Children adjustment: how it was (136 photos)

The children of my generation did not have computers, and that says it all. Yes, we did not know dissent, did not know of Warcraft did not know fun farm. All our entertainment stored in the recesses of the house, in the yard, in the tables and mezzanine, on the balcony and in the garage (who he was). And now I have the utmost confidence say - my childhood was much more interesting and richer without a computer.

I invite you to remember what attributes were bright saturated our childhood. You Fill in the comments if I forget something.

I was not some notorious hooligan, waif or punks. But remembering what we were doing in the yard, I sometimes become a little uncomfortable. Our skills could envy the most extremist zapravsky :) Of course, my mother did not even guess about our antics, otherwise ... I will not remember about ball games, cycling, playing hockey with vegetable drawers instead of the gate, I will not talk about weight Peaceful yard games like hide and seek, dogonyalok, Cossacks, "goat" (with the ball), not edible, edible chervichki stop, Moscow pryatok, CIFS, rounders, square, classics, etc. klёka I will remember those of our class, for which you can get from adults in the neck and very hard :)

Let's start with the notorious slingshots.


Who remembers the makeshift slingshot? They were of two kinds - the classic and drills. Classic cut from thick branches forked hazel, gray bought a harness at the pharmacy, got a piece of skin (could secretly cut home from traveling bag and dump her sister) and all are held together with copper wire or the blue tape:

Charge the slingshot so smooth pebbles, which is often brought into the courts with sand or unripe berries such as rowan, plums or cherries, which grow enough of the house. Power shots stone enough sometimes to smash a bottle of champagne with 3 meters. This slingshot appreciated due to the fact that not everyone has enough skills and resources to create it. It could be exchanged for other valuables such as inserts from Turbo, CinCin and Final90.

Taking a walk, and had nothing to do could make a slingshot easier - keyed. To do this, the landfill had to find a thick aluminum wire braided and find flagellum. With the latter usually had no problems - easily extracted from the panty elastic. The newer pants - the better flagellum. From all of this was going something like this (from left):

Such a slingshot to shoot dowels - bent horseshoe pieces of copper or aluminum wire. Special harm it did not cause, but the pigeons and cats poshugat was ok. Sometimes the slingshot becomes the last argument in the yard fights - on the thigh to cauterize it's great! But mostly just shot in the air, enjoying the sound of a flying key - "fyrrrrrrr" :) This slingshot going for one day and night, usually merged companion for "drive on bicycle».


What do you think is sikalka? Something from the word "Sika". It is. This popular melee yard water "fight" to the era of the appearance of disposable syringes in pharmacies.

Master sikalka from an empty bottle of shampoo or under-liter plastic bottle "Whites". In a traffic jam on the plate with hot nail to make the holes and inserted back half of a ballpoint pen without a rod. All this is sealed with putty or clay.

Bottle poured into water (for the first time at home, the next - from the pipe under the balcony) and squirting water at an opponent :) It was an alternative to expensive and scarce water pistol. By the way, sikalki was very cool to quench their thirst :)


The game "darts" probably did not play just lazy :) We also loved as a child throw darts. But that's just not sell them or they cost a lot of money. Therefore, almost every boy in our backyard could make it myself. Dart in its Flight and vtykatelnym as receiving no worse than the factory. See how we make them:

A piece of paper, 4 matches, needle, stationery glue and thread. On the wall hung a homemade rug target of notebook sheet and played.

One day my friend and I were playing darts at my house and they had an argument. He threw a dart out of anger in me and stuck his right hand, and I hit him in retaliation to the stomach ... These were disassembling darts ...

On the street doing more darts of welding electrodes. Sharpened at one end of the curb, and another primatyvali pigeon feathers:


Yes, it is now easily possible to buy a boomerang any form in the store. And in the late 80s nothing like selling. We came out of the situation in the following way: buy stationery in two 30-inch wooden ruler and twisted their cross tape, and then at home on the ferry twisted blades:

Was obtained excellent boomerang that could even come back! They again frightened crows and pigeons. And ran to the 9th floor, where I had spent all my childhood.

Plevatelnaya tube or harkalka.

Another essential attribute of the boys was a metal tube for spitting plasticine or mastic beads:

Get a tube was not easy and she was highly regarded in the yard. Directly on the handset lepilsya large supply of mastic or clay from which pinch off a piece and charge the phone. In addition to moral damages such spit nothing gets in his victim. Later replaced by an empty tube of gel rod handles, and clay - for millet or buckwheat.


Plain truth - only our generation knows what is the relationship between childhood dolls or tennis ball

But with this:


How much of this word for the heart ... And the child merged merged in the truest sense of the word. Remember how prowled along the garages, searched Car junk yards in search of old batteries?

