Intuition is always the FIRST THOUGHT!

Your gut always treated contradictory. That can not touch and explain scientifically, causes enough mixed emotions — from skepticism to awe. Some people deny its existence, while others believe that this is a well thought out plan of action plus luck.

Suppose that intuition exists and try to understand when she should and should not be followed.

Some confuse intuition with fear. Im just scared, because they say: "My intuition tells me what to do". In many cases, this person is simply afraid or lacks sufficient information. So such ignorance is given for intuition.

As we can see, it is extremely difficult to distinguish intuition from other feelings and it is necessary though somehow to make more visible and tangible.

The intuition stands on four layers, so consider each of them separately.

1. Trust


If you feel you can't trust the person, it is probably the correct sense. Here, not only in the case of intuition, the human brain reads the information about the interlocutor's behavior, manner, and gestures. If you are not able to see the person live, then connected to the case of the sixth sense to the fullest.

It is important to realize that it speaks to you within you, intuition, fear, doubt, or past experience. When you understand the sense of dealing with, you go to the next level. Intuition suggests confidence and anticipation.

  • If you have a lot of experience with people and you get the benefit of acquaintances, people you rarely fail, then do what you did before, trust yourself and them.
  • If your trust is easy to deceive even in the case when you think that person is worthy, then stop to listen to yourself. At least temporarily until you get the hang of intuition and not for a couple of moments to understand a lot about the person.

Read books on social psychology, watch people and try to understand why you like them and why not. Develop empathy and social intelligence.

So the advice is simple: write down on a sheet of paper the names of the areas of life in which you have great success and follow your intuition. In all other areas you need to be very careful and carefully analyze any information. When something makes you excited, then most likely you will make the right intuitive decisions and succeed.

 2. Action


Intuition develops best after actions and decisions than before. So make decisions and take action, listening to the sixth sense, and do not expose all criticism and don't do anything. Take the first step and see what happens.

If you start your journey in the business, you can be absolutely no instincts in this area. Try yourself, make mistakes and see what it will teach you. Many people never start a business just because you know the examples where people have lost a lot of money and went bankrupt. They don't think about those who have succeeded. In this case, they are guided only by fear.

So try to make a couple of steps in business, to study this field, interested in it. If you are happy with the progress, do a few more steps. Intuition will appear then, because she already has some basis, it is not pure speculation and prejudice.

3. Faith


Surprisingly, faith in myself, in others or the Universe allows a person to do a lot more than if it applies to everything with caution and care. Whatever you do, you need faith in yourself and in what you're doing the right thing and can help people.

Faith can be blind, but in our case it is very important to seek confirmation. If you believe in your creativity or your business, read the stories of people who have achieved great success in these areas. And it is better to meet them in person.

Faith in people leads to the fact that you are no longer afraid of new friends and learn to cooperate with them. Even if ever you fail, still believe to the end. Sometimes even bad people do good deeds, if you believe in him and trust him.

 4. First thought

This is the most difficult step, because people are so used to be questioned that this is the first idea sounds so quiet inside that it can not be noticed. Ask yourself a direct question and listen to the first answer. This does not mean that it is correct, however, with a solid practice you will learn to understand, intuitive is the idea or critical.

At first could give you several thoughts and be very difficult to understand which one was the first. Then write down all your thoughts on paper and read each of them separately. One that will cause the most response, most likely will be the very intuitive idea.

Intuition is always the first thought. If you made the right decision after several hours of deliberation, it means that you have weighed all the pros and cons, analyze all the options and based on that decided what to do.

Both approaches are excellent and can be combined with each other. When you have little time and need to solve immediately, comes to the rescue intuition. If time is much more you can afford to analyze and plan their actions and decisions.

Practice in the development of their intuition and experience, she will help you out more often.


Author: Gregory Krzeminski


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Intuition — the interaction of conscious and unconscious


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