How to materialize your thoughts: 5 tips

About the materiality of our thoughts excitedly talking all parents, psychologists, doctors, managers – Yes, anyone.

The topic is "How to materialize thoughts" is in the top 10 on various sites, often having nothing to do with psychology and self-development.

The layman is really difficult to understand the topic and to fish among a billion extra letters useful information. I tried to do it for you.

How else to materialize these thoughts?!

About a month ago in public transport, I became an involuntary listener of a conversation between two friends.

One girl is loud enough and emotionally told the other that she was so tired of life's failures, lack of money and love that she decided to record on two-week loans.

The red line through all 10 sessions were held the theme of "Materialise their thoughts and they will be fulfilled."

"I, says the listener of the courses is recorded. For the past six months every day doing all the exercises and things there."

A friend tried to comfort her, saying that everything will work out, and I thought about the fact that not once have heard and read this from people who like and ready to change their lives, but something they can not do it.

I don't know exactly what the problem is girls from the bus (bad coach or was she just wrong using his advice), but I think most everything in the complex.

Psychologists, authors sometimes do not exactly shape tips on how to materialize their thoughts, and readers not wanting to get to the bottom, just customize them for yourself. The result: the universe just can't understand what you want from it!

What prevents us to materialize their thoughts?

Unhappy or happy man do only his thoughts, not external circumstances. Driving his thoughts, he manages his happiness.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche


In our world there are interesting people, very numerous, by the way.

These men and women are not stupid, not lazy, willing to learn and even try something new. But to be successful they always lack something: perseverance, courage, risk. They rarely get to the bottom of the problem and, most likely, will prefer "a bird in the hand than pie in the sky". It is this category of people more often complain: "here are your psychological techniques do not work! Here's me with my friend Bob tried and no success!"

Especially for them I give 3 errors that they make in the desire to materialize their thoughts.

3 mistakes, why can't materialize thoughts?

Wrong message.

Here, for example, does not develop you personal life. And you instead to signal the Universe: "I want to meet a nice guy", you complain: "I'm lonely. It's so bad."

The universe of your whining catches the word "alone" and voila – your personal life is limping on both legs.

A wrong attitude.

Even doctors do not recognize anything except science, confirm that the chances to recover those who sincerely believe that will get rid of the disease, much more than the pessimists.

If you really want something, convince, primarily themselves, that all will be fulfilled. And then: "Oh, I'm such a skeptic. I believe only in what I can feel. And why is my mind not materialists?".

The wrong wording.

That's why in the shop you will first consider the range of products, and only then approach the clerk and say, "Give me a pound of shortbread with condensed milk". You do that because I know for sure that if you approach the seller with the babble: "I Want something sweet, and maybe it isn't very sweet, in General, I don't know what we want," we'll be in the shop for half an hour and you will find certain death at the hands of other buyers standing in line behind you.

And the universe needs to deal with your incomprehensible babbling and instantly give you what you need?

5 practical advice how to materialize your thoughts

With the major bugs that prevent people to achieve our goals, we figured out, and now I want to teach you what to do to definitely materialize your thoughts:

Visualize the desire.

Nothing more effective than this technique no one has come up with. If you have a good imagination, then picture of the future you can draw right in the head.

For example, you dream about going to Italy? Imagine that same journey every day to the smallest detail. Before you know it, how are you going to buy the coveted tour.

Works pretty much the same method of transferring their thoughts on paper: make a collage of your dreams, draw your dream and describe it using the words in the diary, you have to do something before you start whining that the universe can't hear you!

Materialise their thoughts in proper sentences.

The particle "not" it is better to avoid because it is poorly perceived Universe. Instead of the promise: "I don't want to hurt" a higher power will hear about what you loved to lie in bed with a sore throat.

Correct to say: "I Want to be healthy!"

Away from the negative.

If you want to have your evil boss broke his leg and left you alone, at least for the period of his sick leave, then the universe can be, and you will hear. Here are the consequences will be dire not just for your teacher but for yourself. Negativity and evil attract their own kind, there is a law of the boomerang!

Do not dispose of the fates of others.

Only to materialize own thoughts.

The universe will remain deaf to the calls: "I Want my husband found a paying job", "I Want mother won the lottery."

Instead of making wishes for others, it is better to teach people close to you, right to materialize their thoughts.


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