The strangest state borders

Where the boundary is set, there is always an intrigue, machinations and dissatisfied.
In connection with this the craziest stories are born.

1. The Americans, who were on the other side of the Mexican border

The fence between Texas and Mexico was built under President Bush Jr., in 2008. The goal is clear: to reduce the number of illegal migrants and drug trafficking to pull the plug. For those living at the border of American farmers this innovation was to be a great relief (they really were not happy with the constant shuttling back and forth traffickers and periodic skirmishes between drug cartels) if not for one small fact: the Americans were in the result on the other side fence. That is in Mexico.

How it happened is not known, but the fence was built a mile from the borders of the present, so that in some places it was on private land or in innocent landowners. You can imagine the horror of a man who suddenly sees his native land, he inherited from his ancestors, suddenly grows very tall fence with a formidable inscription "Do not go near !!!". Now the Americans are forced to cross the border every time they need to get to work or sit at the bar with friends.

One farmer complained that he now has to pass the border control whenever comes with its own field in their own barn. Cut into two parts and the area turned out to be one of the University of Texas. So the students also have to run with a lecture on the lecture across the border.

2. Indian town in Bangladesh, India, Bangladesh

Enclave, as you probably already know, this is one piece of the country, which is located inside the other - a kind of island. In rare cases, inside the enclave formed another island, which is called an enclave of the second order. That is the first enclave will resemble a bagel and an enclave of the second order - donut hole. And if you need to get into that part of the country, which is in the middle of the "donut" you have to cross two borders.

Now imagine that you live in the Indian district of Dachau Kagrabari. It is surrounded by a bagel in Bangladesh, which in turn is surrounded by a donut of India, and the whole structure is in the territory of Bangladesh.

Graphically be clearer:

If you need to cross the entire configuration through this, you will go first in India, then in Bangladesh, then again to India, Bangladesh, India, Bangladesh, India and Bangladesh. Generally, in the territory of the two countries, there are 160 enclaves, but a multi-piece, fortunately, only one. It turned out as a result of the signing of the peace treaty after a long history of wars. In order not to conduct lengthy negotiations and wrangling, the parties simply froze the boundaries that have been established at the time of signing - given the smallest plots of land, which they succeeded each other to grab. From the outside it's pretty funny, but there the residents not to laugh. Each of them is very difficult to get out of his tiny donut in which they are stuck, how to punish. Citizens of India, for example, to go to the relatives of the "big" India need a passport, without which it will not be allowed in Bangladesh. A passport is issued only in the "big" of India. That is, in order to obtain a passport for traveling again they must somehow cross the territory of Bangladesh. Twice. That's a vicious circle. Exactly the same flour is experiencing India to provide its citizens of the most necessary. However, all the anguish and limited. Therefore, district Dachau Kagrabari still live without electricity, and, in fact, stuck in the Stone Age. Only in well-guarded.

3. Table for the Korean border


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