One of the coolest student dormitory

Call it the creation of a hostel - do not dare.
The hostel is located in Ørestad - a new area of ​​Copenhagen in Denmark.
It is called building - Campus Tietgen and a round residential building with impressive size yard.
The building was built in 2006. On seven floors are 360 ​​rooms, occupies a total area of ​​26 800 sq.m. The round shape of the building - a symbol of equality and unity.

1. The cylindrical shape of the building is intersected by five vertical lines, which visually and functionally divide the building into sections and are open endless transitions, which you can reach the central courtyard. (

2. In the courtyard of the hostel visible living quarters, the kitchen, which seemed to hang in the air. (

3. Outside the hostel is lined with oak and red brass. (

4. The windows of all 360 rooms and go outside in the courtyard of the building. (


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