Here's how to make the car ZAZ

Photo story about the car assembly conveyor ZAZ. Look, it looks like a complete production cycle of the car Chevrolet Lanos, which is now called the ZAZ Chance. From alpha to omega - rolled metal from the warehouse to the final testing and parking lots with the finished machine!

That's out of a litter at ZAZ flowers grow ... In the sense - making machine. Preparations for body - metal products manufacturing Poland, sheets and coils:

Then take in the rolling work

... And multi-ton press from start to stamp his body parts. Besides modern presses do not hand positions and oldies ZIL factory production of the Soviet era:

The simplest parts are stamped in one blow, more complex - the robots transmitted from the press on the press, all of which adds to his blank silhouettes matrix.

And the result of the presses - with side racks, fenders, hood, and other "automotive body" - the dream of any tinsmith in the days of the first snow:

Then the body parts are on the assembly line - with each other and connect them to people and non-humans.

Here people:

In many areas, carry out automated welding robots, but still the number of manual operations in the assembly of the body seems a bit excessive. Despite the claims of a multi-stage control, the human factor still remains the human factor, and must be minimized. Although, of course, that the low price of the finished product and partly the result of a lack of high-tech and expensive robots in many areas of assembly.

... But the unsociable, in the sense - Robots:

Sample body sent to the stand for testing geometry.

On the assembly line hung doors, hoods, trunks and the car goes to the painting line, where the first operation - phosphate (that is the surface preparation of metal to priming) - made full body drowning in a swimming pool with a solution:

Paint the body eerie kind of elephant-like robot manipulators:

Bumper painted separately in a special automatic camera, stopping there on a conveyor belt:

Painted body goes to the assembly line of the cabin.

Installed engine and suspension:

Adjustment is vanishing-camber:

And the finished car leaves the parking lot:

Now the range of colors Lanos Chance includes 33 colors, including even quite unusual for low-end machines, which usually prefer to paint without any exoticism.
By the way, a cool fact about color, told the factory workers. To ensure the quality of painting chances leadership of ZAZ spares nothing and no one! Next to the car factory, behind the fence, there is an enterprise for the production of bricks. And brick dust constantly sucked into the painting chamber, causing very often change the filters. As a result, the leadership of ZAZ bought this plant ... and destroyed it! That is, that quality paint Chance, the country was left without bricks.

In testing we were given a chance sedan and four-door hatchback. Sedan for many years known to the Russian customers as Chevrolet Lanos, and test him absolutely nothing. Hatchback in this sense is much more interesting, although it is also familiar to many of progenitor - hatchback Daewoo Lanos. However, he finally diluted lean body shop range Lanos-Sens-Chance, for a long time composed of a sedan.

The car looks "optimal neutral", so to speak. Loganovsky no ugliness or vice versa - some design refinements, which would be added to the final price of the unnecessary cheat. Biodesign inside and outside exactly as eternal as it is old. In addition, for the exterior and interior to say, in essence, and nothing - all to be expected, predictably and smoothly. The machine measure pretty, fairly faceless: for the money - the most it.

Touches - high-voltage wires are laid into the grooves on the decorative motor cover with a touching carefully!

Factory test track consists of three parallel stripes - two with conventional asphalt, and one - with humps, which simulates almost all possible defects in the road. On Zazovskaya track is "convexity and vpuklosti" speed bumps and pavers, "washboards" with different forms of teeth irregularities, symmetrical to each track, and unbalanced, not allowing suspension components go into resonance. All this allows you to quickly identify weaknesses assembly suspension and interior.

On the test car suspension took all the bumps without unnecessary overtones, but this room was not able to please. However, do not jump to hasty conclusions. The effect of being inside a gigantic baby rattles, a friend of the Russian generation car "Samara", the odds are not in there. But individual sounds at various frequencies of vibration on the test strip manifested - it is a fact. No crime or tragedy is not - from the silly to wait for the price of car superaccessible barokamernoy noise isolation and quietness of the grave. All sorts of overtones often err and brand-new premium-class cars, which I personally witnessed many times. (The fact that within Volvo, Lexus, or a premium brand there are no squeaks and knocks, by definition, be sure to only two categories of people - managers in showrooms and fanatical followers of brands easily recognizable by sekondhendnomu 10-12-year-old car, his cap with logo brand and nervous comments to any HGV in the style of "everything but the Mercedes - not machines !!!"). So the build quality of Chance can be safely regarded as satisfactory, and accordingly requested the money for it.

It is no secret that the "Hatch" for any brand and model is always a little more dynamic image than the sedan. Anyone familiar popular expression "hot hatchback", came from Europe, which is very fond of small and nimble machine. But hatchback Chance of motor 1, 3 l. - Not something that was never "hot" - it just icy! "Summer" test (4 people in the cabin, plus the air conditioning and low beam) showed a complete unwillingness subcompact motor go to the country. At those speeds, in which 1, 5-liter sedan is more or less clearly responded to the gas when shifting up to the next 1, 3-liter did not want to drag hatchback in principle - the accelerator pedal went to the floor without causing almost no reaction . The only advantage of Melitopol 'dvigun "(so-called motor in Ukrainian) can be called almost twice later than on the engine 1, 5 l., Triggering the cutoff. When "poltorashki" with a cheerful start on the first-second gear is already switched on, "one and three" can twist and twist! In short, it is easy to predict that the chance like Lanos, the most popular among buyers engine still remains the good old "neksievskaya" "poltorashka", and 1, 3 liters choose only very limited money leisurely retired.

And very much like the machine to the factory equipped with tires not in the lowest price category, but at least a bit more expensive. It is understood the logic of the factory workers, who argue that this price level is necessary to ensure a certain minimum, which is then the owner can improve depending on the availability of funds. But the behavior of rubber on the road runoff Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian production below any criticism - the tires to skid and break squeal when cornering under conditions that oh-oh-very far from the extreme!


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