How to make air conditioning their hands

In the summer issue of conditioning is particularly acute. When outside the heat would like to try the area where it is possible to hide. It happens that to buy a ready-made air conditioning system there is no means or opportunity. Then revenue will come homemade air conditioner improvised. Particularly well the device will fit into the interior of a cottage or a country house, but in the apartment it also can be successfully applied. To start manufacturing of air conditioning is better, has not yet reached the hottest days. Since it is unknown how long it will take someone with no experience in such matters.

WHAT ARE HOMEMADE CONDITIONERS?If you decide to make yourself such a complex device as air conditioning, you must first decide what you can use. Very often you can hear that the air conditioner made out of an old refrigerator.

Indeed, both the device are almost same goal – the development of refrigeration and cooling something. A refrigerator cools the products, the application of the conditioner is more broad, it cools the room, the people who are there, and everything that falls under its range.

The MOST POPULAR way to CREATE a CONDITIONING FROM the OLD REFRIGERATORto make a homemade air conditioner out of the fridge, to find an old junk freezer, which, however, is in working condition. If you don't have one, you can buy someone else's, finding her on Craigslist.

All you'll need household jigsaws. It can be used to make shaped cut-outs on metal surfaces. As a drainage tube will fit corrugated pipe. It weighs less than pipe of other materials. You will need insulating material and the insulation, and polyurethane foam. Need for cooling fans, better to have two.

Start creating homemade certified device should be cutting out the holes in the freezer. This will help the jigsaw. It is easy to make a round hole with a diameter of about 10 cm, and then inserted a drainage tube. The gasket rubber is removed to the air was well done inside.

Old refrigerator will come in handy for a homemade air conditioner Tube, which is inserted into the chamber, should be sealed warm insulation. You can also use the foam. And only after that, mount the fans, one of which should blow the compressor is our new air conditioner.

An ALTERNATIVE WAY of CREATINGFor the second method you will need taken out of the fridge radiator and extractor fan. From the rear of the hood mounted radiator. Thus, the suction unit can pass the air flow through the radiator, cooling it and then releasing it into the room.

After that the device is connected to two hoses. One of them down to the sink and the other to the water system. Fastening is carried out by a homemade stand. Ready conditioning is necessary to expose the pan to collect condensate, which must be regularly drained.

The equipment works this way. The air enters the hood, is cooled in the radiator through which the water flows from the tap. Ideally, the water should be cold, that is flow from the well or from the well. Normal tap water, unfortunately, will not give the desired effect and cooled the room slightly.


Air with their hands from a plastic bottle and fan, what else can you do air conditioning? There are easier and cheaper ways to collect air from improvised. One of them is the conditioning of simple plastic bottles and a fan. Bottles filled with water and put in front of a fan with very little clearance. Water must be pre-cooled in the freezer. When the water heats up, it will have to be replaced.

The effect of this "conditioning" is a little greater than the effect from just the fan without water, as there is still cooling, and not just the movement of air masses.

Another option also refers to simple designs, but more original and effective. Take a copper tube of small diameter rubber hose. The tube will serve as a makeshift radiator. It is twisted in a spiral. The hose needed for our radiator to connect to the tap with running cold water. Pipes should be copper, because copper better than other materials is bent and has a high conductivity. For fastening of the hose you need clamps and sealant.Behind the radiator to put the fan. The result will be somewhat more impressive than the first method with bottles. However, the effectiveness will largely depend on the capacity of the fan.

Another option that requires one car radiator. To make such a design much more complicated than the previous two, to make a noise it will be longer but the effect will also be substantial.

Homemade air conditioner blower fan must be connected to the outlet via the adapter to 12V. Adapter is purchased ready to or going from the power supply old computer. The system will help to cool the air in the room by a few degrees. The exact value will depend on factors such as:

  • The power of the fan;
  • The size of the heat sink;
  • The presence in radiator air tubes.
It is better to prefer for this purpose the radiator from domestic cars. You also need the casing and the device for fastening the fan. The costs of such air conditioning will not exceed 3-4 thousand rubles.

MORE COMPLICATED AIR-CONDITIONINGto Manufacture a similar device not so simple, and may even require manual. But it will be able to cool the room area of 30 sq. m. in the Summer it is convenient to install in a window where it will not only cool the air but also improve the ventilation in the room. In winter, when the air is often dry, a humidifier, a part of the air conditioner, saturate it with moisture.

The air passes through the grille and enters the oil filter where it is freed from dirt and dust. He then enters the humidifier, and then goes into the room through the grille.

Dampen noise from operating equipment, if the scheme of the fan to connect the light bulb or other device. Its thickness should be such as to minimize noise effect. Included lamp is a indicator of the equipment.Humidifier looks like a box, through which a gauze wicks. Holes for them are doing every half an inch, and their diameter is approximately 3 mm.

The box has 8 rows of such holes. On top of the box includes a tank with a capacity of 1.5-2 l in which there is water. The wicks serve to water it fell inside the device, where it evaporates and humidifies the air, which is then supplied to the room. Excess water, thus, remains in a special tray.

The pan, by the way, emptying is not necessary. Because the water from it for the same wicks again rises, evaporates and humidifies the air again. The air conditioner has oil filter, which looks like a wooden frame with mesh wire. The size of its cells very small, about 1x1 mm. Mesh is lubricated with vaseline oil. After a time, when the filter becomes dirty (usually once or twice a month), wash it with hot water.

 The advantages of USING a HOMEMADE air CONDITIONING SYSTEMwe have now discussed how to do air conditioning. What are the advantages you can extract from its usage? The main advantages of improvised devices, presented above, are:

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Save money. Great for use at the cottage and country house, where the recoiling system professional is inappropriate. To the country people come in summer and in winter, expensive device without protection may be stolen. The ability to get a lot of positive emotions from the consciousness that you own hands could do such useful thing as air conditioning. Acquiring new knowledge and experience in the field of alteration of some things in others. Eliminates the need for expensive care and maintenance of the equipment. Comfort and vivacity indoors by cooling the air in summer. No need to periodically buy and change filters, as they are absent in almost all the considered devices. As it turned out, to make an improvised air conditioning in the apartment, not so difficult. And it is quite able to cope anyway. It is only necessary to grasp the principle that operates ordinary household air conditioning, and start to act. published


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