Australians will create an electric SUV

Australian startup Red Automotive Technologies plans to produce an electric SUV that can pass up to 1,200 km and accelerate to 250 kilometers per hour. In that case, if the project will find the necessary funding, the company expects to launch a series of several models and in ten years sell up to 75 thousand cars a year. This publication reports Motoring.

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The electrical design of the SUV belongs to an Australian engineer Paul van de Lou. He owns his own engineering firm in Adelaide, which over the last 22 years developing consumer products and various devices and systems for defense, automotive industry and mining industry. At the moment, the businessman has hired for the development project of the former head of the Department of planning of new products GM Holden and an expert in the field of electric cars Yen Macklowe.

Red Automotive Technologies plan to use models for their modular design. The first SUV of the company will have four electric motors (one in each wheel), two-stage transmission and innovative suspension with adjustable ground clearance. Ground clearance reaches 375 millimeters, the articulation of the wheels — 450 mm, and trailer weight of 3.5 tons.

Solely on electric SUV will travel about 200 kilometers. The model also gets the engine (petrol or diesel) that will be used solely to recharge the batteries while driving. With this unit the reserve will increase to 1,200 kilometers. From zero to "hundred" novelty can accelerate in less than four seconds. In terms of off-road capabilities of the machine, the company says, will be able to surpass Jeep and Toyota Land Cruiser.

Soon Red Automotive Technologies will begin to search for funding. Subsequently, the company intends to go public and an IPO. The starting price of the first model will be about 85 thousand dollars.published 

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