The inner voice—the best friend and counselor


"Intuition" (medieval Latin intuitio, from intueor — "gaze"): the attainment of truth by direct its discretion without justification using evidence; subjective ability to go beyond experience by mental setting ("insight") or generalizations in the shape of unknown relationships, patterns". Great encyclopedia of Cyril and Methodius.
Modern life is extremely dynamic. Processes in politics, economy, everyday life does not leave time to complete the processing of the information ocean, not for long reflection. Often circumstances force people to make serious decisions in a short time — "here and now". Increasingly important as a specialist or Manager believe the presence of his intuition. Not a brilliant education, not encyclopedic knowledge, namely intuition.

Of course, with that is not all. It has long been believed that intuition is inherent only to the elite, and many still agree with this statement. Others, however, believe that intuition has everyone, but in many ways it is used.

A familiar stranger

One of the richest people in the world, the famous financier and investor George Soros in his autobiography wrote: "When I was actively managed the Fund, I had pain in my back. I have described the emergence of acute pain as a signal that in my cases something goes wrong. Although, I confess, it's not the most scientific method of investment management".

And beloved screen star demi Moore in one interview said: "...Intuition is nothing more than an internal mechanism that AIDS in decision-making. This is what some call the inner sense, instinct, a voice that pushes us in one direction or another".

The world changes every hour and not to lag behind life, we must take into account these changes. But this is only the "standard" senses are lacking. So you have to "use the services" mysterious "something" that we often try to avoid.

Although from the point of view of physical intuition is absolutely intangible, it is often used in purely practical purposes. For example, a doctor from the United States Laura Dei argues that using intuition was found missing people, which have never been seen; predicted gold prices and the Dow Jones (index, reflecting the stock of major us companies) for six months(!); to anticipate the effectiveness of new drugs; developed the strategy of behavior in court, blogdirectory it was possible to anticipate the questions of the lawyers of the opposite side, and performed many other miracles. But the most curious thing — the less we have of something we know, the better our intuition.

"Harmony with algebra test"

Often, having made a mistake, we realized it: but the correct solution is spun in the head (remember the numerous "illustrations" TV program "Field of miracles", "What? Where? When?" "Who wants to be a millionaire?"). The first answer to this question usually turns out to be true. But we confused speed and ease, and lack of logic of proofs came to mind solutions. So we are struggling to focus and begin to feverishly sort through possible solutions. Call for help the logic, try to discover in the memory of the "classic" schemes, ask the wise for advice from specialists, etc., etc., But in the end drowning in the flow of information and... wrong. And then get annoyed that "happiness was so possible."

Do you have a "sixth sense" of trust?

And let our mind does not want (or may not) agree with the statement that inner feeling helps you to find the answer to almost any question. The main thing — to believe it. However, each of you with Her Majesty Intuition probably more than once encountered, but just wonder what is the matter. Recall, for example, his reaction to strangers. The appearance of "on the horizon" new man always causes certain sensations — pleasant or unpleasant. If you feel comfortable, then it's "your" man. Conversely, when you are with someone you are incompatible, your intuition starts to signal about danger: there is a lack of energy, fatigue, irritation, decreased attention, suffer from headaches, there is an unbearable desire to leave the company where before it was very cozy...

Or another example. As soon as we consent to any rendezvous, the assessment of the situation is immediately connected intuition. If the upcoming meeting undesirable "inner voice" trying "to talk", if you do not listen to him, suddenly events begin to occur, changing all the plans and thus prevent the meeting. Even in a bad mood in the morning — also a kind of hint on the subject of the forthcoming day. It turns out that throughout his life, we must "listen to yourself", because it is the surest way to protect yourself from many mistakes, problems and even troubles. And not only in the present but in the future.

TEST: "How well you have developed intuition?"

1. Quickly if you guess the answers by playing razlichnihmi?
2. If you were lucky several times in a row when playing for money?
3. Did you feel ever that your home cozy and happy?
4. Would you like to get to know the person you saw just a moment?
5. Has it ever happened that you knew who was calling, even without removing the handset?
6. Have you ever heard that inner voice that tells you what to do?
7. Do you believe in fate?
8. Do you know in advance that will tell the other person?
9. Dreamed ye ever a bad dream, it later turned out prophetic?
10. Did you ever know in advance the contents of the letter without opening it?
11. Finish the phrases for the other person?
12. Did you find that, suddenly remembering about the person with whom you have not communicated, you've suddenly got a postcard from him, a letter, or just Dating him?
13. Or do you inexplicably don't trust some people?
14. Do you feel proud of your ability to determine a person's character at first sight?
15. Experienced ever feel like everything you found, you've already seen before?
16. If you refused to fly for fear that it might break?
17. Woke up if the concern for the health and safety of a relative or close friend?
18. Have you ever experience inexplicable antipathy towards a particular person?
19. Did you find that seeing any accessory or clothing, you felt that going to have?
20. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Test results

0 POINTS – you did not developed your intuition, but deep in your subconscious it is. Often try to allow it to manifest and actively use it.

1-9 POINTS – the intuition you have developed quite well, but you don't always fully use your intuitive abilities. Most try to follow their "inner voice" and making decisions, learn to follow
the first which came to my thoughts. If you need to solve a very complex problem, try to relax: breathe in the fresh air, take a bath, lie down to rest — all of this stimulates new thoughts and ideas. Write down everything that comes to mind, and carefully review the "options". The best solutions will immediately stand out.

10-20 POINTS - your intuition is very strong. You possess extraordinary powers and are not afraid to trust your inner gut.


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