Armor: 5 types

I want to talk about what is necessary knowledge for all people without exception. This knowledge, about which speech will go, is akin to the skills of basic hygiene.

Once the human body is considered a vessel of sin, and to discuss his needs, just take care of it, was indecent. So we lived until the last quarter of the twentieth century.


Psychotherapy, which itself was born in the Victorian era — the era of Supreme contempt for the body (19th century) — long precluded any possibility of physical contact between the therapist and the patient. Psychoanalysts engaged exclusively in the CONVERSATIONS.

Communication is resembled a typical street scene: two "aunts" was fond of an important conversation, and the child of one of them, forgotten and neglected — spinning, spinning, wasting away... the Baby is a cold Body, who do not understand.

But times have changed and a new direction body-oriented psychotherapy. Today we will talk about the most important discoveries and observations made by the founders and developers of this direction in psychotherapy.

When You learn some basic concepts of body-oriented psychotherapy can be, You will have to solve some of their problems independently, without consultation, which will tell You the same thing, but for the money.

To begin with, the basic term for a body-oriented psychotherapist is a term: ARMOR of the CHARACTER. Of course, under the character refers to the nature of the neurotic type. But neurotics, in varying degrees, all of us, and it is also a basic concept of psychotherapy, and psychotherapy any.

It is believed that depressive and introverted neurotic has a very low energy level. What he spends bioenergy, which receives all people and creatures on planet Earth from air, sun and food consumed? Depressive, neurotic, introverted spends all its available energy to maintain armor.

Generally, of course, armor is a concept of the virtual. Under armor skill refers to the inclusion of psychological defense mechanisms. Protection, builds neurotic, has a purpose: to isolate from traumatic feelings, thoughts, events.

However, over time, this virtual armor becomes very real. It begins to manifest:

  • in muscle clamps
  • CONSTANT muscle tension
  • breathing is difficult, constrained breathing.

Every muscle group, even those we are not aware, begins to experience chronic stress. So the healthy functioning of the body ceases and begins to suffer our internal organs.

In principle, human energy — in abundance. When energy builds up too much, in the body there is sexual tension, a removable discharge — orgasm. Neurotic is spending all its energy on maintaining muscle tension and kill their sexuality. The diagnosis is anorgasmia, the full or partial inability to experience orgasm.

The simple medicine for people experiencing depression, oddly enough, the introduction of his food and sleep in clear mode. Nutrition can be a two-, three-, five-time, sleep can last 6-8-12 hours, but all this should be done on a regular basis.

How is it related to body? Very directly — sleep and nutrition are not yet relieves all the muscle clamps, but gives a weary body rest, which does not allow itself always a busy body.

And in the second stage, the patient is taught to experience PLEASURE, thus returning it to its natural state of nature. It is believed that genuine pleasure is the primary nature of man, crushed by the inhibitions of society. To develop the ability to achieve pleasure, the patient will self — he's just saying that it is necessary for therapy and all.

Person learns to enjoy life and, with it, from your own body. The root of the problem, referred to as "character armor" is the restraint, distrust, and dislike of your own body.

Bodily emancipation allows you to remove the exclusion of a person from the outside world and from other people, which causes communication difficulties and interpersonal conflicts in social terms.

The conclusion is very simple: if You have problems in communicating with other people — You have the first trouble accepting my own body, its reactions and emotions in General.

The most common example of the formation of the neurotic character and his armor — a ban on crying. Most often it is formed consciously in childhood, parents of boys, who believes that a man should not cry. What happens in this case?

1) teeth stickymouse,

2) breath is delayed,

3) the muscles of the throat and stomach tighten.

It is the "armor of nature", making impossible a free expression of emotions of sadness, grief, compassion and regret.

In education, there is a single bad recipe: if you can't be — try to appear. To appear strong (or, conversely, weak), as required by the society. Try to appear — that is, a form of "armor" character.

There is even an expression in the language "to forge your character".

With this and the struggles of modern humanistic psychotherapy. Its main motto: to Be rather than to seem to Be, and not to Have.

To relieve muscle armor using numerous techniques:

Massage problem areas of the body. Fencing — for the realization of the suppressed emotions of aggression. (Sometimes, instead of fencing people are allowed to just Bang pear). Creek. Screaming, the man is freed from the clips in the throat, abdomen and shoulder girdle. Writhing. You lie on the Mat and pretend to be screaming espeleologia babies. Grounding. It is standing on the ground to shiver in the legs or gait "all stop" was the first thing that neurotics are losing is the contact with the ground, they "do not stand" on his feet, and this just works the technique of grounding.

All this You can do yourself. Massage You do massage, not body-oriented psychotherapist, leaping, and jumping along the ground to stupor to properly "grounded", can be in the country, to kick, to scream and Bang pear without leaving the house and free. Similarly, in order to enter into the mode of sleep and food, no need to go to a resort or summer camp, or go to jail.


Somewhere I've seen this nasty man...

I suggest You find out yourself in one of the following characteristic psychological types.

So, armor is of different styles, body-oriented psychologists have numbered them 5.

1. Armor, which is schizoid. Schizoid do not feel his body. He's inflexible, all members of the body, the puppets move as hinges and the like separately. Slouches, the mimicry is poor, arms hanging, legs raking. Reminiscent of the losers, who with ostentatious reluctance is going to reply to the Board. And so it goes life.

What the mind of a schizoid? He is afraid of. His main fear — the fear of death, he sees danger everywhere! His armor forged entire spine, he had difficulty moving extremity due to blocks in the joints and joints.

The schizoid needs to develop the smooth movements of the limbs and flexibility of the spine.


2. Armor, which is the Oral type. Oral type is a psychologically immature person, stuck in the age of the baby-sucker. He's underdeveloped and externally: on the body, few hair, hands and feet, and the torso is elongated, muscles underdeveloped. Physical immaturity, childishness, infantilism, podrostkovoe, girl-Twiggy, the boy Piero. Remember the Prince and Princess from the Soviet cartoon the Bremen town musicians.

What the mind oral? He's always perfect and just craves love. "Malvina was gone, my wife!" Himself to love, giving is unable to care about anyone cannot and does not want. All he has to do "palacatania" love, protection and patronage of a strong partner.

All he has to do really is to relax tight shoulders, back and especially the throat to zapisalas easier.


3. Armor that is of a Psychopathic type. A very interesting distortion of the figure: the upper part of the body is overdeveloped, the buttocks are almost absent, and the legs are tiny, thin, shuffling themselves down. Convenient for the head, which is still only visible from the waist up behind the Desk in the office.

The mind of a psychopath — to subdue, to subjugate all, he wants power.


4. Armor worn by the masochist. Full, flattened like a pancake body, outstretched neck. Chicken going to slaughter. The most recognizable in the crowd type.

The mind of the masochist: "I'm afraid to make a decision himself, to whom I would pre-sold, whom to obey?"

Accentuated "Masochists" have a power unit, a clamp or "armor" in the pelvic region, so they are almost not able to orgasm.


5. Armor that is of a Hard type. It's a hot guy with (seemingly) a harmoniously developed body and musculature, but like Schwarzenegger in the role of killer robots.

The impression of lifeless, clumsy, dead mechanism. The energy inside the body is not circulating, and it is noticeable from the side. The mind of a Tough "I control, I control, I..."published


Author: Helen Nazarenko

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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