Here's how to make the car ZAZ

Photo story about the car assembly conveyor ZAZ. Look, it looks like a complete production cycle of the car Chevrolet Lanos, which is now called the ZAZ Chance. From alpha to omega - rolled metal from the warehouse to the final testing and parking lots with the finished machine!

That's out of a litter at ZAZ flowers grow ... In the sense - making machine. Preparations for body - metal products manufacturing Poland, sheets and coils:

Then take in the rolling work

... And multi-ton press from start to stamp his body parts. Besides modern presses do not hand positions and oldies ZIL factory production of the Soviet era:

The simplest parts are stamped in one blow, more complex - the robots transmitted from the press on the press, all of which adds to his blank silhouettes matrix.

And the result of the presses - with side racks, fenders, hood, and other "automotive body" - the dream of any tinsmith in the days of the first snow:

Then the body parts are on the assembly line - with each other and connect them to people and non-humans.

Here people:


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