Children adjustment: how it was (136 photos)

The children of my generation did not have computers, and that says it all. Yes, we did not know dissent, did not know of Warcraft did not know fun farm. All our entertainment stored in the recesses of the house, in the yard, in the tables and mezzanine, on the balcony and in the garage (who he was). And now I have the utmost confidence say - my childhood was much more interesting and richer without a computer.

I invite you to remember what attributes were bright saturated our childhood. You Fill in the comments if I forget something.

I was not some notorious hooligan, waif or punks. But remembering what we were doing in the yard, I sometimes become a little uncomfortable. Our skills could envy the most extremist zapravsky :) Of course, my mother did not even guess about our antics, otherwise ... I will not remember about ball games, cycling, playing hockey with vegetable drawers instead of the gate, I will not talk about weight Peaceful yard games like hide and seek, dogonyalok, Cossacks, "goat" (with the ball), not edible, edible chervichki stop, Moscow pryatok, CIFS, rounders, square, classics, etc. klёka I will remember those of our class, for which you can get from adults in the neck and very hard :)

Let's start with the notorious slingshots.


Who remembers the makeshift slingshot? They were of two kinds - the classic and drills. Classic cut from thick branches forked hazel, gray bought a harness at the pharmacy, got a piece of skin (could secretly cut home from traveling bag and dump her sister) and all are held together with copper wire or the blue tape:

Charge the slingshot so smooth pebbles, which is often brought into the courts with sand or unripe berries such as rowan, plums or cherries, which grow enough of the house. Power shots stone enough sometimes to smash a bottle of champagne with 3 meters. This slingshot appreciated due to the fact that not everyone has enough skills and resources to create it. It could be exchanged for other valuables such as inserts from Turbo, CinCin and Final90.

Taking a walk, and had nothing to do could make a slingshot easier - keyed. To do this, the landfill had to find a thick aluminum wire braided and find flagellum. With the latter usually had no problems - easily extracted from the panty elastic. The newer pants - the better flagellum. From all of this was going something like this (from left):

Such a slingshot to shoot dowels - bent horseshoe pieces of copper or aluminum wire. Special harm it did not cause, but the pigeons and cats poshugat was ok. Sometimes the slingshot becomes the last argument in the yard fights - on the thigh to cauterize it's great! But mostly just shot in the air, enjoying the sound of a flying key - "fyrrrrrrr" :) This slingshot going for one day and night, usually merged companion for "drive on bicycle».


What do you think is sikalka? Something from the word "Sika". It is. This popular melee yard water "fight" to the era of the appearance of disposable syringes in pharmacies.

Master sikalka from an empty bottle of shampoo or under-liter plastic bottle "Whites". In a traffic jam on the plate with hot nail to make the holes and inserted back half of a ballpoint pen without a rod. All this is sealed with putty or clay.

Bottle poured into water (for the first time at home, the next - from the pipe under the balcony) and squirting water at an opponent :) It was an alternative to expensive and scarce water pistol. By the way, sikalki was very cool to quench their thirst :)


The game "darts" probably did not play just lazy :) We also loved as a child throw darts. But that's just not sell them or they cost a lot of money. Therefore, almost every boy in our backyard could make it myself. Dart in its Flight and vtykatelnym as receiving no worse than the factory. See how we make them:


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