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I bought a jeep in the cabin and think prolezesh for any dirt? Yes nifiga! To get through there, where even a tractor does not get necessary to competently prepare the machine, and how to do it - take a look inside the post.

Rule №1: stock SUV - to travel to the country!

So you bought a Jeep! And on it went off somewhere fishing and mushrooms, put the car in a rut or just uralovskoy viscous clay on the bridges (if any), and completely helpless twist zamylenny clay wheels. After a walk 15-20 km to the nearest village for a tractor (not farther and farther away from the village on the katabatic SUV usually does not go). If you're lucky, and you live close to the wildlife, in the course of this campaign will be especially memorable fall under the feet bear shit and then wince each cod deadwood from the forest. Evacuate the machine, passing it off at the bumper, plastic protection belly, and I realized that this can not go on! Not in the sense that I shook your tube of wildlife, but quite the contrary, in the wild passion as you want, but to run the tractor anymore!

General information about training, sports or
General information about training, sports or Tours Here we have two ways, basically, all the fans to dig in the dirt fall into two broad categories, athletes and tourists. In fact, there are many different subtypes and mutations, there are those who are trying to reconcile, but the main focus on. Basis of preparation for the pastime are fundamentally different because and objectives are different.

In sport, you need to pass some short dirt plot full of tin, where swamp water in the machine will be up to his chest, wade through shallow undergrowth ahead, on a hard surface to move almost do not need to the competition car is delivered usually rigid coupling or even on the trailer . Carry with them no provisions or parts, but the most basic is not necessary to sleep in the car and do not need. In fact, the parts and the food is necessary, but not in the car, by which act, and one that is in the camp - technicals. So sports cars are built completely uncomfortable in which the asphalt is more than 100 km ride - a terrible meal! But in the mud they show wonders cross!

Hiking another approach to get directly to the travel destination, where we are waiting for the wild beauty of the kind that wants to rapturously swear, and impassable for puzoterok roads, often must first pass on our vast homeland 3-5-7 thousand kilometers of asphalt to sleep in the car (well, you can not in the car, but the car is more convenient for a variety of reasons, more on that below), carry with them provisions for a month, quite a weighty pile of spare parts and tools. Even a new car under load tends to break down, and spare parts - see. Above about the hundreds of kilometers to the nearest village where there are only parts of UAZ at best, well, in general, the machine must be reliable and comfortable enough! Even if the swans have twice as often.

The trophy was broken, lost points, upset, you were evacuated to the camp, sitting and kvass, if within a reasonable time to repair is not possible, or is quickly trying to repair it, and take it out on the next stage. In tourism, when you're far away from civilization, an unexpected failure is able at best to move the time back home and getting sticking from his superiors for absence from work and, at worst, and products can come to an end, and drinking water, in general, to such better not to bring.

(This picture was also to the rule number 1)

Rule №2: sports - cross-country, for tourism - reliability and comfort!

Machine Selection

Here I digress, in this fictional story, where all matches are random, we have already bought the Jeep and started to build from what it was. And it is in principle correct, because the main rule of the tourist (oh yes, I forgot to say, then I will write about training for tourism SUV, as he was fond of them, and the sport climb to its charter does not want let athletes do anything nagrafomanyat), and so, the main rule of the tourist - travel on what you have! There are a lot of interesting routes that are readily available, even a passenger car, 90% of the places of interest are accessible to any SUV.

But even though we are not competitors, it is still a very wild (and more difficult to get there, the more nature untouched) as a goal and added and easy or not so desire to burrow into the mud and then heroically out of it, that for some It makes even the most fun. So, let the jeep you still do not, but really want to, or had some flooring, train it and realized that more can not live, but wisely decided that the dead poultices do not make, and think the car change. What to buy? The question begetteth a lot fludovetok worldwide. So write the dry distillation of my immodest opinion: the machine must be bridged, and the front and rear, be sure to lock the center differential, is highly desirable compulsory cross-axle lock at least the rear axle, full-sized monocab (pickups and Korotyshev garden), diesel with mechanical fuel pump, Toyota or Nissan. Under this item are not suitable and many cars: Toyota Land Cruiser 80, 105, 76, 78; Nissan Patrol Y61 with engine TD42. If we look at the new machines, then the list is narrowed to TLC 76, 78, and Patrol. This does not mean that all others can not go, it means that these machines optimal ride! Rule №3: buy the right machine!

