Landscape design ideas using gabions

Landscape design (as, indeed, any other kind of art) likes variety, originality, the use of typical forms in a non-standard application. Many of us probably have noticed that the stone pebbles, slate or wood chips look great in combination with green lawns and variegated carpet of flowers. It is logical that the aesthetic component in the popularity of gabions strong.

But this is not the only reason for the demand of such solutions in landscape design. Then what you ask? That is what we will tell you in today's material and also will offer you some interesting ideas on decorating the area using gabion structures.

What is a gabion?French gabion translates literally as "trash". The logic can be seen in the device design, because, in fact, gabion — boxes it consists of a grid filled with different items. Its the beginning of a similar design taken from the fighting when it was necessary to organize all-round protection when firing. By the way, if they were made of interwoven willow branches and filled with earth. Today gabions are used in a completely different and, it should be noted, much more beautiful destination.

Quite often, the gabions are used on land in purely practical purposes: for example, to keep the blur of the slope or to strengthen the slopes of the hill, or plot. They provide an opportunity to prevent landslides and eliminate erosion. due to its design, the strengthening of slopes with gabions, the shores of ponds or the erection of retaining walls strength is not inferior concrete slabs, and eco-friendliness, aesthetics and cost significantly exceeds them.

The least popular design and landscape design are purely for decorative purposes. When using gabions there is no need to equip a drainage system because of rain or meltwater, and so easily penetrates the roots of plants. The structures are also not terrible, and temperature extremes, as they can't be cracked ( unlike concrete retaining walls).

Forms of construction of gabions and how to populateOptions of filling the gabions (and the forms of the structure itself) — a great many. The filler can be almost anything. Very nice natural stones, but to achieve homogeneity, sleep and elements of artificial fill. To save money you can cheat and the front part to spread out the beautiful "savage" or pebbles, and all the remaining space to fill in the crushed stones.

The quality and appearance of the structure itself will not suffer, and no one will know that there is something wrong. Pofantaziruyte and is not confined only to one method. Inside it is possible to stack the logs the same size and different diameter can be beautifully packaged glass bottles so that the bottoms were out, you can put a brick, fabric and so on. If you choose fill all space elements of glass, and between them lay the led strip, you get a unique illumination for walkways.

Ideas for decorating landscape designLet us consider the most interesting and original idea of using gabions in the garden.

Idea 1. Not only a stone, also gabions in the suburban area can be filled with a variety of materials: large pebbles, broken brick, wood chips, decorative glass, saw cut, or scraps of wood. The combination of various materials in itself may look extravagant, unusual and beautiful. Especially if the gabion is a large form.

Idea 2. Fine mesh design will look with a wooden fence. Thus on the plot to emphasize the predominance of the styles of minimalism or hi-tech. Of course, the austerity of the landscape can be decorated with bright flowers or shrubs around the perimeter fence.

Idea 3. A great solution is and for a site with large variations in topography. In this case, flowering terraces, combined with stone gabions will not only look for innovative, bright, but also will help the owners to protect the slopes from soil displacement, and hence of destruction.

Idea 4. Gabion can be used on the plot as a kind of screen to separate the area, creating there a secluded area for privacy. In the leisure area can be built of gabion, barbecue or fireplace. The only thing you need to pay attention when constructing the fireplace, the stones must be refractory so that when heated it does not "shot". The fireplace can be built into a decorative wall, or placed separately.

Idea 5. Alpine garden, raised bed and vertical bed — all these designs can be great to decorate with the help of the gabion. The mesh structures are versatile so damaged it is possible to build any of the water close to the mountain stream, pond, cascade or fountain.

Idea 6. With gabions, you can also create items of street furniture. Not only garden furniture, decorate a country station can and original vases and containers for plants as well as garden figures and, of course, was not damaged. Such simple design can be performed independently. published


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