The most expensive SUV

In April next year, the automotive show Top Marques Monaco will be presented to the most expensive SUV in the world, created by Dartz SUV based on the Russian "Combat". Novelty called Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition.

Eccentric SUV built in the image of the American Hummer, but it looks more serious their overseas counterparts. The most important advantage of the "monster" is the fact that the vehicle is armored and able to withstand all of the machine or a shot from a grenade launcher. True car windows have a thickness of 7 cm. The body is covered for extra durability kevlarom.

According to the developer company, they decided to gather all the craziest in value orders of their customers and put them in one avtomobil.

Exclusive car covered with bright red matte paint "ruby red". From the most expensive and incredible detail SUV can be noted golden bullet-proof glass. It installed the most expensive stereo system Rogue, the car interior is decorated with gold, platinum, diamonds and rubies. But surely hit all the extensive list of features of this machine is the design of the cabin skin made of whale penis - exclusive material is one of the most expensive in the world. Also new SUV this sort of skin used for the registration details of the interior on the yacht of billionaire Aristotle Onassis known - a private vessel, which more difficult to find. For cars this sort of skin is not yet ispolzovalsya.

In addition, the company is negotiating with the manufacturer of the most expensive mobile phone in the world of Vertu to create a special version of the phone made for Pombron Monaco Red Diamond, which would feature a conventional car key fob. Inside the machine there is a small bar with a bottle of the most expensive vodka in the world.
Under the hood - 840-horsepower engine capable to disperse 3, 7-ton SUV to a maximum of 240 kilometers per hour. It is expected that the first person to test the exclusive SUV at Top Marques Monaco, Prince Albert of Monaco will be II.
For the ultra-exclusive armored SUV the company asks "only" 1 million euros. Previous creation of the company, luxury bronemobil Dartz Kombat T98, presented at the Top Marques 2009 cost five times less - 200 thousand evro.


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