We live in a parallel reality


This photo gives me a feeling that we are living in a parallel reality from the one branch of development, in which we had to go. We will not touch yet the spiritual and moral development of society (here we keep on a level of semi-intelligent animals), and touch on the technological component.

Because private profit of a few corporations was imposed on us about the path of technological development has placed on the "oil needle" in the transport. Although, in the early 20th century pretty much says that the future of electric drive.

This is 1905!!! Over a 100 year period in this area, we could move forward on technology accumulation (and possibly generation) of electricity far into fiction (by modern standards). After all, mileage 500 km, the electric car Tesla Model S looks fantastic even now.

Is ground transportation.

Air transport is still based on the principle of repulsion from the air, environment. I doubt that nature is so primitive that the movement of the Universe is possible only on inertial principles. Most likely, we don't know about other principles of movement. "Silence" technology and principles of the ether – a vivid example.

Look at these graphs:

The impression that inventing was nothing and everything is already open and invented...



Headway using low-efficiency principles with the presence of a huge amount of manual labour.

Although these are the thoughts:



But even if it is all based on only one binder is concrete. Better not yet invented. Although geopolymeric for granite for many ancient structures were known. I doubt that his recipes are completely lost.

And obtain a binder on the basis of crystallization processes? Why not explore this area? Quartz in caves grows – just need to learn how to speed up these processes and get building materials with much better mechanical and aesthetic characteristics.



Completely based on the symptoms of the disease. Like their causes, she doesn't notice.

Pharmaceuticals is fully gone in the process profit. When simple and cheap substances such as salt, baking soda, herbal teas can quickly and effectively treat many diseases (at least about acute respiratory infections and flu can forget). Develops only surgery, but purely technically.

In General, the mechanisms of the human body (not only on a biological level) to the end are not known and are studied from the energy point of view, interaction with the soul.

Many surgeons do not understand why you need a lymphatic system, the colon. About the Appendix – generally keep quiet...

Soul medicine – it is still a concept very far from each other...

Psychosomatics is also unknown to modern medicine.

And recognition of wounds homeopathy pseudoscience says about the suspension of the processes attempts to associate this unknowable science.



Here and blind it is clear that that we look like a flock of sheep.

Multi-year education system is not aimed at the education of the student and enhance the application fit in the life of knowledge and skills, and his "brainwashing".

Plus, only one in this process is a skill to thinking (but not all). And theoretical knowledge of the school and University very quickly evaporate. Knowledge and skills in this system – very little.


Social relations

For several decades the citizens of the former Soviet Union was building socialism and communism tried. Friendship of peoples, the man friend and brother to man and all in this spirit. It was a good era moral uplift.

Now, in the era of wild capitalism of the man is the enemy, and at least – a competitor in the struggle for the warm place under the Sun. There is now nowhere of unity and unification of the national idea, the meaning of life, shared goals and other things.


Labor activity

Even with those technologies and number of equipment, plants, production, possible social system, when people have to work an average of 3-5 hours a day, and everything you need (food, clothing, household items) – can be given to him for free (given the absence of "potreblyatstva" inherent in modern society).

And again, greed and accumulation of material assets keeps us in a vicious circle. Slaves have to work, no matter how effectively they do the main busy they are these are at least 1/3 of the time of his life.

All the free time people could spend on his (and his family) development.

And here we come to the spiritual and moral development through knowledge.This desire distinguishes man from the animal world, and that it brake in society puppeteers, otherwise they will cease to be gods in relation to the human mass, and the mass will cease to be a slave.


You can see the development of microelectronics

It is now only the extensive way of development. Doubles the number of processors in the devices. Well, You have a smartphone with 128 cores? On 0.005 seconds faster to open an app, and what?

Oh Yes, I forgot, we wanted to simplify the life of chipping, when you do not need to carry any documents or cash. Something this process has slowed down... But it will resemble a "Time" when the counter on the hand equal to your remaining life. And there is ghetto and there are areas of the immortal...

In short, we had a long time to become the Gods and fly to the stars, discover other laws and worlds. But while we are slaves... Or is it here on Earth there is such problem: to Wake up and get out of this system? Not within individuals, but in the global, earthly sense?

If all of our existence to see from the height of these lines is the meaning of this phrase: "Knowledge begets sorrow...". And that's why many are comfortable to be in oblivion and not see anything around him.published


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