Wealth and poverty — an innate quality

Every day millions of people ask themselves: "How to get rich?".

People who knew the real answer already died. His name was Edgar Walls. In 1910 he published a book under the same title.

Currently fashionable methods transferinga reality and visualization wealth was long ago described this very Wattson. The advice he gives to everyone, very simple, easy to remember and implement.


— Do not engage in salmon fishing in the lake, where it is not. Engaged in such business which are in demand in your region and society.

— Walk away from dishonest business, if you work in it.

— If you need any thing or amount of money, behave as if you already have one. Or, at least, it has already sent to you and you just have to wait to receive.

— Never scold corrupt officials. Thanks to them, we earn their money.

— Do not repeat: "Wealth is not enough at all". This is the same ridiculous statement as the statement that not enough health. Resource wealth is limitless, we just need to skillfully draw from this bottomless well.

— Remember why you need money: to give gifts to please loved ones, to create beauty around themselves, etc.

It is unknown how many people became rich by following the instructions of the author, but he became one of the richest men in America thanks to the huge print runs of his book.

Money was invented by the Phoenicians, the first travelers and businessmen plied the seas of the ancient world. Since then, money has changed numerous times, but always remained the same desirable and pleasant.

It is no coincidence that Sigmund Freud called money is the main substitute for sex! By the way, in his opinion, money is also the similar feces; dream filth and feces often represent an approximation of wealth.

And people prone to constipation, it is not willing to part with the contents of the intestine, as well it's hard to part with the money. So instead of taking a laxative, it seems to spend a good...

Freud, by the way, in spite of world fame, was poor, and in his younger years he lived on the money his doctor friend. The debt for some reason he never returned.

Writer Sergei Dovlatov noticed that wealth and poverty — the same innate qualities, like eye color and hair. Indeed, some people remain poor, even winning the lottery exorbitant amount, while others lose everything to the penny, again cashing in fabulous condition.

Psychologists have noticed that even the child's attitude to food can predict his financial status: those who first eats the most delicious, and then grieves over the cold porridge, squandered his fortune and will not be able patiently to go to the goal. And those who leave lint on then — potential of the rich and successful figures.

How ate little Samuel Clemens, the future writer mark TWAIN is unknown, but throughout his lifetime, he was a financial collapse. He is well-earned, was the most popular writer of America, but with a fatal bad luck to invest their money in the wrong projects, losing everything. So, he did not believe in the internal combustion engine and prefer to invest his fortune in a steam engine that lived out their last days. When the writer described for the debts of the estate, in the house nothing remains except a kitchen stove.

The bad luck and the poet Rimbaud. He served in the hot Africa and was saving money to settle down, to go to his native France to marry and live the life of a good bourgeois. He did not disdain a secret slave trade and arms sales, which have suffered major losses: the party of guns intended for sale to one belligerent African princeling was buried in the sand and so rusted that they came in complete disrepair. And the purse with accumulated 40 thousand francs on the hellish heat rubbed poet thigh — began sarcoma. In France, he still went; and they cut off his leg and then died at the age of 37 years.

Obviously, the fate of the poet is not combined with wealth, at least, the fate of the poet-rebel, who hated the bourgeois way of life, order, family and so on... Because one poet, a contemporary of Marina Tsvetaeva, spat on poetry and became a millionaire, richer on the arms trade.

Dancer Isadora Duncan was making his brilliant dancing huge fees, but then spent the money on a strange, in our opinion, projects. For example, brought from Greece a Greek chorus of boys, who quickly turned into a moustached and bearded "people of southern origin" began to violate public order and to stick to girls, so I had to expel this uncontrolled gang from America with the help of police.

On the money she set up the dance school, at his own expense to educate children and pay for their content, generously helped those who were in a difficult position...

But it could book the hotel's most luxurious room, not having a penny to pay for it. And excellent lunch with champagne simply lent money to the conductor of the car, which drove.

An interesting fact in the biography of Isadora: she was terribly needed money for the implementation of its ambitious, albeit a bit extravagant projects, and she used the method which offers Walls — all day kept saying, "We need a millionaire! We need a millionaire who will give us money!". Soon at the threshold of her dressing room there was a famous millionaire Paris singer, heir to the king of sewing machines. He fell in love with Isadora and generously paid for her plans, bought her a castle... Ended, however, all tragic, but that's another story.

It is interesting that the attitude to money was passed on to Duncan inherited, psychogenetic — her father was a successful banker, owning countless condition, and then long disappeared with the money of defrauded investors. He was arrested, got out, began to publish a newspaper, got rich again, then fell into poverty... Isadora started dancing when there was nothing there — a week the family ate some tomatoes, a great bargain.

Rich people have some kind of intuition, intuition that allows them to get rich. Interesting fact — the banker Piedmont Morgan handed the ticket on "Titanic" before the release of the vessel in the first (and last) flight. But Rockefeller was so afraid of the evil eye and spoilage, that slept on the bed, the legs of which were immersed in salt. Rockefeller showed another characteristic of the rich: when the wife asked him to buy a new stroller, and then, they say, already in front of the neighbors uncomfortable, he spoke important: "First we need to sell the old". With chair the Rockefeller, apparently, had serious problems.

"Money does not smell," said Emperor Vespasian, when he was accused of nazarska business he opened in Rome pay toilets.

Money not only does not smell, they have many useful properties. For example, have amazing powers of motivation. When in the course of the experiment, the psychic guessed the pattern on the Zener cards (a special card, which depicts a star, wavy line, etc.), the result of guessing not too impressed with psychologists. But as soon as the subjects were offered a reward — a dollar for guessing the map — the results have increased several times!


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The money can even relieve pain — American psychologists asked participants to count the money, and then to plunge the hands into hot water. The control group counted-cut paper. Those who considered these bills, could keep their hands in hot water much longer!

Can money and to alleviate emotional pain. Inquiring psychologists have calculated the amount that can comfort us after the loss of a loved one — something around a million dollars...

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P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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