owners of suburban real estate. In fact, it is the same, only the word "patio" comes to us from Europe is a small area intended for cultural recreation, which may include seniorjudge, including or barbecue grill. Just like the recreation area will be discussed in this article in which we will deal with the question of how and what to do patio at the cottage with his own hands?

The question of how to build a patio at the cottage with his own hands, it is possible to solve using different materials and technologies. They are perfect for creating such sites differ from each other solely look and some (usually negligible) performance. Before proceeding to the construction of a recreation area, with these features it is necessary to understand in detail let's say that for one person seem a trifle, for another will be an insurmountable obstacle. So, the patio at the cottage can be constructed from the following materials.

Concrete. In most cases this is a simple site, in some cases, it may be in the form of a low podium. Among the advantages of a concrete patio can be easily manufacture their own hands, the cheapness and the possibility of further improvements in order to improve the appearance of practically at any time (of course, in the summer) a concrete patio with a brick tile. If we talk about the shortcomings, the concrete gets very hot in the sun, so if you build a patio in full sun, the rest of the day it will be almost impossible because of the wild heat.

Paving slabs. The option is almost the same as the previous one and has the same advantages and disadvantages as concrete. The only exception is the cost of the required material – high quality paving slabs and related packing materials are worth money.



Natural wood Board. It is a natural, environmentally friendly material to work with which is quite simple and if any special tool is not required – if you buy quality planed Board, you can do the same with a hacksaw and a hammer. This material has one serious drawback – natural wood is too susceptible to environmental factors. Rain and snow will quickly lead to a wooden patio area in the country is in decline, how would you behind it neither watched nor cared.



Decking – decking or wood heat. In fact, it is an artificial material which is devoid of most of the shortcomings of natural wood – it does not require additional processing and installing such a Board, you get a beautiful surface. The main disadvantage of this material is its cost, which at times exceeds the prices for natural wood. To work with this material as simple as a tree.

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In principle, as a material for playgrounds patios can consider other materials, but the above are optimal. To see them you can in the attached video below.

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How to make a patio at the cottage with his own hands, frame and frameless technology

The easiest way to construct a patio at the cottage by frameless technology – to produce either a concrete pad or equivalent paving. But along with this advantage, similar recreation areas have one significant drawback – in rainy weather they are not very pleasant to use, despite the presence of a canopy. In contrast, a patio in the form of a low podium looks much more attractive. Anyway, with these points you already figure it out, and we go straight to business and consider these two manufacturing technology patio at the cottage.

The concreting. Here everything is quite simple – first, is to mark the places of the concrete, then installing the formwork. Then the space inside the casing are reinforced, then the whole thing is filled with a layer of concrete not less than 100mm.

Previously (before the start of work) will need to prepare the site – in particular, to level the surface by removing part of the soil and make the filling the future site of the rubble. This kind of drainage, which will allow to remove from under the concrete of excess moisture.

Here special attention should be paid to two points is the correct proportion of concrete (3 parts gravel, 1 part sand and 1 part cement) and control over the process of hardening the filled mixture. Concrete should not dry out quickly or it will crack – it should be constantly moistened with water, and it is better, immediately after the initial drying, cover it with polyethylene.



Patio paving slabs. The tile itself is placed just – here more attention should be paid to preparatory work. As in the previous case, to begin construction of a patio with barbecue or any other type you need from the markup.

After it is leveling the surface with the subsequent dumping sites in gravel. Then the area enclosed by the border, which is installed and sealed to each other with cement mortar.

On top of the gravel is poured sand layer of 100mm, which is carefully compacted and leveled beacons. Over this layer is poured a small layer of sand mixed with cement, which is laying the paving – it is just hammered in a mix of heavy rubber mallet. Naturally, you need to control the plane of laying.

Frame a patio or wood decking. The complexity of technologies of construction of this patio is in need of installation frame is possible with the same success as wood and metal. Naturally, it is better to give preference to metal construction, as it is with proper treatment with a primer will last a very long time.

By itself, the frame for the patio in the form of the podium is not so difficult to manufacture, but without welding skills to use it are not enough. For more permanent and high-quality installation, the frame will need to be concreted into the ground. If you can manage the manufacture of the frame, then sheathe it with wood or decking will not be easy. For the frame, typically used to profile a metal pipe with a minimum cross section of 40 by 25mm – it can be installed on the end to increase stiffness.



You can go the other way in the production process of leisure patio – for example, by combining different materials. This method is acceptable for sites made from any material other than wood. For example, the base of the patio can be made of concrete and subsequently decorate it decking or paving slabs – with this approach the platform can withstand the load from the vehicle.

Enough look good patio, decorated with pebbles. By the way, frame manufacture technology platform can also provide her Becherovka – all you need to do is to install the bottom frame horizontal formwork, reinforce the resulting space and fill it with concrete with the subsequent finish of the tiles.

In conclusion, the themes will say a few words about the clearance patio at the cottage – you know, one area will be not very comfortable.

First, you need to take care of cultural pastime – at least, a patio must be equipped with a canopy under which to install table and chairs.

Secondly, an essential attribute of such areas is the grill.

Third, this type of landscaping that will bring freshness to the situation. And fourth, anything else that you might need for an active and not very comfortable.

Under the rest can mean anything, including a children's Playground and a small pool or lake and even a tennis court if it have enough space.

Here is the situation with the patio at the cottage. The above-described technology is possible to say that only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, a patio can be made by any means and from any available materials. Most importantly, that they fully comply with the terms of street use and satisfy your taste.published


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