We used to not say what I think and do not what we feel...

We live in a world weightless and empty promises. In our time the word impaired to the extent that it is taken seriously, no obligation and voluntarily refashioned. We easily break promises to each other and themselves weigh nothing, because we are not able to comply with them and rarely show seriousness even to remember them sometimes. We used to not say what I think and do not what we feel, we cease to be reliable and stable for themselves and each other. We go out of the safe zones of trust. Hard to keep the word when it seems no one around it does not hold, but even harder is to expect the fulfilment of promises.

Keep the word is the willingness and ability to be honest.

The word "integrity" evokes today unconsciously, aching fear. To be honest, when to sit, lie, and Dodge has become the norm — scared. And this is the biggest illusion, born of man as imaginary and seemingly strong defensive reaction.

But when you are sincere and speak the truth — you not only spend less energy, because it is a natural state of mental and emotional substance of a person, but multiply their mental strength, regardless of what kind of reaction will cause your sincerity or ability to tell the truth.

It was about this vaccinated dependence on someone else's reactions, other people's opinions, and sewn into the strut of consciousness loud "what will people say?!" break one of the most valuable and vital tenets of a healthy emotional life. It resembles a bearded old pun: "as young girls in the entrance for the left, grandmother on the bench became known as a prostitute janitor Basil."

People will still say something.

There will always be those who you are close in spirit and essence, and who you are alien. And that's fine because everyone is in this world its point of evolution. And you can't expect all people qualities, actions and reactions inherent in or close by, each perceives the world in the breaking of the light and the fullness, which was chosen in his life itself.

As it is to say, to tell the truth, to be sincere — is a habit like any other, which we generously spawned, and which shape our way of life and even determining its meaning.

It's a choice. No more, no less. If the lie for you is as alien and unnatural as nails with milk for Breakfast, you can stop reading here. But if that's what you depressing and a burden in your life so that you are ready to risk to be sincere, to bring to life the courage to be yourself, not to spread your self under the cumbersome "public" mechanism established consumerism of man by man, then you can start small.

Will choose his one, precious life 10 days — and dedicate their sincerity.

Let it be your "fasting days of truth":

1. Celebrate what and who you're talking about. How much of this is truth, and how "theatrics". Pay special attention to what you are cleverly lying to yourself, what are disingenuous with ourselves and tried to convince the other.

2. Identifying insincerity and "small", "beautiful", "emergency", "guardian" and other diversity lie but still a lie — imagine that you have just robbed yourself and the other person of sincerity, a breath of fresh invigorating air, which due to the static debris of the lungs can cause severe cough and even dizziness, but certainly useful.

Imagine that mercilessly robbing my life, a habit to lie, to dissemble, to fawn cowardly to keep silent, to say that "profitable", "habitually", "waiting" and that "facilitates" as you think, your life — you spend a lot more mental and physical strength, you waste precious moments, hours, months, years of this amazing, completely different in fact, life than it is now. Lies, empty words or promises are not in need of courage, responsibility, diligence and sincerity, and never these qualities do not contribute any of your own, or in someone's life.

3. Each time, identifying the "theatrical performances" of his consciousness, adapted over the years to different types of lies, hold for a few seconds and ask yourself the question: "Why do I lie (lie, invent, compose, invent, etc.)?" You will almost immediately feel the response, you almost hear it because it's unnatural state, for both our biological and our emotional nature.

Imagine that jewelry established, well thought-out to millions of things, human anatomy, set out to play in its space in the exaggerated deceit, no matter for what reasons. We would have died immediately leaving the period of early childhood, it would be enough liver once to lie to any other body. But with his emotional anatomy we voluntarily allow to do all those pirouettes mercilessly, ruthlessly.

We even manage, in the end, nurture it in your life and the space surrounding us. And every time I wonder in amazement: "what happens to people", "what a world", but systematically, independently vekoluxivar the essence of form own life, creating such emotional distortions that are not themselves able to deal with the consequences of fetal distortions. Tell me, how can you attract into your life the light, not radiating myself? How can you draw in the space of his presence, full of cunning, resourcefulness, fashionable bombast and feigned superiority something light and sincere?

But the most cherished expect and demand truth in my life Come true, and bow your knee before me! In a time when we at the time his knee before her, bowing, to stop this destructive process in yourself and your life, to cease to produce new chimeric clouds around.

4. No matter what the cause lies, although the main fear, sign in the next 10 days with the intent... to tell the truth. Yes, the truth that you feel inside, not giving her characteristics, not playing explanations whose truth is truer. Allow yourself to be sincere, to speak, as it is to say how and what you feel to say "no", not squeezing at this from a "Yes" and then to reproach for it, to whom it was said.

Remember, it's your voluntary choice, who would and why would you not forced as you think, no matter what brand that you do not hang, — you make the choice. You are doing it voluntarily, that you allow or not allow to be in your life the different qualities, relations and circumstances. You open the umbrella in Sunny weather and create shadows in your life, but keep it closed when raining or very hot.

Sure, 20 days of truth will bring into your life many new experiences and feelings. And they like you, because there is no nicer feeling his self. Don't have a cow! You will spend on this process a lot less mental effort than telling you your fear, but you can become a "trigger", this chemical reaction to others, for the manifestation of the true deposits, their own and others. Just be sincere, not intended to offend or to hurt, not for the purpose of something to convey to someone, to prove, not for the purpose and based on the same sincerity in return. Do this for yourself. It is very difficult to change, but even harder is to change the other. Effect personal change that, starting with yourself, you begin to attract into your life changes from the outside or become at some point these changes for others.

New wine in old bottles poured.

Do not tear on itself a shirt, start small with something in your power that you now shoulder. Start with sincerity. Start with the acquisition of the skill to say what you think, not what you expect to hear. Do what you feel, not to live someone else's understanding of your life.

Learn to be silent, but don't lie. First and foremost — yourself. If you stop lying to yourself, you will no longer need to lie to others.

Try highlight of my life 20 days to start and lay the foundations for a new worldview, sense of self and other. And if you do, take his assistants rule: less text — more action. For the sincerity of many words is not necessary. People who talk a lot usually few do. After all, actions and deeds need time, and it is filled with gossip, judgment, and demagoguery. And if for "philosophizing", there are no actions or follows the example of his own life — all of what a person is littering the already polluted air.

You can't hide from yourself, the constant desire to be who you are not who to be fashionable and someone needs, but not to be oneself is to live in a state of chronic stress, anxiety and fatigue because we were not born to play someone's role, but to know yourself, to live your amazing life to a unique experience. And it's natural to be yourself, to have your world view, attitude, Express your feelings, to do what has heart and say what we think.

Don't know when we cease to respect ourselves so that we begin to wallow in lies, in their own or someone else's, cowardly allowing it to govern our lives and create a comfortable illusion of a certain spectral "bright, clean future", stealing unceremoniously his true "here and now", but one thing is clear for sure — only we can change that and only in his life. Only then something can change around much or quite a bit, but it's worth it as well as give persistent preference for fresh products in opposition to rotten. Sincerity is one of those foods that is always fresh, creative and able to change our lives in unexpected ways. published


© Tatiana Baruch


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