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Yards of our childhood was the focus of all that was in our younger lives — all fun and games, all rules and concepts. Yards was the measure of relationships and mycelium of friendship. As was later revealed — the strongest friendships for life. The court lived, as a large single organism.

In the winter he went into hibernation. With the exception of kids, that all day long around the big hill, which was built and flooded the world. With the first spring warm days, he woke up for an active life that died down only to late autumn. The court was of the Universe.

And country with institutionalized Patriarchal way of life, despite the fact that it was the center of the city and lived here the proletariat.

All all about each other knew, down to the innermost detail. In fact, the yard was the same communal in a larger format. Murder will out. No joy, no grief too. I remember a few noisy weddings that were done in the yard, where the entire neighborhood torn down chairs and tables.

Remember the scandals from the extension to the public. Everything was ordinary and just like in the movie "Marriage Italian style". The fool and the act was unnecessary.

In the yard was dominated by a strict hierarchy of ages and values. Privodyaschie the bench occupied by the grandmother. The men sat at two large wooden tables, thumb cards, loudly smaka dominoes or mudra chess.

Youth were grouped by interests, and each group had its own corner to study. But still, all together, all in the mind. Was also a backyard covered in thickets of acacia trees and thick grass.

For a kid like me, it was semi-forbidden, leading the country inside out. There adults were allowed to drink and paste it in strong language, discussing pressing issues. In the yard was impossible.

Any adult of good seeing, I could make a note to anyone under age, and no one would have raised the fur fly: "How dare you my, my something there to do!?" On the contrary, another would be thanked, that time straightened.

The picture of the sucker, drinking beer in the sandbox or on the swings, like today, was inconceivable. Even Smoking, the main fighter of the yard and the chieftain of all the boys, who at that time was eighteen, shy in the yard to smoke, although his rank and age was possible. What can we say about booze. Smoking he would beat any kid in a single attempt to try the forbidden fruit.

Don't recall the senseless hustle in the yard. Cases were always at his throat. In addition to football, "sapelnikov, rounders and a variety of towns — the "king", we were divided into groups to play war games. A heated argument was only caused by the carve-up into "us" and "Germans".

To be "German", itself, sucked. Solved all draw. Armed with guns from sticks and toy guns, we have developed a protracted operation to stalking each other. Who was the first unnoticed covered the other, wins.

The tactics and strategy required of raids in the neighboring yard, though we do not what was forbidden, but not welcome.

Summer near each house on the pavement appeared drawn with chalk cells. This is a classic. Was a kind of game played by girls. And how serious about the "cops robbers". Still sat on benches, played broken telephone. Or folded arms and a boat and something had to secretly pass each other.

The girls are constantly jumping over the rubber band, something knitted, embroidered, painted and led their notebooks with interesting rhymes, questionnaires for girlfriends and fortune-tellers.

The boys also had their games. Their characteristic feature was the use of something forbidden, and disapproval of adult health risks. No, not drugs and sex, as one might think. Boy fun is a slingshot, samopaly, bungee-jumping, and of course, playing with a penknife!

The knife was a symbol of involvement in the power and it was used for games outside of school. The most famous game with the knife called "Earth". The two players drew on the ground a large circle divided in two halves. Had to throw a knife into a piece of the land of the enemy and his position was determined, a piece of the firmament will move to the occupier.

Played until, until one player remained on the ground where to put your foot.

But were voices: "Sasha home", "Lena home." It is the parents call their children home. Dispersed reluctantly, but I knew that tomorrow I will meet again.

The evening went teenagers, gathered in the gazebo, chatting, giggling, the boys strumming on guitars. Appeared the first the sympathy, love.

The court was of the Universe squared. It was the Playground of any games that only we could tell the imagination. "Stick-lokalki for itself," "the Rounders," "the Fisherman and the fish", "Tag." Also very popular were ball games, such as "Square", "Ten" and "Dodgeball".

Based on role-playing games took the most "fashionable" at the time the films "Elusive Avengers", "chingachguk" or "the Three Musketeers". All these games were exciting, with the scenario of capture, and very moving. And after the show on TV "Robin hood" the whole yard shot from a homemade bow.

