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From the first guerrilla mouth, come July 16 1944 for restoration workshops for the repair of motor vehicles, with the decision of the State Defense Committee on August 9, 1944 on the organization of car assembly plant in Minsk is a chronicle of the Minsk Automobile Plant. Facilities future firstborn Belarusian automobile country gave everything I could.
The first MAZ-205, coming out of the factory gates at the end of 1947, only heralded the birth of the Belarusian automotive industry. To Minsk cars quickly earned the country in the construction of the plant to be built at a rate that dictated the time. Already in late 1948, it was completed first, and in 1950 and the second stage. As a result, in the same 1948 it became possible to organize the mass production of cars, but with the completion of the reach full capacity and even surpass them. In 1951, the factory produced 25,000 vehicles against 15,000 planned. Moreover, it increases not only the production of cars. Search results become constructors cars who did not know the world automotive ... About five of these machines will be a little narration, text collected in internet, if anyone would be something to add, I will be glad.

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MAZ 2000 «Perestroika»

The end of the 1980s in the Soviet Union was marked Perestroika. People looked to the future with the hope of better times, and engineers embody their vision of progressive machines. In 1988, the Minsk Automobile Plant engineers have created a prototype of the truck, which was named MAZ 2000 "Perestroika".

MAZ 2000 "Perestroika" photo2

The peculiarity of the truck was in a modular arrangement. So, in front of the machine was a single block units, which included the engine, gearbox, steering and front axle suspension. If necessary, for such a unit can be connected similar blocks to increase the length and load capacity of the truck. MAZ 2000 "Perestroika" was shown to the public at the Paris Foreign International Motor Show and was awarded the highest ratings by the foreign experts.
Today, the only instance of this miracle of the truck is stored at the plant MAZ. Unfortunately, it was only from the cabin.


MAZ-541 can be considered as the largest sedan in history. With the proviso that this is not a car. There may be a legitimate question about the reasons for the development of such a machine. And the answer can be found by looking at the few remaining photographs of MAZ-541. The car was one of the most unusual Soviet aircraft tugs.

As planned, this machine should be the hallmark of the Soviet Union. Indeed, many foreigners have seen this vehicle is one of the first after his arrival in the Soviet Union.

Development unusual tractor began in 1956. The car had a 28, the total mass of 23 tons and is equipped with a diesel engine derated tank V-2 (D-12A), which amounts to an impressive 38, 9 liters! MAZ-541 was designed for towing aircraft weighing up to 85 tons, which was equipped with all-wheel drive. Since the wheels during transport aircraft provided uneven load, the rear wheels for MAZ-541 borrowed from the dump truck MAZ-525, and the front - from truck YAZ-214. All were released 3 copies of this amazing car. It is noteworthy that these MAZ worked until the 1970s. One of them can be seen in the documentary film dedicated to the first flight of the Tu-144.

All were released 3 copies of this amazing car. It is noteworthy that these MAZ worked until the 1970s. One of them can be seen in the documentary film dedicated to the first flight of the Tu-144.

MAZ 525 Trolleyvoz HTTU experienced

Unfortunately, today few remember the brilliant examples of Soviet developments. One can become a unique trolleyvoz career MAZ chassis 525, the development of which began in 1954. It was assumed that these dump trucks could be used to increase the efficiency compared to conventional trucks. Trolleyvoz MAZ 525 was equipped with two electric motors with a total capacity of 230 hp The principle of operation was similar to conventional trolley. On the route of the truck stretched wire that connects to the unusual dump with two arcs. This solution enables to increase the productivity of transportation of goods by 76% and reduce the cost of ton-kilometer by 39%. However, to create such lines was necessary to solve a number of engineering challenges, for which reason the use of trolleyvozov decided to give up. Today, such a dump would look progressive and very unusual.

MAZ 7907

In 1985, there were two prototypes on the MAZ 7907 for intercontinental transport of mobile ground missile complex "Celina-2." The unique feature of this system was the vehicle with the driving wheels 24. The length of this giant is 30 m, width - 4 to 8 m, height - 4, 5 meters. To drive the platform MAZ 7907 weighing about 200 tons was used specially modified armored turbine engine GTD-1250A capacity of 1250 hp As for the powertrain, it was very difficult, but effective, because it used 24 motor-wheel.

Due to a large suspension travel and wheel diameter of almost 2 meters, MAZ 7907 has excellent cross-country at speeds up to 40 km / h. However, despite the successful completion of the tests, MAZ 7907 did not go into the series due to the cessation of work on the complex "Celina-2." While they were testing, the Cold War was over and the only thing that managed this monster ten years after construction - in 1995 to carry the 40-meter and 100-ton ship of the Belarusian Borisov Lake Naroch. Today, the prototype of this amazing vehicle is stored on one of the grounds of the manufacturer. Analogues of this special chassis in the world has not been released.

MAZ 6440RA

In 2012, he was shown a new prototype of the tractor, which was named MAZ 6440RA. A special feature of the machine is that it is tractor-kapotnik. The fact that these trucks are not popular in Europe because of the restrictions on the overall length of trains 16, 5 m. However, in Russia, for example, is allowed to move on the coupling of up to 20 m. Therefore, the model MAZ 6440RA focused primarily on domestic market.

Especially for MAZ 6440RA was developed V8 engine capacity of 18 liters and output of 600 hp Euro-4 standard. The cabin is also equipped with the most modern equipment. The share of Belarusian components in the truck is about 70%.

P.S. It turns Bugatti Veyron was copied from MAZ 541 :)
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