Efficient and aesthetic arrangement of Your yard

If you are the owner of a country cottage or a private house, located in the city, you know perfectly well – on the arrangement of your home is not an end. A lot of time, effort and money is spent on effective and beautiful design adjacent to the house territory. Currently about landscape design heard even in the most remote villages. But not all our compatriots will agree that it is time for the beds, broken around the infield, has passed, giving way to the Alpine slides, fountains and artificial ponds in the Oriental style.

Most owners of private houses (in the city and beyond) choose the option of decorating the dwelling adjacent to the site, but from a functional background. To your works embodied in harmonious, beautiful and practical landscape design that will delight you and your family all year round approach to planning needs with the utmost seriousness. Fortunately, information on this subject is now more than enough. To arrange a private area with a minimum of financial cost, but time and effort have to spend a lot. To maintain the beauty of your plot will need to find the opportunity to pay attention to the plants, buildings, bodies of water and even garden furniture.

The planned beauty of the yard the Yard around the city of a private house or a country cottage is the surrounding area, which meets not only the owners after a hard day (or week, in the case of rural lands), but also their guests. We can safely say that the impression of the homeowner begins to emerge when you first look at the design of the infield or yard.

Before you begin planning a landscape design, decide what for you means "beautiful courtyard"? How would you like it to be, is it important for you to impress neighbors and guests the splendor of the design of the yard or the corner you put practicality and convenience? What is your lifestyle, do you have children and Pets, how often do guests gather for a barbeque, there are evening get-togethers in the fresh air? Largely the answers to these questions depends on the set of "decorations" of your private yard. Given at the initial stage of planning many nuances further operation of your site, you save not only money, but time and subsequent alterations, renovation and repair.

To a great extent on landscaping your yard will depend on its size. If the area is large, then flight to your imagination will be limited only to the financial capabilities and features of the landscape, soil type and presence towards the world. But if we are talking about a small urban back yard of a private house, in this case, it is necessary to set clear priorities. A few square metres will be difficult to place and a Playground and place for barbecue, and a patio for relaxing, and a large flowerbed.

After the optimal plan is a landscape design – go to the area and mark the exact location of all objects (gazebos, flower beds, rock gardens, ponds and patio). Experts recommend that for the sake of simplicity to divide the area into squares. Each such segment will be key figures – construction or decorative element. This makes it easier to evenly distribute all the planned objects of landscape design and to create a balanced appearance of the area.

Before starting construction work (if planned) check the condition of the site. If it finds segments where water is to lay drainage. At this stage is the laying of all utilities necessary for irrigation of plants and artificial ponds, fountains and waterfalls.

Paths, steps and flower beds Garden paths are an integral part of any landscape design. In addition to its main goal – the organization of safe movement around the site, paths perform functions of zoning and decorating areas.

Garden paths can be made out of large but flat stones, concrete slabs, paving or conventional bricks, gravel, fill fine gravel or pebbles, fencing special low bordjurchikami. Combining material tracks, you will be able to obtain not only the required functionality, but also the decoration of the garden or yard.

Landscape design and geometry are inextricably linked. For someone to harmony and balance in the environment is seen in the flowing lines, rounded shapes, winding paths and the oval flower beds. Someone needed rigor and clarity straight garden paths, and as companions from point A to point B, strict form shrubs trimmed is called "under the Ticker" and a completely flat lawn. Only owners know what plants and shapes trees can caress their eyes and bring calm and balance mood.

Planting flowers in the flower beds or garden tubs, pots, a better plan so that the flowering of some gave way to the flowering of other varieties. In this case, your yard will delight you and your family in bright colors throughout the warm season (in most regions of our country is around mid-April to early October).

If the landscape of your site implies some hills, instead of having to fight with nature to create an artificial mound and align the bevels, you can succumb to the natural elevations and lowlands, and to build a beautiful stage, which can act as a focal centre, attracting everyone's attention.

Artificial ponds on the site, the fountains and cascades, a Rare Oriental landscape design is complete without a small artificial pond or small water source. And as we know, all European and American landscape designers, and our fellow countrymen to draw inspiration from the founders of the skill of bringing beauty and harmony into the surrounding home territory, the Eastern peoples.

Japanese masters consider water not only a source of life, but also with the earth symbol harmony and balance of all living things. Arrange the artificial pond on the property is not easy, you will need to contact the experts to study the soil characteristics and landscape in order to choose the right place, carry out communication and subsequently work tirelessly to take care of the correct operation of a fountain or cascade. But all the efforts, work and money spent will pay off when you will be able to watch the fish in their artificial pond or watch as the water flows into a small tank.

An efficient system of lighting private yard

The coverage area of private yard is not only about the possibility of extending the time of communication with the environment, but also a safety priority. Sophisticated and harmonious lighting system will allow you to safely move around the site in the dark, to be in the patio and enjoy the illumination is particularly important to you decor landscape design of the yard.

