10 facts that prove that people who have a mess at home - the best of us!

The site publishes several research and its stunning conclusion, after which you like and we will surely come to the conclusion - no more templates and ordering!

1. We live in a very formulaic and predictable world. Almost everything in it is packed neatly and systematically. The Company constantly strives to whatever was in everything and everywhere to keep order.

But all this is nothing more than an illusion.

We were taught a superficial understanding of symmetry. Life is really unpredictable and chaotic nature, although it seems to us that if all the "organize", it will be much better.

2. However, in reality the opposite is true. For example, you think that you need to buy a few more pants that they had enough "at all times". You buy more. And then it turns out that things do not fit in the closet. And he just doomed to chaos. Thus, creating an "order" in one place, you immediately create it in another.

you make a decision to throw out all the extra stuff in the trash. Houses such as how to get the "order", but the world as a whole has become dirtier.

3. That's what says about this physicist Adam Frank:

«This is a law of physics. The harsh truth of life is that the universe itself - is chaos. As you can put things in order at home or in your life, if it is contrary to the nature of the universe? ».

blockquote> In fact, no matter how much we tried to keep his life in order, but the house - in a neat, nothing comes out. Disorder is always there and there.

What to do? To say "yes" to the chaotic nature of this world. To accept.

4. People who have home is always a mess, stigmatized. Around they seem apathetic and leading "wrong" life. But this is simply not true! Disorganized people better than anyone else. If only because they do not allow false illusions about dictate daily routine.

On this subject is well commented Jim Morrison:

«I am interested in the uprising in the mess, the chaos. I think this is the way to freedom ».


5. This does not mean that every aspect of your life you need to plunge into chaos. Organization is important and sometimes even useful. But you have no right to condemn the people living in a mess. Believe me: the procedure is strongly overestimated.

People who have a permanent home a mess, do not lazy. They - the creative and bold.

Common sense tells us that cleanliness - the key to efficiency and productivity, but it is not.

6. Eric Abrahamson and David Freedman, authors of scientific bestseller «A Perfect Mess: The Hidden Benefits of Disorder», wrote:

«Disorder - is not necessarily a sign of unsystematic. At the table, in which all scattered, we can work more effectively than pure. When a person on the desk a mess, it does not mean that it does not work well. This means that it works so well, that he was simply no time to get out ».

blockquote> In other words, the disorder may actually be a sign of efficiency, rather than carelessness.

7. Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Minnesota conducted a study by Kathleen CSW and proved that people prone to dispersal things anywhere and accumulation of garbage, are actually more creative than everyone else.

As part of this research CSW conducted a curious experiment. It is divided 48 volunteers into two groups and asked them to find creative ways to use the ball ping-pong table. One half of the participants in the experiment were placed in a clean, tidy room, the other in the dirty. In the end, both groups have come up with an equal number of ideas, but in the latter, the results of an independent evaluation of other students appeared to be more innovative and creative.

CSW concludes:

«We all want to be more creative people are more likely to experience enlightenment. My advice: if you have a stupor, move to a dirty room. This will allow you to go beyond the usual perception and faster to produce new ideas. The order - the result of our commitment to the security chaos - our commitment to the creative rethinking of the world ».

blockquote> 8. Clutter, of course, has long been tightly associated with creative genius. Disorganization and neporyatnost censured in society, but in such conditions all his life lived most of the great minds of Albert Einstein, Alan Turing, Ronald Dahl. Even JK Rowling can not afford to get out of the apartment!

All they achieved greatness despite the fact that their whole life was full of chaos.

< 9. In general, if your parents are punished for failing to clean up in his room, then I made the mistake. Society ignores the hidden benefits of chaos.

To score on the rules and live in their creative chaos, you need courage.

Albert Einstein once said:

«If the mess on the table is a mess in my head, then what is an empty table?».

blockquote> 10. Creative people see the big picture of your life as a whole, and not to dwell on some of its details. They go with the flow rather than swim against the current. They easily adapt to changes. They know that time is too limited resources to spend it on such boring things as cleaning.

The simplicity and beauty of life is more important than the visible "success" and do "discipline." Passion better boredom.

Life - a disheveled, unpredictable and wonderful gift. Enjoy the ride.

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