Give more — expect less

In the same courtyard lived an old but hard-working donkey. And one day he had a terrible accident. A donkey fell into a well. He was frightened and began to scream, calling for help. His cries, ran to the owner, looked at the situation and just shrugged — after all, to pull the donkey out of the well appeared him quite impossible.

And the owner, thought, reasoned thus: "my Ass is already old, and he's probably long gone, but I still wanted to buy a new young and strong ass. This well is quite dry, I don't use them anymore and wanted him to fall asleep and to dig new ones. So why not just kill two birds with one stone – go to sleep me old well, and at the same time the donkey was buried is still there it will not last long".

Without thinking, he invited their neighbors and they all took up shovels and began to throw earth into the well. The donkey immediately realized what was happening, and began shouting and desperately yelling, but the people paid no attention to his cries and silently continued to throw earth into the well. Soon the donkey became silent. The owner decided that the donkey gave up the Ghost and continued to fill the well with earth.

When there was a lot of land covered, the master looked into the well, and froze in surprise: every piece of land that fell to the back of a donkey, he shook and trampled underfoot, not stopping for a second. And then the owner called people more actively to throw the earth into the well, hoping that with a large number of his old ass will not be able so quickly to cope. But very soon, to everyone's surprise, the donkey was upstairs, jumped out of the well, and ran out of the yard...

It's an old wise proverb.Our life happens without trouble, by sending us new and new challenges, and new "lumps of dirt". But every time he drops another "com", we immediately beneath him SAG, instead of having to fight him off, and because of him rise a little higher. And gradually, out of the well.

Every problem is the stone which throws us life. We think that she throws it in the us. And in fact, it gives us the opportunity to build my path, walking on which it is possible to overcome even the raging torrent! But to really do need to move with light baggage, freeing yourself from unnecessary burdens.

Freeing your heart and your body from hate and resentment — forgive all whom you've been wronged, and forgive yourself. It's a lot easier than it seems, if you truly want to. Release — no need to carry this burden with you.

It's never too late to give yourself the opportunity to reset it. Free your heart and mind free from worry — most of them are useless and unproductive. And forces take a lot of irreplaceable. Make your life easier to use and appreciate what you have.

In the world there is a perfect balance. It seems to us that bad anymore. But the problem is in our perception: that's good and valuable that we have, we take for granted, and trouble always give the focus of our attention.

Our accents are undergoing a catastrophic imbalance. And we get used to see the bad more often and more closely.

Each stage of human Existence contained on hard times, not a single century has not been encouraging. Because the development of mankind have never stopped and every century promoted a reasonable person in advance, developing and producing new skills.

Give more — expect less. Expectations — a direct path to disappointment. The world will always find a way to get you given from the heart, through other people, situations, circumstances. Neither a good message nor one kind word, not a single sincere act, not a single sincere feeling does not disappear in anywhere, will not sink into oblivion. And always finds a way to come back, matured and became strong.

Be sincere, it will save you from many problems and consequences, even if you think that the situation does not provide sincerity. Sincerity is not weakness, but strength! Force — not to everyone's shoulder. If you are sincere, you will begin to smile, because your heart will become much easier. But if you start to smile, becoming more likely to like, but if you become more likely to like it... then you know.

Stop being afraid of everything. With you nothing happens, what should not happen to you. The only difference is that fear and its absence, have a magnetic power of attraction. And thus, you can amplify some events of your life and weaken others.

But the strong understanding and desire to get rid of our fears, not feed them, will come to you, if you imagine that tomorrow can be your last day. And one of the first regret will be that you are all the time afraid of something, something not resolved, something did, something didn't have the courage to say or show, afraid to go somewhere, to change something, etc. and behind all this will be the first to stand your fear, which you have brought into your life, nurtured and lures.

Believe me, if you have a dream or desire to do something — start doing it now, tomorrow you may not be for this time and effort! Beat under feet "lumps of dirt" flying in. And how deep was your "well" if you hit him, so he can get out.

You will not have another life to live it differently. Get your priorities correct and live, filling themselves and their lives, not draining. Whoever asked you of their "good" intentions, remember that it can be used for good. Whoever pointed out to you that you who should remember that primarily we should, in my entire life we don't have enough time to owe as ourselves. And you will see the harmonious arrangement of all in this world.


Makeup on women. They are more...

Only offends those who benefits from it

No one does not punish, God is Love, not vengeance and "nakosyachil". We ourselves punish its inertia, fear, inaction, negative thinking, feelings of greed, hope for someone, waiting for something, lack of faith in anything. And life — extremely beautiful.

Don't believe? Stand up and see for yourself. Don't delay this is a great awareness on the last day...published


© Tatiana Baruch



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