AS the number of items in the home affects the quality of your life

Thoughts Koike ryunosuke about buying things and getting rid of, on the one hand, fit harmoniously into the overall concept of ridding yourself of a nasty and dirty thoughts. But on the other hand, resonates with the popular Japanese over raschleneniya and organize your life.

Things carrying on in the house. Forever litter. Every time we look at them, we experience feelings of anger, guilt, concern. Do we need these feelings?

The material world around us should bring us joy and peace, not sorrow. And if we want to feel in your house peace and satisfaction, the easiest and surest way is to reduce the number of things around and increase their quality. Let all things in our house will be needed, loved and beautiful. How to achieve this?

The first ruleoffered by a Buddhist monk to forget about the price of bought stuff. Here is almost. I want to buy these cute jeans, and cheap, and it seems to be useful. And would I these jeans, if they are, say, twice as expensive? If I would not have bought this item for a higher price, it is likely that the subject does not need me.

Koike-San emphasizes that it is, of course, is not about the necessities, for example, about the products. But all sorts of nice little things in life well are verified this simple test. On the other hand, it does not call for complete asceticism, in his opinion, if you need your heart thing is, davolno expensive, there's nothing wrong to accumulate the desired amount and bring in the joy.

The second rule is to create an empty space. In any wardrobe and on any shelf definitely need to allocate a blank, nothing to fill the space. This simple technique allows you to better understand how much stuff on this shelf and it's all for things. And if we do well to remember that we already have, impulse to make a new purchase is guaranteed to be less.

The third rule is to remember the true reason that unnecessary difficult to get rid of. If we could easily part with all unnecessary and unloved things, and the problems of raschleneniya would not exist as such. But this is not so. To throw things hard. Why?

People by nature want to have things, to claim something. The word "Mine!" you know even very young children. We get the joy of owning stuff and are afraid to lose them. In fact, it is impossible to upset from having to part with something that is not yours.

That's why many people rachenitsa cowardly start with throwing other people's things belonging to other family members. With another thing to lose where as it is easy! Another thing is to get rid of something of his. The fear of losing something of our own forces us to come up with numerous excuses, "can be useful, when there will be the second child" or "maybe I'll lose fifteen pounds, and then..."

But our brain is quite tricky. When the heart has already settled a hunch that a thing is not necessary, that feeling is in conflict with the desire to protect themselves from loss of property. And conflict, the brain does not like and in most cases solves the problem very simply: forget about bad things until the next collision with her, trying to erase from memory the very existence of the problem.

But it's not going away! We may not be aware of what annoys us in the boxes of junk in the closet or clogged the balcony, but this feeling of dislike and hostility will not disappear. And whether it is to us in our daily lives?

What to do in practical terms? To train to get rid of unnecessary. The fear of losing her is overcome gradually, time after time we got better and better trained to let go of the unnecessary things. Go and get rid of one unnecessary thing right now. And from one tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow.

Gradually the brain gets used to the fact that the release of trash isn't a tragedy. Plus, of course, don't forget to be aware of the steps if in the thirty-fifth time I try to throw the subject in the thirty-fifth time I say to myself "what if useful," we should recognize that Yes, maybe there is a situation when I need it — but it is not. And I will have to deal with it, and I'm afraid of it, but nothing really scary will happen.

Fear that the thing I need and do I need this thing actually two completely different problems. And it's good to remind yourself, going through old blockages in the dresser drawers.


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