Here they are handsome:

Here they are handsome:

Here they are handsome:


Finally, from the general theories we come to the practical part. What to do in the very first place? In the first place, the wheels! Toothy, strong and big class tires mud terrain. Although again, all individually. If the task is to ride on the pavement, graders and a bit of primers, whereas it is currently enough moderate all terrain, well, in extreme cases, a set of light chains carry with them if, after heavy rains fell on some clay site, and you know that in some foreseeable future will not even big ass, quite the contrary. If the task is to go on logging roads, but after a good rain, then angrier than rubber, the better, that's even put this:

The only question is how to ride on the pavement this? The answer is - no way, well, or very slowly and sadly. Therefore, once again we are trying to find a compromise and to put a universal rubber to asphalt and the spine does not spill in the pants, and the mud is not to be quite so helpless.

Rule №4: too evil tires for asphalt is not necessary!

How to choose size? It all depends on the machine. Manufacturers are not fools, and each car safety margin corresponds to the weight of the machine itself and the load on the transmission. You can put on a Suzuki Jimny wheels 35 inches and turn it into a swamp buggies, only to tear it will be the half-line with enviable regularity that tourism is unacceptable. Therefore, all are looking for a balance, as a rule, it is a little lower than that actually appears a good cross. Smile. For heavy machinery, or type TLC Patrol is 35 "for lighter type Toyota Hilux, Prado, Fortuner; MMC Pajero Sport is a 33 ", Suzuki and for kids 31" enough. It is clear that it is possible and MPH foolish to break, but if the technique is in order and the pilot is not an idiot, these dimensions allow to go and did not experience any SUDDENLY!

Another important point about the wheel, which is called "do not toil foolishness!" Often people despite all the advice, buy first mudovuyu rubber in the katabatic size, the machine starts to go, of course, better, but still not nearly as much as you want. Then buy wheel a little more, but not higher than the recommended size, the machine is already quite good, but still, where all colleagues drove yourself, you are unwinding the winch. Finally, you're ripe for the right wheels for your vehicle and you rejoice life. And sadness to the fact that he had bought a year and a half, three sets of wheels, two of them are sold with a good discount, but still drives the same for each size rubber needs its so by spending at least double the budget, came eventually to what you just said, do smart people. The budget will need to add more and different elevator, one of which is not necessary, more on that later.

Rule №5: do not try to outwit the laws of physics, to put right the optimum wheel size!

I will not write about specific rubber stamps because This flood is worse choice of the SUV and the market situation is changing, but the main thing from what should be a start, read the reviews about tire wear, seemingly identical wheels can grind off one of the season, the other three, and the possibility of purchasing the same wheels in the case of non-repairable damage. Excellent, but rare are the perfect wheel for as long as do not have to buy one instead of the spoiled one. And yes! Not redneck, just buy 5 wheels, no bald highway wheels on the spare wheel! Okay, I'll write all about the brand, unless you know exactly what to buy, buy BFGoodrich, that MT, that AT, the rubber is a strong universal middling all indicators (except the price), and popular enough to always find a replacement.


In order to roll the wheels are increased, and avoid interference with the body of the car, the suspension of the car need to be redone. This is called the Lift, and a derivative of the word in Russian: "liftanut».

The first variant, which is just an elevator and is not, cut the most disturbing portions of the body, mainly arches. Advantages of this solution, and the articulation of the position of all elements of the suspension remains in the factory version, the machine is perfectly controlled. Minus the number one, most obvious, to sell such a machine will be then, well, practically impossible, at least at a reasonable price. Less number two assemblies and the body will rise higher, due to the large wheels, but still be high enough, and although the clearance measures the at the lowest point of the bridge surface - not always a straight track, and get some boulder on the fuel tank is not only unpleasant but also dangerous.

The second option, bodylift, to lift the body of the spacer frame. Here I bring greetings to all those who have chosen the wrong car, it has a front torsion bars instead of springs, and basically weak articulation of the front suspension, and which in addition bodilifta nothing else to do. Personally, I think this method is quite harmful, as are extra degrees of freedom between the body and frame, the body begins to twist, tear point of attachment. In general - BLZ that stands for rule №6: bodilift - evil! By the way, there is also aggregates remains low because mounted to the frame and not to the body.

Rule №7: Tough Dog taxis!

