Do not read other people's sms

Vova had a wife and a dog. They lived in a rented apartment, at some point the owner decided to sell the apartment, and Vova had to look for new housing. Wife with dog on the journey that would not underfoot, drove to my mother in Kaluga. Found a flat, undeveloped, went for the household. Brought, here and there, it's in the evening, Vova something there tinkering on the farm, his wife said - go, said the dog for a walk. Neighborhoods look where that stores, I just need a pharmacy.
Vova says - the right thing, do not forget the keys!

And she went.

Go one store, another pharmacy, savings bank, post office, yards, yards, yards, walk up short, and the time is now past, it's time again. Go back yards, courtyards, post, savings bank ... And then she notices that the post office is not quite like that. Yes, and do not particularly like Sberbank. Stood up, looked around. More passed. Stood up again. And then she realizes that does not even know which way to go further. Get lost. And most importantly - the address. Address a new apartment that she had not even asked Vova! Well done, you must call Vova. The pockets clap clap ... And some phone - no! Jumped out and forgotten.

And then it starts to slowly but surely reach all the poignancy of the moment. Phone no stranger area in the yard the night in his pocket a small thing, a dog on a leash, where to go, it does not know. Rare late passers-friendliness and responsiveness is clearly not affected. Juvenile Gopnik suspiciously mown and lybyatsya. Already like to write. And what to do? Begins the most embarrassing moment of any emergency. Panic. In the temple beating one thought. What to do? What to do? And in the end, she realizes that the only one in this situation for her, the most realistic and safe way out - look for the nearest police station. And to write a statement on the loss itself. Because Vova go in search of not earlier than one month. Here even and think nothing. And that is not in search of her and the dog.

So she decides to do. Go to the police. And then on towards her happiness comes a night owl with Shepherd on a leash. Dog lover dog lover does not eat dog.
 - Man! Man! - She calls out. - Good night! Do not tell where is the nearest police station?
A guy says
 - Well so obliquely, through three houses stronghold. And what did happen?
 - So get lost! - She says.
Well, in a nutshell tells the whole sad story. A guy says.
 - Eka problem! Take yes call your Vova!
And hands the phone. What happiness!
 - Well, thank you, - she says - How do you help me out!
Phone takes a few seconds looking blankly at the screen, and then the night silence of the sleeping area of ​​the Moscow breaks inhuman cry.
 - Blyayayaaaaat!
 - What ?! - Asks a frightened man.
And nothing. Just Vovinam phone by heart she stupidly did not remember.
 - Well, nothing, nothing! - Quiet guy - do not worry! We will certainly come up with something! Someone's phone is something you might remember?
 - Your own! - All of a sudden she says.
 - Friendly? - Says the man - Well, well! Call on your own! Vova is your probably already worried pipe will take in any case.
She grabs the phone again, frantically dials the number next to your ear, listening, and after a few seconds of silence covers the sleeping area again as air raid siren.
 - Blyayayayaaaaaat !!!
 - What is it? - Again startled man with a sheepdog.
 - I lock standing on unfamiliar room! - Already falling into an easy fit through the tears she says.
 - Soooo! .. - Man thinks for a moment. - A text messages? Send text messages? Text messages on lock certainly does not apply.

She takes the phone and writing.
VOVA! URGENT! We got lost !!! URGENT call back to this number !!!
Waiting for an answer, they nervously walk in a circle, and as a man can soothe her.
 - You do not worry! Just find out the address. Home address. And I'll take you there. I grew up here, the whole area like the five fingers ...

Somebody knocks. A guy looks at the screen, and gives her the phone.
 - Like you! - For some reason, he says in a whisper.
 - What? What am I supposed to know? - She asks the same convulsive whisper.
 - Location! Just find the address! - Whispers back guy.

She nods, presses receiving a call, hold the phone to your ear hears a familiar voice, her face lights up indescribable joy, and it is urine that yelling into the phone.

 - Vova? VOVA !!! YOU, bastard, what ... text messages on my PHONE read? !!!


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