Photos of nuclear explosions

Nuclear explosions - a powerful weapon designed to destroy large surface and protected underground military facilities, clusters of enemy troops and equipment (primarily tactical nuclear weapons), and the complete suppression and destruction of the opposing side: the destruction of large and small settlements with the civilian population and strategic industry.

General Thomas Farrell: "The effect on me burst, can be called magnificent, marvelous, and at the same time terrifying. Mankind has never created such an incredible phenomenon and awesome power ».

A brilliant physicist Robert Oppenheimer, also known as "father of the atomic bomb", was born in New York in 1903 in a family of wealthy and educated Jews. During the Second World War, he led the development of the American nuclear scientists to create the first in the history of the atomic bomb.

Name of Test: Trinity (Trinity)
Date: July 16, 1945
Location: landfill in Alamogordo, New Mexico.
It was a test of the world's first atomic bomb. On a site with a diameter of 1.6 kilometers into the sky shot up a giant purple-green-orange fireball. The earth shook from the explosion rose to the sky white column of smoke and gradually began to expand, taking on an altitude of about 11 kilometers of awesome mushroom shape. The first nuclear explosion struck military and scientific. Robert Oppenheimer was reminded of a line from the Indian epic poem "Bhagavad Gita": "I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." (Photo Wikicommons)

Name of Test: Baker
Date: July 24, 1946
Location: Laguna Bikini Atoll
And Type: Underwater, the depth of 27.5 meters
Power: 23 kilotons.
The purpose of the tests was to study the effects of nuclear weapons on naval ships and their personnel. 71 the ship was converted into a floating target. This was the 5th nuclear test.

The bomb was placed in a waterproof case and lowered into the water from the ship LSM-60. 8 ships were sunk targets, among them: ships LSM-60, Saratoga, Nagato, Arkansas, submarines Pilotfish, Apogon, dry dock ARDC-13 barge YO-160. Another eight ships appeared badly damaged. The explosion lifted into the air a few million tons of water. (Photo: US Navy)

Name of Test: Castle Bravo
Date: March 1, 1954
Location: Bikini Atoll
Type of explosion on the surface of
Power: 15 megatons.

The explosion of the hydrogen bomb. Castle Bravo was the most powerful explosion of all test ever conducted by the United States. The power of the explosion was much more than the initial forecasts of 4-6 megatons. The crater from the explosion turned 2 km in diameter and a depth of 75 m. In 1 minute mushroom cloud reached a height of 15 km. After 8 minutes after the blast fungus reached its maximum size in 20 km in diameter. Castle Bravo test in the US caused the largest radioactive contamination of areas and exposure of local residents. (Photo Wikicommons)


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