Indecision: 8 keys to the locks

Someone recognizes with regret is an uncomfortable neighborhood, living with a constant, aching sense of indecision, and sometimes the indecision and uncertainty skillfully disguised and you don't feel their apparent presence in your life, or feel oiled. And even believe that a double-minded man is not you, it happens sometimes, but overall, it's not about you. Yes, it happens every...

To reveal the extent of his indecision, it is enough to note how often you say the phrase "I don't know", "I'm afraid that...", and their variants. It may be that you will be unpleasantly surprised. The frequency of the use of such phrases conveys the accumulated internal indecision. What we say and say unconsciously, directly connected with what we really feel. If you start to watch his speech, you will be able to better understand themselves and their internal problems.

Here's the first key:

Listen to what you say and how.

Most of our habitual, often utter words and phrases mean a lot more than we used to believe. Many of them hide the inner emotional stress, indicate the presence of inner fears and, as a consequence — indecision.

The second key:

Trust what you feel.

To understand sometimes subtle, the distinction between doubt and reasonable care, you need to learn... to trust what you feel. If you don't know how to act in a given situation, what choice or action to do is listen to what you feel about it.

We often go on about external factors, we defined framework and conventions, giving their life force at the mercy of dry dogmas, changing standards and perceptions without priorities your own — notice only — life. We organize it under other in unforgivable greater extent than under their unique, individual life goals and objectives, the solution of which is deposited with each such disrespect yourself and your life.

If the majority of the inhabitants of the planet, even if not all equally responsibly and methodically cultivated his allotment, as they like to cultivate someone else's, the natural status of human life, culture, spiritual and physical health would be at a high enough level where his failure would be as rare as today — spiritually and physically healthy person.

Does not exist extra, unexpected lives that we would not be in our limited, one-sided perception. Everyone comes to live his life, to live in society without stepping clumsily and unceremoniously on someone else, and not trampling his own.

People often say: "But I have no intuition!", "And how do you know it's my mind or inner voice?", "All this is nonsense — we have to live head", etc.

Here's three more keys:

If you have feelings and you at least something, for once in his life felt — you have intuition.

Any sophistication — from the mind.

What you feel may be outside of the familiar and conveniently placed pyramids of the mind.

Feelings are illogical by nature. That is why the voice of reason is often in conflict with the voice of your intuition. But, as a rule, he always loses, because mental haughty vanity of the mind were not inclined to work, his prerogative — divide and conquer. Intuition is able to accommodate beyond the control of the mind, beyond the knowledge and understanding of what is happening. The Union of reason and intuition gives rise to not only an understanding of the nature of things, but the solution, path, action, movement.

Every time, discovering a particular dilemma, ask yourself the question: "What do I feel about this?" and immediately stop the flow of thoughts and reasoning. Once you understand what you are feeling, you will know what decision is right for you, for you, I repeat, because you are responsible, primarily, for his life and then for the lives of others.

Take this idea as a fundamental of his being, especially if you have a tendency to sacrifice and gifting themselves and their vital resources. If your sacrifice is a part of your task, it will be a joy and will interface with internal satisfaction and a sense of fullness, because in this case, you perform the tasks of his life. In other cases, this game of hide and seek called "How to hide from yourself?"

Then fatigue, dissatisfaction and lack of implementation — will be faithful companions of your existence. Later they permanently move: the search for the guilty and the requirement to "account" for their diligence. If there is no internal or external impact (especially over time), then you consume yourself in all the wrong places or the right thing for you, or has already spent as much as was justified by the extent of your participation.

Key six:

Sometimes a good kick helps rapid step forward.

We tend to underestimate his hesitation, although she is very prolific and can turn your existence in the present "confinement" in the middle of the bubbling streams of life, and not the fact that safe. On the contrary, life will tend to pull you, sometimes quite hard and painfully, pushing you, kicking on their path to their objectives, requiring you to responsibility for their lives, search for solutions, choices and steps.

Sounds scary, but really — this is the path of least resistance, because it is a natural development and formation. Of course, there is time to scatter stones and time to collect them. But both have action. Choice, decision-making, action — for many people, these words are as scary as change, disasters and loss. But in reality, it often turns out that it's just fear of making a wrong step: "And then suddenly it turns out...", "what if?..."

Key seven:

There is no right or wrong choice.

There is the experience and motive. All have experience. And everyone has their own, each are given their rakes and ointment on bruises. Step on them again — this is our choice. Regularly is a way of life. Ointment over, and the usual reflex to step on the same rake — remains. Otherwise you need to change something. "And suddenly another rake will be harder to beat, and the ointment is over?"...

Only the mind is the subjunctive. The intuition, your senses are not, — they are unambiguous. Always give signals. Motive is the basis of any actions, choices, step, overcoming, movement, and even stagnation. What does it mean? This means that, as a rule, it's not what you do, and HOW. If you are sincere, you can't make a "wrong" choice, your decision defies common logic and thinking or not. If you have a good mood, no matter you go to the movies or take a walk in the Park, you will be equally good. He and the other choice is justified.

So, less hesitation, more confidence. Yourself, your intuition, your heart. Than traditional you a sense of indecision, the stronger your inner fears, the subjunctive mood, self-doubt. And a series of storms over confident tends to infinity. Is this what you wanted to live another 10-20 years ago? No one will come and will not change it for you. You created it, you to change. How?

Eighth key:

To try.

Each time I try to take a step, small and timid, then relax a bit and do a little more and more confident. But if life did not wait for your steps and pressed you so that the only way out is to take off, so all you can do is "jump into the void with your eyes closed," just trust yourself and what you feel.

New wine in old bottles poured. To find a new path, we need to go with the old. Some problems impossible to solve, not because they are unsolvable, but because it's not your problem. And finally, here's a bunch of small but effective keys from the rusty locks of indecision:

Want but scared of — go forward.

If you are afraid that will not work, you're going to lose, lose something, etc. — and if you have the usual indecision, you certainly will be afraid even the slightest wobble of your life, then stop to start to think and take action yourself, learn to trust what you feel.

If you like to write, start writing. If you want to learn to take pictures — go on a photography course. Want to learn how to draw — start to take drawing lessons. Dreamed of dancing tango, join a dance class. Occupy yourself with action, not thoughts — you will get a higher coefficient of performance.


If you think that you are completely confused in their hesitation and indecision, can't understand what you do and what you can do — talk to someone you trust and are not afraid to expose their feelings. Although for some ideal stranger, with whom he will not see, for example, a fellow traveler on the train.

Talk not to get advice, but to discuss the problem. When we say aloud what we feel and really think, we gain the ability to see the situation from the other side. If you are ready to listen to you and at the same time become a storyteller, and the listener himself. Very useful to be able to have the opportunity to verbalize what is bothering you.

Whatever other people's thought, they will not live your life for you.

No sense to worry about the opinions and reactions of other people, if your desire is sincere, act, people still think and say something, the only insurmountable difference is that each has its own bell tower and the view from its height.

We too often bend the other to its detriment, satisfying the needs, tenets, fears and complexes of other people. This does not mean that the opinions of others have pointedly ignored, it means that we should not overemphasize the opinions of others about themselves and what should be your life.


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Don't rush yourself there, where no need to rush.

Each of us with an excess of the allotted time in order to do what we need to do. A feeling of chronic lack of time is a sign of his wrong spending (no, not those), and incorrectly placed priorities. We don't have to do everything. Enough to catch what we need to do in my life. When you take a decision, to clearly set its priorities. Then time and effort will be enough. published

© Tatiana Baruch



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