When the neighbour's gardens began to Mature apples, the operation started tracking those that did not cause the soreness and spasm from the acid. Edible fruit immediately became a terrible secret from neighboring competitors, the Apple tree "grazed".

Fights never reached, but "property rights" defended harshly. Anyway, apples to ripen did not have time, although no lack of vitamins was not. Just the game and the bonds of brotherhood, plus the thrill of the hunt.

Special darkness of secrecy, literally and figuratively, was covered with forays into the cellars where were the General pantry. Cost to find a key or find a loophole in the barred window, as we immediately became freebooters, taking the plank, schelyasty pantry on Board the ship. Residents stockpiled there any necessary and unnecessary stuff.

Top pirate luck was trehlitrovoy with compote or jam. It was a feast.

To say that adults did not know about the RAID and its participants, it is impossible. But how would turn a blind eye, blaming a tender age. To steal something, by and large, there was nothing.

Much cooler could fly for unauthorized entry to the attic, where "Dormer window" led to the roof. Hold on here!! Only a couple of times we in the company of adult men lay on the sloping warm roof, listening to the stories and numb with fear and delight.

At the border between our territory and the neighboring yards were a vegetable.

Since August salabon, that is us, was entrusted with a huge responsibility to track the arrival of trucks with watermelons. Barely seeing, it was necessary to undermine and to notify the senior boys, as long as not passed over by competitors.

Five or six guys helped two drunken porters to throw watermelons, for which we were allowed to roll back as much as you take. Hard, short spurts, Dataran precious cargo to the back yard, we sat in a circle and started biting. "Intelligence" was supposed to share equally with the senior.

Red day calendar was a joint movies. The premiere was not often, we are not all drove. Therefore, any visit to the movie blows the roof off.

The court lived on, every day giving surprises and discoveries. Remembering today's mind, this friendly world, could not help comparing with what we have now. To many he seemed close to have bothered this collective life and the power of "people's control". So I wanted privacy and personal little world, where no nosy nobody. Well, we have what we have.

But, again, today's mind you realize that any would be terrorist with a bag of RDX or pedophile — then the words of this no one knew — would not pass unnoticed. Yes there is, the mouse does not slip. All in the mind and in the loop. Love and hate, friendship, jealousy — everything from a single boiler.

I remember my childhood... the Bruises on the knees...
Hands in fresh scratches, face in the dust...
As all the friendly crowd were making carts,
Of those old wheels that the dump is found.

And under the hum of the wind flew with goreski,
Certainly in the nettles lost our trail...
And then from the speakers hissing water
They drank quickly, excitedly...As was the gentle dawn...

Remember bright colors on our cots
Incidentally, with a high presence of lead.
Black bread for 16 (just!) cents,
Fan that buzzes in summer, without end.

We had spent all day in unimaginable disputes
Back home, as you light the lanterns...
We shudder, a long time splashing in the river
And almost to hiccup laugh could.

Went in the morning after swallowing your Breakfast
And nobody never could find,
After all, phones were not (this is necessary!)...
We could endlessly for something to play!

We could eat lots of cakes a-plenty
But no one on fat – we are always rushed...
What was tasty, just a penny,
On a hot day in the machine at the market water!

We in the collective garden was stealing cherries,
Us moms have got to often then.
And then the whole gang, planed toys,
And played soccer to our friendly yard

And no one rode a Bicycle helmet,
We fought, arms and legs broke sometimes
Nobody fled, if something happened,
With a menacing complaint in the court... well, the world was different.

We didn't have Vidic, STB,
And computers too... But were friends...
We flew without permission to the nearest house
To watch a children's film... We didn't know "no"...

We didn't have in schools, as now, security,
Intercoms and door access codes...
How to survive could we now in this world
Life now is not the same... something snapped within her.

Rolled, crumbled, slid off the road
And got trapped in the washed out by rain gauge...
At then, we had the right to choose
It was right to risk for mistake – twice.

We learned to defend in heated debates
Beliefs, attitudes and thoughts...
We learned how to create, admired the beautiful,
Groves sang for us at night the nightingales.

Our childhood and adolescence ended before
Before the government deal done,
In exchange for freedom — crackers, chips,
Internet to the infantile impulses of the soul.

No, now all for the benefit and with the consent...
On the TV screen banned no...
I tired looking for a comfortable childhood
Clutching my ticket


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