To start now to get maximum benefit through 5 years

This interesting question asked in social service Quora. Of more than a hundred responses and long lists listing useful skills we have selected the most popular and important. Here is a list of 30 cases that we should start now to five years to obtain great benefits.


1. Make every day memorable

In the TED talk, entrepreneur Dustin garis (Dustin Garis) spoke about his journey around the world in an attempt to find the answer to the question: "Where does the time go?" The clue he found in Russia, where a researcher named Pasha told him:

 Life is not the days that you have lived and the days that you remembered. After that, Dustin garis seriously thinking over experience, over to make every day memorable — wear funny socks, take along a goat on TED and do other funny, crazy and memorable things that help to distinguish one day from another.

Start doing it right now — a great investment in a happy future, and present, too.

2. Don't waste time on social networking and computer games, This Council met every third answer on Quora. "Disable your account in Facebook", "Track how much time you spend on social networks" and the like.

More and more people realize how much time they spend in social networks and how this interferes with work and personal life. Try to track how much time you spend on communication and entertainment on social networks. You may give social networks too much of his life.

If you need the social network about an hour a day for five years will gain 1 780 hours, and it is 74 days. If you hold there for 15 minutes, out of 456 hours, or 19 days. This time can be better spent elsewhere, right?

3. Sports

It is also one of the most popular tips. With a sedentary lifestyle, which leads most office workers and freelancers, in five years you can become a real mess.

And sports need not only to maintain health but also to live life to the fullest. The sport is the feeling of his body, young and strong, it is positive emotions and the pleasure of movement. Without sports life cannot be considered complete.

4. ReadThis is probably the most popular advice from Quora users. Read for 15, 20, 30 minutes a day, read a book a week, read literature and books about self-improvement, read fiction books, from classics to fantasy. Read, read, read.

For several centuries people wrote about their discoveries, ideas, and insights. Learn other people's ideas, because of them you are on your own.

5. Keep a personal Financeaccount on the service for personal Finance and write down your income, expenses and plans. There are a lot of convenient services with apps for smartphones, so that the entry will take quite some time.

As a result, you will get the transparency of their financial Affairs, you'll see where you're spending unnecessarily large sums of money how much is spent on credit and if you can afford any major purchase.

Making a clear plan of income and expenses, you will be able to optimize your finances and start investing. This, incidentally, is another great tip.

6. Invest and learn more about FinanceChoosing the right target for investment, five years from now you will be able to significantly improve its financial position. But to find such an object and to properly invest, you need to learn more about the financial sector.

Read the appropriate literature, learn useful techniques to manage personal finances, find seminars.

This knowledge is necessary for modern people in school years or at least from the moment he begins to earn and to dispose of their finances. If you have not received this knowledge, you need to catch up as quickly as possible.

7. Gain independence from their main jobGreat advice even for someone who loves his job and works in a large company. Start a small business that does not require much investment: some services, wholesale purchasing, investing, selling handmade anything.

Importantly, this additional work was not burdensome and did not require much attention and resources.

Let the business doesn't bring in much income, but it will be your insurance in case of job loss and will help you hold out until then, until you find a new one. In any case, such a "safety cushion" you will feel much more confident and independent.

8. Create a network of professional relationshipsIf you want to build a successful career, connections are of great importance. They mean even more than your talents and skills. So you begin to establish professional contacts now. And remember: the important thing is not how many important people are in your network of connections, and how many important people who have helped you.

9. Acquire new knowledge, but do so judiciouslySeek new knowledge, never stop learning, but don't make education a goal in itself. The knowledge needed to apply them in life, and before purchasing a new skill or spend your time learning something, think about where you will need this knowledge.

10. Collect the ideasSome really good ideas are lost simply because you didn't bother to write them down and forgot. Moreover, several minor ideas can create something truly brilliant.So the rule is to record all ideas that come into your head, or even install a required amount of ideas a day write down 10 ideas, and later disassemble them for something worthwhile.

11. Learn to implement the ideasIf the ideas lie dormant, there is nothing useful. Therefore, learn not only to think of them, but also to bring to life.

Practice embodies the most interesting ideas from your list, and even if the first few will be a failure, in the end there is an idea that will lead you to success.

12. Start a good habit, Even the strongest motivation over time, and habits remain. To five years you could say that life completely happy, start to have healthy habits now.

13. Study psychologyPsychology will help to know true motives as others, and their actions. Studying psychology, you learn to critically evaluate their emotional reactions, to analyze the motives and to see the roots of the problem.

