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Danish photographer Simon Hёgsberg (Simon Hoegsberg) within three months stopped the passers-by on the streets of New York and Copenhagen, shot them and asked for detailed answers to questions: "What were you thinking before I stopped you?". Some agreed to answer. "I'm just checking sms, which have accumulated since my trip to India, from which I just returned. And as I was sorting them, I got a signal of a new SMS. I look at all sms and erase those that are do not mean anything, but many I have kept. I think it's something like a diary. I bought a new mobile phone because the old remembered only 10 SMS, and it does not suit me, I do not want to remove them as soon as they come, it's a little sad. For example, the letter from a friend of a girl that I met in India, and, even though we lost sight of each other, I wrote to her that, like, I'm in Copenhagen, everything is fine, very sunny and a bit cool, and I miss you. And she said ". Copenhagen, Denmark.

"I saw policemen who shoved the receipt of fines under the windshield wipers of cars. It made me think about the traffic police and in particular how despicable they work. I recently put the car seems to be in a permitted location. A written that you can not park there. On the side I really noticed a barely visible yellow stripes. I went to investigate. And another time parked just perfect, and a receipt is written, it was not eight meters from the crossing, and six and a half. It is necessary to penalize those who violate the law and severely harm others. But those who simply did not notice something that does not matter, and if we know that it is done unintentionally, such people should not stick to the glass of your damn papers. " Copenhagen, Denmark.

"I thought about how the club was on the street Stengede last Sunday, and that was because there was one little incident ... It was ... you can say" flirting "in Danish? It was a flirtation, but then something happened and I had to leave. So it is not turned into something other than light flirting. We have no links at all but we exchanged glances. And it was wonderful. I have not talked to him. Only on the dance floor ... eyes. I've never seen him before. And I do not know, I'd like to see it again ... No, it was important just then and there, it was good then and there, but I do not have to meet with him again. No ... "Copenhagen, Denmark.

"I thought that I just came home from work, the weekend started, I was about to pick up his son, who is now his friend, and I'm a half hour late. But it does not matter that I'm a little late. They are fun, and they will play in a great place as long as I come. So it's not so important. He is OK. And then we go home and spend the weekend together ... It will be very nice. " Copenhagen, Denmark.

"I thought, what kind of stroller, which rolls out the woman because we ourselves two months will have a child, and we are already thinking what to buy a stroller. Her wheelchair is very similar to the one we are going to buy. It seemed to us that it is a pretty, comfortable and easy. It seems the company Odder, a Danish product. This wagon. And more than anything, I thought, because then I was distracted by a police officer who stopped the car because the driver talking on a cell phone at the same time made a prohibited turn. " Copenhagen, Denmark.

"Before I came to these lakes, I thought, I go down the stairs, or better to go down the path that leads to the lakes. And then I thought, just sit down and I will look at the lake. I came straight from home - I'm unemployed and I have a lot of free time - going to go out and do exercises and then go down to the lakes, because it's a beautiful place. I felt that I needed to see the water, so went for a walk. Align the charging and the contemplation of water - that this was my goal. " Copenhagen, Denmark.

"I was thinking of a box of chocolate truffles, which are going to give other, that they were left on the table, and the sun shines directly into the windows and truffles may melt. I hope they do not turn into a shapeless mass of sticky. It is something like my boyfriend ... well, rather, just a friend. We do not call each other's boyfriends, just meet, and what to be, there is no escaping. I decided to give him truffles, because he loves chocolate. It seemed appropriate. We know the whole month and a half, and ... I saw a store, I thought it would be nice. It was completely spontaneous action ... I passed the windows, I saw a box and thought, hell, why not ?! "New York, USA.

"I just walked past an advertising poster, there was something about the yacht club on Lake Peblinge. And then just as I came here, just before you spoke to me, I thought that I would like to become a member of the yacht club, but in the southern part of Sweden, in Malmö, and I was thinking about boats and water Malmo and sounds that can be heard there. I would like to be a member of the yacht club in Malmo, because I think that there is much more space here is too crowded, and I'm tired of all these clubs, in which I am here. I do not mean the yacht club, I'm talking about the club rowers out there wasting time in queues, and so on. I'm tired of it, and just imagine that there could be more room. " Copenhagen, Denmark.

"Well, I'll tell you what I was thinking when we met. I live on the street Gёttersgede and was going to go for a walk with the dog, right? I thought that my wife, who went three days ago, will return home an hour later, she had a baby in two weeks, and I made a changing table, and I am very, very worried, whether she liked it, because I the last three days spent at work ... carpenter from me is not the best, but I tried very hard, working on this project, I thought it must have been something ... something special. So what I'm here about what I was thinking that all parts fit together, everything is in place or ... What if she comes home, and I still will not be there, she realizes that the table is ready, and I do not have to explain anything ". Copenhagen, Denmark.

