Common mistakes in landscape design

Planning a landscape of the courtyard is a difficult task, so mistakes unfortunately can not be avoided. We offer the 10 most common mistakes and ways to rectify them.

Densely planted flowerbeds

You need to remember that plants grow constantly and eventually it takes up much more space on the bed than when landing. Therefore, be sure to include this situation and leave the flowers they need space. It's okay if spring flowerbed will look a little bald.


The backyard should look attractive throughout the year. Shame if it boasts bright colors only in spring or autumn. It is best to plant plants that bloom in different seasons, from early spring to late fall.

Visual appeal

If the yard is not visible from the street, it's not a reason not to pay attention to its attractiveness. We cannot ignore this aspect. So you need to arrange everything from beginning to end and flower beds, and walkways, and recreation areas – like the whole world can see behind a fence.

Interior – exterior

Many people forget about the connection of interior and exterior. It is very important that they blend together, creating a pleasant transition from one space to another. In this case, even being in the house, you can easily admire the beauty of the landscape outside the window.

Excessive decor

Too many kinds of decor detracts from the beauty of nature. It is able to neutralize the colors and the freshness of the garden. So no need to put all that is at hand, even if all madly in love.

The wrong color scheme

The color palette is very important when planning the site. Not all colors look well, if you mix them together. And color gamut is also not a good solution. The colors may be too bright and even annoying. It is best to choose two or three colors and use only them. But the tones of the selected colors can be used in all their diversity.

Complex care

If the courtyard looks amazing the first few days after planting and decoration, then slowly begins to lose its appeal, it says that not enough time maintaining his condition. This factor also must be considered at the planning stage.

The wrong tools

Correctly selected tools capable both to simplify and complicate the care of courtyard. If you make a list of all the necessary tool, the yard work will become easier and more efficient.


Usually the landscape planning takes into account its appearance only in the daytime. But what looks perfect during the day. Can look very unattractive in the evening. Therefore, be sure to consider the lighting scheme of the yard. Properly made accents will help transform the courtyard even at night in a wonderful area.

Uncomfortable furniture

The courtyard is designed for relaxation in the fresh air, admiring the bright colors and the beauty of nature, so it is important to choose comfortable furniture. Chairs are best taken with wide seats, armrests and backrests and soft. Not hurt even a few extra pillows.One of the best options will become a beautiful wrought-iron furniture. It is durable, able to withstand heavy rains, scorching sun and sharp temperature fluctuations.published


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