Happens to you is this: you need to go somewhere, and the inner voice persistently mutters: "Do not, do not go ..."? What to do in such cases, everyone decides for himself. Someone obey the signal, the other will go ahead, but soon finds out that this vote clearly wanted them well.
The word we use very often. "If not for the intuition ...", "Intuition prompted me ..." "Intuitively, I felt ...". What is it - intuition? There just do not have the transcripts from this term! A gift of foresight, the penetration into the unknown, a special hypersensitivity, the ability to anticipate events. The inner voice that tells us the truth. Finally, the shortest path to productivity, understanding, knowledge, and make the right decisions. Some people call intuition, a sixth sense. So what - we have little five
Sixth Sense
It turns out a little. "Stare" - so translates the word "intuition" is Latin. It is this feature gives us an inner voice.
It is known that most of the intuition works for those who have long solved some problem - whether worldly, scientific or creative - and desperate to do it logically. I went in a word, to a standstill. And then it dawned on him! The most successful professionals always have a developed intuition. She gives birth to a bold hypothesis, which then logically proved in the course of experiments. This intuitive insight has given mankind many discoveries - from the light bulb to the law of universal gravitation
You can even say that intuition - it is the perception of reality, what is happening outside of our consciousness, that is, as a result of the subconscious. Some people find that their intuitive abilities are weak. They really got used to trust only in the whole logic, algebra check not only harmony, but also all the phenomena of life. And the signal of their subconscious mind (and it happens at all!), These citizens and citizen remain deaf.
But this concerns only adults. The child logical thinking developed far worse. But in my heart is open access to the boundless ocean, which is Austrian psychologist Carl Jung called the "collective unconscious».

The collective unconscious - a hereditary memory storage, images and symbols laid down thousands of years of mental evolution of mankind. Prove his existence, for example, striking a match in the myths of ancient peoples. After all, the Babylonians, Egyptians, Indians, not saying a word, have created a very similar legends about the origin of the Earth, the appearance of man upon it and many other things.
So due to this ocean of single initial experience running our subconscious, and therefore intuition. Even a helpless babe, imagine your subconscious mind has already connected to the enormous potential of human knowledge and skills. That is, each of us at birth given the ability to draw out all the necessary knowledge and skills. Guess what? It is through intuition.

Hand on heart, they all want to do what he likes, surround yourself with pleasant people, to realize their own desires. Everyone wants to forget the word "must", not to force myself not to turn their existence in steeplechase ... And, according to psychologists, this is not a whim, and the necessary conditions for a full life.

These problems are real and achievable - is just as often as possible to listen to the voice of your intuition. That intuition helps separate our true desires of the false, which are dictated by fear, guilt, self-doubt. It also allows you to stay on track to achieve our true purpose. It is known that women have the mind plastically and, therefore, intuition is better developed than in men. In addition, a strong gut feeling is typical of people in the arts, as parts of the brain responsible for creative research, imagination, emotion and intuition, are in the same hemisphere - right. Actively developed intuition lovers who all feel about each other, parents against children.

Trust your inner voice
But even those who were intuition often fails, it can develop it. Many of us simply are not accustomed to trust your inner voice. How do I change this? Here are some tips.

• Make friends with their fears.
The main emotion blocking intuition - it's fear. We do not believe in yourself, in your success, we are afraid that we have not realized our plans, we are afraid to take risks. In order to liberate the intuition, we must somehow deal with fear. But do not fight - it is enhanced if the resist
. Home - understand that your fear is separate from you (in the doghouse, in the closet, under the bed - how much you wish). But he - not you, not your part does not constitute your free personality
• Reject the criticism and condemnation.
Stop your inner critic - a necessary rule for everyone who wants to hear the true inner voice. It is a matter of habit. Whenever we are actively condemn someone (or yourself, it does not matter), we give the power of unwanted negative energy and block intuition. When you catch yourself thinking, "She's stupid," "He's angry," "I never will not succeed", - should immediately send their consciousness in a positive direction. "Can I somehow fix it?", "How important is it for me?", "Do not get so - well, and how it?"
• Fully trust your feelings.
Intuition given to all people from birth, but to each it speaks its own language. Someone's heart beats stronger, others feel heat, often in the solar plexus. If at the time of the adoption of a decision you feel a pleasant warmth - most likely, you are on the right track. But if it's an empty feeling or discomfort - perhaps this is an error signal
• Pay attention to other people's emotions.
In what state is your companion? He's upset, tired, happy? These are not idle questions. Trying to understand the status of other people, adjusting to the awareness of their emotions, we not only improve relations with them - we develop and their intuition. The same applies to our own emotions honestly recognizing them, we also train the inner voice
• At times when you need to take some important decision, it is important to learn to "not think". Yes, and just take willpower to turn off the movement of any and all thoughts. This will help any meditation technique. The main thing - to try to relax, for example, focus on your breath, count to a thousand or imagine the pleasant scenery of the heart. In this state of mind may suddenly come the answers to all your concerns. It is possible that enlightenment will happen very quickly.


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