Third Embodiment, most suitable, liftovka vehicle using augmented and reinforced spring (or springs), as well as enhanced elongation and shock absorbers. Again give my true opinion, which as usual, horseradish challenged the company has products Tough Dog, there are all the others. We need quality and reliable lift, buy it, only to pick up the catalog the desired length and the desired stiffness depending on the planned additional load (remember, right? Supply of food for a month, parts of the machine to the floor?). When liftovanii paving machine must not forget that the front axle takes the wrong position relative to the horizontal, losing Castor. Therefore, you must return it with the help of castor-whale (these are silent blocks off-center), or castor-board (extra glands in the attachment point of the bridge to the arms), or drop-boxes (additional glands in place of fastening of the lever to the body). There is no consensus, I have now is castor kit, but he was in a dying condition, and I plan to put in his place a drop box. Also during the lift must not forget to extend the brake lines and digest or change for adjustable traction Panara. When bodilifte still sometimes need to redo the levers razdatki and PPC, extending a different wiring, fuel filler, the evil it is evil!


What stopped our fictional hero? Oh yeah, we're going to have liftovannom SUV, sitting high wheels Gudim loudly, confidently through the mud's welcome, with tenderness looks down on stock jeeps. From the village climb already hundreds of kilometers and then broads like driving anyway, as the navigator exploration has been conducted, sooner or later, will still fall into the rut, fell into a ravine, give way bridge over a stream or something worse happens. And here you see that the tractor is not reached, there will have to dig a couple of days to get out.

Well, the story is the same in our fiction, because in one car, but without a winch, but hundreds of kilometers from the nearest village on the hard Ebony - well, only full crazies go, so it's only a little hyperbole, slowly summing us to rule

№8: capstan - mandatory!

One may debate on the subject, but my view is clear, there is no winch - rolling on the asphalt! If you go to the column where all Lebec, but you have not, then you do not quit, but the fun of a foreign permanent tyaganiya machine exactly people do not get.

The next question is, what? There are china, there firmovy China-Taiwan (twice as much), there is a brand crafts (back in a couple of times more expensive). China is very unpredictable, sometimes come across very good copies, sometimes with silumin gearboxes for single trips is not necessary! The company is rather expensive, so my choice is strong middling, and specifically for Come Up. I've got is two, and the front and back, and then we have a dilemma again. One winch: lighter weight, lower cost, less problems with the installation (back, tend to put non-trivial). Two winches: higher reliability, one dead, the other works, died two assembled one of the two; the extra 30 meters of cable, which is always in short supply, many extensions do not take; the ability to evacuate back, sometimes it's priceless! There was a case in our village, I interrupted while crossing the river back rope hoists (insured going behind the car), I attach in place, but somehow lazy. And then a few kilometers ryuhnulsya across the track, resting his muzzle into a huge pine tree. You can only pull back. Would rear winch in the ranks, the question for five minutes. And we pulled out 3 hours until reaching the back of the car were able to put on the right path through the block and pull mine. So if we go always in the company, and behind there is someone who will pull you with their winch, one missing. If you travel to one additional rear winch is highly recommended!

Kevlar or metal

The cable winch can be metallic or may synthetic (Kevlar). There are some complex tale about the fact that in some cases the metal better than Kevlar, because it supposedly does not get wet and then freezes at about minus temperatures when it is cold, then heat. I can only say that if you gathered it in this weather to go somewhere, well, maybe yes, worth pondering. But in my experience, most metal cable winch break you, it was not just what you own Kevlar obledeneete so much that it will be impossible to use it. Metal: it is necessary to follow the winding, hard, difficult to handle, easy to hurt the hand, hard, in the event of breakage Cuts arm or leg! Or at least cause serious injury. Therefore

Typically №9: no metal, but Kevlar!

Cables, Shaklee, extension

These things should write a paragraph number zero, because This is important both wheels and winches and everything else, even if you're driving on the passenger car occasionally to the country, it should be in every car! First things first, towing eyes front and rear. Jeep pair on each side of the machine. It would seem obvious, but it was the case in our village, when suddenly in the middle of the route it turned out that one of the cars in the front, in principle, nothing to attach the rope! Do not use eyebolts as such, they are not designed for such loads jerky forces.

Rule №10: without strong towing lugs sit at home!

Then, the normal cable! Not that Chinese junk that is sold in our mobile shops, and good dynamic rope with no hook on the end, bought a specialty store! Buy according to the weight of the cable car, pull a heavy three-ton SUV six-tonne cable is dangerous, and vice versa, for two cornfields, jerking each other 18-ton crane wire work as a speaker will be almost no. With the right skills in the use of dynamic rope can pull twice as heavy car full of ass!

Rule №11: the right dynamic rope would pull out of the swamp, and the Munchausen!



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