20 SMS correspondences that have made this year


Life sometimes throws up such stories - purpose you can imagine. And in some ways it's even a good idea if she manages to surprise us, so boring we just will not.

Website has collected the best SMS correspondence that captivated us this year.

So could write only women h3> 165a51a0b6.jpg

Boy Sanya - Master SMS correspondence h3> 5e1df97784.jpg

They do not have time for this is your flirt h3> 28dd42922a.jpg

About how men try to understand women h3> b344614e6d.jpg

A little bit of loving dads SMS h3> b8f190db29.jpg

How T9 can play a cruel joke with you h3> 395899398c.jpg

The most vital SMS h3> 74964be774.jpg

parents - these are the same kids h3> a4422902a9.jpg

About the older generation and new technologies h3> d7d6f14c13.jpg

About my Jewish mother h3> 25ffe53720.jpg

SMS from most of these cynics h3> f8e0e3c076.jpg

About masters of sarcasm h3> 3a76be7a15.jpg

About the strong and independent woman h3> 2b4a0de36e.jpg

When the wrong number h3> 68cae791b7.jpg

About the bachelor life h3> df9578b4f4.jpg

When the sender deadlocked h3> 104f5ab4d8.jpg

a real man h3> 50d7246505.jpg

About the best friends h3> 9cc18fad9c.jpg

About student life h3> 20482f8a11.jpg

About the husbands and wives as it is h3> 3443fc4d6a.jpg

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