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For nearly a year has passed since my trip to Yaroslavl to the shooting of the film "Life and Fate" on the novel by Vasily Grossman. Soon, the TV channel "Russia" will have a movie, and I still can not lay you all the wealth accumulated during that trip.
The scenes on the set of which I attended, take place in the trenches, in the midst of the Battle of Stalingrad. Because of explosions it was enough. Today I want to tell you how to make kinovzryvy.

I must say that you are not disappointed with himself "dynamite" I was not allowed to take pictures, "for ethical reasons". Everything else is going to show and tell.

I think no one needs to explain that when we see on the screen of the bombing, no one throws a bomb to show the explosion. Checkers laid in advance, in those places where the explosion should hit the frame. So first the director explains staging fireworks, and the operator shows what the scenery will be in the frame. Then they decide together where to produce an explosion, and so they got into the frame and artists are not crippled. After that, pyrotechnics shows artists, which will be explosions. In this case, the chief pyrotechnician Michael Marjanov (incidentally, the brother of actor Dmitry Maryanov) indicates where and when the blasts will occur and actor Alexander Balueva gruppovki.

Then rehearse. At the rehearsal fireworks stand at the scene and at the right moment, shouting "Bang!". Then the same pyrotechnics will each blow their charge.

And artists are fleeing, and explosions rattle!

In the end, all were alive and well :)


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