Split them and extracted pure lead:

Knock out a dried electrolyte and crumbled soft metal tin. Or in a bowl:

Make a fire and wait for the bank shine liquid metal.

And then do whatever your heart desires!

And even this - a useful thing era factions and battles for asphalt ...

Once I melt lead at home and severely poisoned after inhaling vapors ... Generally, a child of ignorance ok so undermined the health of all sorts of lead, gum and others by shit ...


Who remembers the magic stones and odor that bubbles in the water? Carbide - is a joy for those who found him, the whole day! Caring shook out his welders from their bottles right there where they worked. Often, in the yard:

And a bunch of useless white rot certainly was sought several strong calcium carbide stones! When combined with water, it was reacted and singled wonderful acetylene gas. It is remarkable that burns well.

In what form is not only used carbide. And just throwing in a puddle, setting fire to it. And warmed his hands, squeezing her hands carbide submerged in a puddle. And thrust it into a water bottle, cork plugging ... But the most effective use of carbide was hand gun:

Took an empty bottle from under a deodorant or "dichlorvos" cut his neck, at the bottom of the hole were doing, put into carbide, heavy spit on him, and stopped all the holes, shaking moment, open the tray and a burning match to a small hole ... WAIS !!! :) I am older brother told me that in his childhood they whistled a carbide cylinder and poured it into the drain well of water. Closed the heavy lid with a hole and waited for half an hour. Then one of the boys brought the list to the hole and ... There was such a blast that knocked a few glasses in the house next door, the lid flew up, hitting first guy on the chin, and then covering it up a bit in the fall. But the worst thing - he received severe burns face, scars that remain for life - I saw a photo of him as an adult ...


In my opinion, every boy in his childhood had been here such a folding knife:

It's always been a source of pride. His treasured away from his mother's eye and not often carried out. The knife was constantly in the sand, remember? And all because he was just a tool for playing "knife»:

Versions of the game was a lot, but most often played "zemelku", "tanchiki." Each game had plenty of varieties of rules. For example, "zemelku" Damn circle, divided equally by the number of its participants. Each stood on his land. Then he stuck the knife in standing portion of the enemy and cut off a piece of his land. "Advance" (not stuck) - turn passes to another. And by the same rules we had all the time to stand on their own land until you can. On the other - you can stand outside, but in the event of a catastrophic decrease your portion opponent offered you stand on it for 3 seconds. If you can not resist - is eliminated. Could even stand on his toes of one foot - the main hold for 3 seconds.

More interesting and long was the game in the "Tank Battle". Remember its rules will not, but here's the form of a knife - remember that in the tank was placed in such a way? :)


Crushed into powder with a file we magnesium mixed in certain proportions with potassium permanganate, which cost a penny at the pharmacy and wrapped in a tight paper bag, wrapping duct tape yet. Done the hole and screwed to match it, so that the sulfuric head was right in the hole. It turned out something like this:

Strike sharply on match boxes and sharply cast aside. Package with a deafening noise and a bright flash exploded.

I also loved to arrange with magnesium different experiences at home. For example, put it in acetic acid and collected in a jar catching bubbles of hydrogen. And then match the hydrogen burned :) He burned with a ringing sound "pa". Or burned magnesium powder on the tip of a knife and quickly threw it into the water. Magnesium hydroxide as a result of a violent reaction to the burning sublimated to the ceiling and fell out as white flakes of snow. By the way, never try to extinguish burning magnesium or titanium water - is a hydrogen explosion.

In our aviation capital in the 90s could easily find magnesium. It was enough to find aviastarovskuyu landfill or cut off a piece of the rim from the aircraft of the monument, which in the new town had a few. Once one such dump burned and magnesium longer throw from the factory - everything fell into strict account. Magnesium was cut arhitrudno - it took a bunch of fucking time. But the end justifies the means.

Slate in the fire.

I think you can easily remember, what happens to the slate in the fire :) That's right, no good - he strongly shoots. Pieces.

Yes, at times, so that the initial fire little that remained :)

Shooting slate just scatter it to the side. To the delight of us.


As children we are already in full use condoms. Just not on purpose :)

Those who lived higher up, periodically "bathed" passers-by dropping them on the huge balloons with water, 3-4 liters. Especially frostbite added thereto manganese ...

Lamps and kinescopes.

Sin was not to break thrown in the trash fluorescent lamp:

They broke with a loud bang, if you throw the lamp on the asphalt ends. About ecology did not think ...

