Bangladesh has released a conditioner that does not require electricity

The staff of the Bangladeshi institution that is a member in the area of subordination of Intel, conducted the installation of new air conditioning technology "acconditioner" in the homes of citizens in order to help them combat the heat. This unit can operate without power source.

Informed, or rather in may 2016, a video illustrating the appearance of a bizarre invention of the Indian production was published on the Internet, however, the circuitry of the device was released only now. The idea of creating a "acconditioner" proposed by the developers of the organization Grameen Intel, which is one of the main subsidiaries, subordinated to the Intel. The main problem of inhabitants of the region Rajbari, is the actual lack of electricity in many homes, which makes them unable to use a conventional conditioner to counter the unbearable heat.

To solve this problem, developers have designed and created a device that resembles a mosquito net, which is mounted on the wall of the home. To put round holes cut into two plastic bottles, which take in hot air from outside, and then convert into a cool, flowing it into the room. The only thing similar is how you can bring down the temperature only 5 degrees Celsius, but it creates a more or less normal conditions for presence of people in their homes. published

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