You will be able to look at a situation from different points of view, and it helps to find a compromise and build a stronger relationship with other people. A skill that will help you in your personal life, and in a professional environment.

14. Explore new technologies

The older the person becomes, the worse he perceives new technologies. Remember, how to deal with mobile phones and computers for older people. However, new technologies, services and applications help you to work faster and more efficiently.

In order not to lose benefits, the rule is to understand new technologies, even if they seem strange and not very comfortable unlike the usual tools.

15. Learn how to programIf you start learning to code now, after five years of practice you will be able to write useful programs, which will help to solve any problem. Learn different programming languages: Java, C++, Python, R, learn HTML, CSS, data mining and cloud computing.

16. Study math and statistics, Even if these items are not useful to you in everyday activities, they will help you change the thinking. Mathematics develops logical reasoning, abstract thinking, helps to see the causal relationships and to approach problems from different angles. Such skills are needed in any case.

17. Explore your talents and strengthsMaybe your job does not fulfill your potential, and talents remain without attention. Examine yourself, identify your talents and find out what you really strong. Better to do it now to understand in which direction to move in terms of personal growth.

18. Do not trust easy moneyIn most cases, easy money is either illegal or a Scam. Not aiming to earn money without doing anything, and to find so a favorite thing that will be easy and pleasant to disappear at work all day and earn good money on what you like.

19. Defeat your fearsFear does not allow you to move forward, gives rise to procrastination and laziness, forcing you to retreat where you want to push. Find your fears, find out why and try to get rid of them.

For example, if you are afraid to lose their job, start a business, which will provide you an extra income and become insurance, as in paragraph number 7 of this list. So you get rid of fear and be able to push forward with bold ideas without fear of failure and subsequent dismissal.

20. Learn to talk on the phone with strangers, Some people feel awkward talking to strangers on the phone. However, telephone conversations occupy an important place in the modern world. To feel more relaxed, it takes practice. Try for a while to get a job in any company operator will work on the phone and get rid of the fear and stiffness.21. Follow the news of the worldnews you will learn about events that affect all spheres of life, prices for equipment and products, business opportunities, travel, new laws. It is useful to be aware of what is happening in the world, to know what to prepare for. And as a bonus — you will always be able to support small talk.

22. Travelwhile traveling you really take a rest, filled with new experiences and ideas. You can remember each day spent in the journey: they are all different from each other. You live really: surprised, happy, know. Try to visit new places as often as possible and do not leave the house.

23. Participate in volunteer programsby Participating in different volunteer programs, you get to know other people. In addition, as multiple studies have shown that volunteers enjoy better health and are happier than those who never engaged in such activities.

This is because volunteers are busy with meaningful work, which benefits they feel are needed and expand your social circle at the expense of the same people — compassionate, positive and willing to help others.

24. Appreciate friends and family

The older you get, the harder it is to make new friends. So try to keep relations with old friends, often get out of the house together and do not forget to call them.

25. Learn to be aloneSometimes for the sake of social approval and acceptance of change itself — becomes what it wants to see. If you learn to be alone and cease to fear it, you do not have to communicate with anyone, to stand next to people who don't respect you and don't want to accept the way you are.

26. Listen more than speakGet in the habit of doing, it can be really useful. First, you will have more new information that you would tune out, waiting for their turn to speak.

Secondly, people will take great pleasure to communicate with you, because everybody loves people who know how to listen. And third, the less you say, the less likely you are to blurt out something extra — something that will later regret.

27. Set one goal a daywill set just one goal a day and do everything you can to achieve it. One clear goal, which will surely be done much more useful long list of cases that is not running and 25%.

28. Start to eat healthyLearn to cook healthy and delicious food, make a menu and stick to it, only occasionally allowing yourself to harmful Goodies.Start as early as possible, because power is also based on habits. Refrain from junk food now and after a while you don't have to indulge in that candy bar or French fries — you'll never want this meal, it seems not only harmful but tasteless.

29. Trust yourself and your intuitionLearn to listen to yourself, pay attention to your real thoughts and feelings. Regardless of what other people say, you always know what is best for you.

30. Create a blogIt does not require almost no investment. Just start the blog that you are interested and share with people my discoveries, thoughts, experiments.

It will be a great hobby, developing creative abilities, and who knows, maybe blog about what you love will become popular and will bring you the most extra income, and even replace the main one.

What do you think? It's worth starting now to five years to obtain a definite profit? published


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