"Here ... I was trying to think ... I left the bike at Westside and tried to figure out how to get to the bike to run into the Cliff-bar - this is a diet bar. There's peanut butter, and it's what I eat for breakfast. I needed to ice-cream and Cliff-bar. But I ... You know, my leg does not bend, do not even know why. I wanted to find the shortest way to the bike, and that the road was Cliff-bar and coffee shop, and I have a leg does not bend ... Yes. Maybe it has something to do with sexual activity ... I'm not sure ... No, actually, I'm sure. " New York, USA.

"I thought how cool that I still bought two bags for dirty clothes, so it can be sorted, and some control over the process. In general, I was pleased with myself, what brought at least some order in their lives. One for color and one for underclothes and bed linen. I'm, like, felt that behave in an adult. I have long thought about it, and then ... Well, I just walked past the library and thought, well, this shop over there, far away, yes, I went to the library and just thought ... ... this shop, it is not far away, we must not forget .... In general, these bags now lie in my bag. " Copenhagen, Denmark.

"I'm all morning shlyayus of Copenhagen, and my friend's wife while giving birth, and both are now in the hospital. And the only thing that comes to mind is that I was going to update the entire wardrobe and bought only one sweater. Yesterday I went to a friend in Østerbro. When I went to bed last three nights in the apartment were three of us, and in the morning I woke up alone. I realized that I was in labor. I wanted to go with a friend on the football, but it looks like it will not be before. I was going to buy a bunch of clothes, but it did not work out, because ... well, I do not know why, anxiety, football, and I did not know what was in this damn hospital going, so I have to be dragged back, and sit there and wait. He can look to grab some things. " Copenhagen, Denmark.

"I was thinking about that car that just drove was a black version of the machine some of my friends. And I looked into the room to check out, and suddenly it's their car, but there were not them. I noticed a woman in the passenger seat - this brunette with long hair, wearing dark glasses and a Gucci coat. It is very different from those I expect to see in a car. Because those people are my friends ... this is my girlfriend, she would not have got on fur and Gucci sunglasses in a cloudy day. " Copenhagen, Denmark.

"I thought that my son is the last day in a manger, tomorrow he will go to kindergarten, so I was worried how was that day. He brought the cream cakes and all that, interestingly, they were delicious? I'm not sure he fully understands that marks the beginning of kindergarten, but he realizes that there will be something new, that now, you grow up and go into the garden, and it is waiting for this. Yes, I think so ... And maybe he realizes he says he understands, but, of course, a little bit afraid. He is now three, he would walk into the garden to the school, that is, up to six, so there is still about three years. A new stage of the career ladder. Generally, it is a big leap, I think. " Copenhagen, Denmark.

"I thought that the" Snickers "with a large portion of the peanut is really tasty, but then I thought that I was well-trimmed. I was just at a new barber. That's what I thought before returning to work. Yes, I chewed my peanuts and thought, hmm, delicious, and then ... then I thought that it was a good barber. " Copenhagen, Denmark.

"I thought I go straight or turn right. But at the same time I thought, how cool ... I've just met a close friend who was going to meet with three other men, and I was so surprised that he was on foot, because he usually drives a car. He ... took me by surprise, just saying "hello". At that time I was thinking about what road to choose, funny that I met him. His cap was pulled down almost to his nose, so I did not even recognize him. And yet it was he, and he began to say hello, and that ... It was a very fun and enjoyable. I've known him ever since, while working in his company. I was a housewife 30 years, at some point, I just had to get out, and I started to work at it. " Copenhagen, Denmark.

"An hour later, my wife and son are going to visit friends. My wife is shops, choose a gift, and I think we will go by bus because the street damn cold, and in any case I validate the tickets in advance. I struck them, because here we got on the bus and went to find a gift, and then we'll go back on the same bus, just continue on our way, right? That's what I thought, and suddenly the time the ticket is over before we come out of the bus near the house of friends? And then I realized that it is not necessary to punch the tickets again, because it has enough. " Copenhagen, Denmark.

"I thought ... to be or not to be ... What happens if I go to the parking lot and take away his car, because two months ago I lost my credit card, but the money for parking removed automatically. But the old card is canceled for a couple of months, so I think they do, whether they will require penalties, and I thought about what would happen during the two minutes, I'll take the car and give them my new card. Perhaps I have in the database. No, that's okay, just ... The question is whether they will make me pay a fine for not having received the money, because I was late with the payment. The local park is worth $ 180, no, 190 dollars a month - and it's cheap for Manhattan. " New York, USA.

Source: fototelegraf.ru


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