First of all, think about functional lighting – illumination of the facade of the house and additional outbuildings, the garage or Parking machine main entrance. Experts recommend to place lighting in such a way that visible outlines of the perimeter of your yard and was highlighted possible ways of moving on the plot of garden paths, steps.

Then you can start to plan decorative lighting. To create an illumination near the flower beds, garden sculptures, rock garden or pond. With the help of led strips illuminated the trees and shrubs, the so-called "lighting without lights".

In the spaces between the degrees can be embedded lamp, but this time it is necessary to consider at the initial design stage to the location of objects of landscape design. Currently a lot of lighting fixtures, which are powered by miniature batteries cumulative, deriving energy from sunlight. You don't have to spend money on electricity bills, dim light of energy-saving lamps will be enough for the safe movement along the paths of the site.

A place of rest with a fireplace Even in a small area you can find a area for your organization vacation spot with the opportunity of cooking on an open fire. Agree, it is unfair to deny themselves the opportunity to invite friends over for a barbecue, while staying in a private home with a yard, even if it is in the center of the city.

The round hearth provides a great focal point, around which is garden furniture (chairs or small sofas), formed paths and planting the plants. Beam system layout in this case will be the most advantageous.

Outdoor fireplace or a large oven with a stone, will not only functional embodiment of the cooking on the open fire and to create a place of rest, where you can simply relax, watching the flames in the hearth.


Dining area under the open sky or canopy

To install a dining group you need very little space. Only need to buy table and chairs (a chair), to be able to eat in the fresh air.

But if you have the opportunity to organize a covered canopy for the dining area on the land, in this case your plans will not be able to influence bad weather conditions. In hot weather you and your family or guests will be protected from the sun, in a rainy – can continue with lunch or dinner.

How to build a small backyard Very often, urban homes can't boast of the presence of a large adjacent territory. Usually in front of the house there is a place for Parking cars or construction of garage and all leisure areas, games and cooking in the fresh air has to move to the backyard, which is very limited.

In this case, efficient is an arrangement of wooden platform or deck as the basis for decorating a patio or dining area outdoors. Perennials in bulk flower beds around the perimeter or near a fence will not only decorate your backyard but will also hide from prying eyes your site.


Next, you just need to choose garden furniture that will serve for the organization of places of rest or a meal outdoors. The furniture can be portable or stationary. Typically, the fixed furniture stands a stone or wooden massive furniture, but for small patios without awnings, this option is not the best. Better to give preference to collapsible furniture that you will be able to hide in the pantry or in the attic during cold weather.

Currently, there are many options of garden furniture for every taste and wallet size. The most popular among our compatriots are furnished for the streets are made of plastic (affordable price and easy transportation) and artificial rattan (looks respectable and expensive). But there are many models of wood, wrought iron, stone and even bamboo. The choice of furniture for the private patio will depend on your financial capabilities, frequency of use and the ability of the care furnished. For example, plastic furniture can be washed with a hose, but the rattan products are very dependent on moisture. Wrought iron chairs and tables is necessary every 2-3 years be painted, and wooden furniture needs oiling and coating with lacquer or protective antiseptics.

Decoration of your backyard can become a hedge. In addition to the main goal – the fencing of the area and protect from intrusion, the fence can also perform a decorative function. The frame can serve as a basis for the location of the twine plant to form a combined fence, or the design of the fence can be allocated on the General background of landscape design.

The unusual design of the fence or its bright color will bring a positive mood not only in area, but also on the entire territory of the back yard. Matched in colour the fence furnishing or soft filling for her, will create a harmonious patio attractive appearance.

The courtyard, in addition with a wooden pier, you can put the concrete or stone slabs to fill small gravel or decorative pebbles, outlining the boundaries of low curbs or metal (polycarbonate) limiters. But in the case of loose flooring, you have to be ready for a permanent podsypaya material and leveling it on the site.

The organization of the dining area on the wooden platform – one of the most common variants use the small square of back yard. What could be better than a meal with the family or in the company of friends and loved ones in the fresh air? In such an environment and appetite better and food tastes better.

For the dining area on the street should use a light but steady furniture that you can put under the canopy or even into the room, folded for storage in winter time. But in addition to the design and material of garden furniture, the value and design of our products, their color and texture. If the composition is a dining area decorated in similar colors, eating will delight and calm, creating a soothing ambience. If you decide to use a bright accent pieces of furniture or decor, furnished dining area will be an invigorating, energizing optimism and good mood. It all depends on the temperament of the owners of a household and the outcome they want to stay in the back yard.

In addition to organizing space for relaxing or dining areas in the backyard can accommodate a segment for barbecue, and barbecue grills. Whether it's a stationary hearth, a portable barbecue, a real Russian oven or just a big grill all depends on your preferences and the size of the patio. But in any case, you will need to take care of the seats near the fire and the table, which will perform many functions.published



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