But this finding in the garbage was extremely rare and is always a great joy boys:

Cast lots who will throw the first brick in the upper tube (CRT beam gun). She was the most vulnerable point of the kinescope. When the lamp was broken - picture tube due to internal vacuum collapse into a very dull bang, echoed in the courts. Neighbor boy immediately came running to look at this action. But often we have found kinescopes with a broken lamp ...

Cartridges for siphon.

Cans used for gazirovalnyh vehicles (siphon) also sometimes went to the cause:

They are stuffed with sulfur from the matches and closed bolt hole. Then he throws a hell of a device in a fire ...

I must say that this piece was the most dangerous invention yard boys. Once all the students of our school took off from school and sent to the funeral sixth-grader who splinter of the damaged carotid artery balloon ... :( ambulance did not have time to come - the guy bled on the bench near her house ...

And another friend was left without two fingers when grind stuffed balloon on an electric sanding disc ...

Personally, I've never done such a balloon. And absolutely do not advise others.

Flying bolt.

A simpler way to make a "bang" was twisting two bolts and nuts, tied with all this package as a stabilizer:

Judging by the fact that the pictures were easily found in the internet, such things were making not only us ... I also did such a thing, but without the package. Just throw on the asphalt. And finally received shrapnel wounds finger ... In CCH did a mini-operation without the knowledge of her mother. It is much later found hidden extract from the trauma center of shrapnel wounds ... I was shocked :)

May beetles.

Search beetles we have already started in April. Went into the woods and dug them out of the ground with a shovel :) May beetles were very valuable in the yard. While they were alive :)

Stuffed them full of cans. And even distinguished by the color of their heads: red - firefighters, black - workers. There were a greenish tint - guards. Long whiskers - male, short - female.

Once in the courtyard there was a rumor that the pharmacy take money nadkrylki beetles ... Then I will not continue. It could be called genocide ... Wings ultimately not accepted :)

Crossbows Pugachev.

From the usual stick clothespins or simply going to match crossbow or Pugach:

They shot a burning match.


See the picture:

I think that our generation can easily explain the relationship of these items. Dowel peg brick in the asphalt was removed, crumbled into a hole matches, inserted dowel and threw a brick on top ... Wham! and a piece of asphalt is gone ... :) Matches worth 1 penny for boxes and freely buy in the store.


Who had a gun, who shot these pistons?

But it was interesting to shirkat brown spots on something sharp and watch as they ignite even more interesting :) Or roll a roll of strip piston and recoil with a hammer. Ringing in the ears for 10 minutes was provided :)


Empty cartridge casings were also in the case.

They are stuffed with sulfur from the matches are bent neck and into the fire ... I personally did efficiency suggestion and ran sleeve gasoline lighter:

Bach is not so much, but spectacularly :)

Instead of gasoline could pour diesel fuel, which can be easily drained from just such tar colliders:

Construction cartridges.

Occasionally someone appeared here such construction cartridges, which are charged in the building gun clogging dowels:

Those guys who were engaged in biathlon at home sometimes were carried out here are now cartridges from "melkashki»

Of these, just removed the powder, the benefit of the bullet can be easily removed with pliers (idiots were) ...


In a class of 5th school craze swept the radio components. Capacitance capacitors from the TV (from 2000 microfarads, 100-300V) is charged from a 220V outlet and used as a stun gun on his comrades ...

Circuits smaller, such as resistors and diodes were killed textbook into the outlet, which led to such a normal explosion and sparks ...

But this was done over frostbitten ...


Everything was the same legal weapons factory production. Remember?

Peaceful hobbies.

Of peaceful inclinations remember braids out and colored wire. Found a piece of telephone cable and derbanit it.

Cherkashov on boot.

Koster was a constant companion of the boys. One could easily find a match, but with boxes Cherkashov not always a way out ... so: take a cigarette filter, put it on the end of the foot, burned and waited until it melts a little. Then, abruptly applied boxes brown side. Rough base glued to boot. Thus, the "box" was always with him. The truth had to be updated periodically, as his mother scraped off my shoes. :)

Our toys and household items

Memory - a tricky thing. Remember some detail, and it will pull from the depths of something else long forgotten ... This is the amount of endorphins released that just rolls lump in my throat.


I do not know about you, but I have 80 primarily associated here with this:

Remember? Fingers in a pinch and bale on the cover :) Then it must lick and a bucket, if you're going to drink the whole bottle, or straighten the edges, then to throw on the neck. Lesh in a glass: "Ulken Ulken Hulk ...". Bottle of yogurt and polbatona became a symbol of the 80s. And there were even sung in the famous song.

Bottles for some time been accumulating under the battery, and then treated at the point of reception dishes and surrendered.

With the money again bought yogurt or milk

And so the circle.

We, the children, the parents are sometimes allowed to pass the bottle and spend the money on something else:








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