10 most feared military machines of all time Russia

"In light of recent attacks on Russian sovereign state of Georgia ... .we would like to make a review of the 10 most feared Russian military vehicles of all time. Russia is a very large country with a diverse landscape and is a few climatic zones - from tundra to desert. To protect a territory of Russia needed the same extreme fighting vehicles, as well as the climate in this country. Here'sa list of the 10 most fearsome fighting machines Russia ».

Strictly following is a list of "terrible" machines.

10.GAZ 2975 «Tiger».

Sometimes called "Russian Hammer". This multi-purpose vehicle has a very important role in the military forces of Russia. "Tiger" fast, mobile, relatively comfortable for a car with such heavy armor. He can move the river depth of 1.2 meters, climb the mountains at a large angle. If you compare with other cars Tiger Russian army, it looks very modern.

9. ZIL 135.

Eight-wheeled ZIL 135 was not the biggest armed Soviet Union, but was one of the most common. Constructed in 1960, it has been used around the world, including North Korea, where he "worked" as a rocket. ZIL was created for fast moving artillery rockets ...

8. GAS 46 - Amphibian 4x4.

If you happen to go to the Soviet-occupied Eastern Europe - you would see there the landscape with many rivers, lakes and other water bodies. Just places where himself admirably felt GAZ 46. A small amphibian, which served to move the special units across rivers and ponds, or for spot investigation.

7. BTR 152

Russian armored infantry vehicle. It began using in the early fifties.
APC 152 is protected by a 5-ton armor. The open top makes it ideal for fighting
in urban areas, where buildings can hide snipers. But in the field
infantry is very convenient to hide behind his armor and attack the enemy. Open Top
allows you to quickly leave the infantry and armored personnel carriers to engage in battle. This machine has a drawback - quickly overheat the engine and the driver should always reduce speed.

6. BRDM 2


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