10 things that fill your life with life

Hello, my name is Julia, and now I'm going to tell You about their favorite banal things. In my experience know very well that we must often, often, often in the excitement of days to come across reminders and signs: was slowed. Look around. Yes, look up from your electronic world!..

So. There are some things in our world that need our time and often money. But I know that these things give in return? The feeling that you are alive. Not binary code in the electronic device, not a line in the workbook, not a Ghost in the imagination of others, not a list of duties, and a real live man of flesh and blood. With beating heart and trembling soul, which is created for happiness.

Remember often that you can afford a little luxury. Luxury to be alive.

The luxury of living fire

Seventy six million nine hundred eighty seven thousand seventy two

A trembling flame on the wick, the glare reflected in the glass of the window.

In the city complicated with fireplaces and open flame. But if you put it on the window sill a few candles and light them for a little while, doing next to some leisurely (or just looking at the fire), you can feel something ancient, primeval, primordial. To shiver now.

The luxury of live music

Eighty six million nine hundred eighty one thousand three hundred twenty three

When on the scene the orchestra, eyes light of the abundance of the absolute magic that is now going to happen. Have you ever wondered how much magic into the bow of the violin? And in the violin? And in the piano? So many centuries formed these musical instruments, which for centuries was composed great music. And now it will be directly in front of you these people will cheer bows, put your fingers on the valves of flutes... hold your breath: this is not a record that is not electronically recorded evidence of life. It is life itself, born into the sounds around You.

The Conservatory is a fantastically good (and much cheaper theaters, by the way). But if music really want right now, you can get mezzanines with the guitar and touch its strings.

To them alone is already a lot of life.

Luxury flowers

Ninety five million three hundred sixty thousand nine hundred ninety four

When on the window sill lives at least one flower pot to a city apartment soon becomes a little more air. This inmate needs the most minimal care, which nevertheless will provide you with regular contact with reality. Because the flowers need to be watered. This simple action is watering the flowers come from such a long time, I couldn't help feel the importance of this ritual. Once God has commanded men to cultivate the garden of Eden. Perhaps that is why so much life in our days can add easy care flower.

Luxury living paint

Forty seven million five hundred fifty three thousand six hundred eighty eight

The texture is placed on the paper paint creates in the mind an unusual Association, responds undertones. Even if You don't know how to draw and from school, never touched a brush, try to moisten the sheet with water and a watercolor paint. Just to see how the divergent rays of color across the paper. Feel what it's like to give a colorless color.

Now there are plenty of coloring books for adults. Try to give them color!

The luxury of nature

Twenty million three hundred fifty five thousand three hundred ninety five

Road to work is not a walk. And road work is also not a walk. Moreover! A trip to the store walk also is not. Walk is a conversation with the world. Communication for communion. When you go to the Park to listen to the stream. When you consider webs of branches. Plunge knee-deep into the mud, which is actually not asphalt, just the land. That land, which in the epics gives strength to the heroes.

Luxury living books

Forty five million three hundred seventy three thousand four hundred twenty one

Of course, I'm not against technological progress. And I know one thin, light eReader you can fit a whole library. But rokosz real paper books! The atmosphere is stored by centuries of stories, the rustling of yellowed pages! The smell of old paper (which I'm allergic, but it doesn't matter!), visible lines under your fingers, the ink of the letters, pictures. Now there are plenty of picture books for adults. For example, "the Book found in the Lily" — a sample of the absolutely exquisite illustrations, which, of course, curious children, but to truly capture precisely those who are older.

Luxury living materials

Six million seven hundred twenty five thousand seven hundred twenty four

Bracelet pink quartz. Wooden magnet or badge. Linen bag. All these seemingly minor details though made by human hands, but still carry much more of nature, primordial and life than plastic and synthetics. When stroked the cold surface of the stone, I know you are also a part of nature. You are also a part of this world. You are a man. You're alive.

Luxury living letter

Thirty four million six hundred twenty three thousand seven hundred fourteen

There is a wise anecdote about the fact that God gave man two eyes, two ears and one mouth so people listened and watched twice and more often than told. But the devil invented the keyboard.

It collects the thoughts. We compress a pen or pencil, and this gesture is imprinted as if trying to grasp the thread of thought, this bundle of fingers to hold them over and give them the will turns letters on paper. Written presentation of ideas gives us closer contact with them than when we print it ourselves. If You are doing some writing practices, the more it is much more effective to perform by hand, and not on the keyboard.

To write longer and more complicated, in General, than to print. But You can certainly feel the difference in relation to printed books and ancient handwritten?

Luxury living prayer

Sixty three million eight hundred thirty six thousand seven hundred eighty three

The famous phrase "God is in my soul" in some mysterious way deprived of speaking so one of the important aspects of life. If you believe that God is in your heart, it will likely not go to the temple. And such prayers as in the Church, not to create anywhere. My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples (Is 56:7) — so wrote the prophet. No, of course you can pray anywhere. You do not pray. But in this way we are depriving themselves of part of life.

Prayer really changes us. One may argue about affirmations and hypnosis, but even the shortest of words, lifted up to God, always light echo in the heart. And it is most natural to speak to God in the place which for this purpose and built.

People since the dawn of civilization began to divide the buildings according to their "functions". Home, work, entertainment, Church... When we start to combine all in one, consciousness is confused. And relax looks like it is working, and working carelessly, and pray at home... or working... or otdyhayushie?

Luxury live communication

Two million five hundred thirty one thousand three hundred seventy five

We are human beings. Living people. And chat with other people live with every year it becomes more and more precious. In one of his many stories of dystopian ray Bradbury created a world in which people entirely stopped communicating with each other. They only spoke on the phone with someone far away, not noticing those around. They gradually dropped out of reality into the world of the eternal waiting of meetings. But during the meetings was not present at them, and rushed to wait on. The person who invented the device that knocked out all the phones in the bus, were considered crazy.

— Why did you do it?

I wanted to let people communicate with each other.

It is not good for man to be alone. And really someone you can live to be live only. Over time, it really is becoming more of a luxury. But it is possible and necessary.

Let every day of our lives will be lived by us. And the world never goes by.  published 

Author: Julia Gaididei

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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