Refutation of news about the giant UFOs

November 29, 2010, Russian media reports exploded that is sent to Earth huge fleet of alien ships: there are at least half a dozen, each the size of about 240 km in length and 50 to 80 km wide.

Fortunately, they are still far away - around Pluto, but a couple of years will already be here! The source of this heartbreaking news site called

Of course, journalists and friends began to attack me (I'm sure that other astronomers) Please explain the essence of this sensation. I had to get acquainted with the original message.


On its own initiative, I would never read a site called «Before it's news» (before it becomes news) and subtitled «People powered news» (News of the population). At first glance it is clear that this is the usual advertising site with a "yellow news & quot; to attract the public. Instead, the author indicated a «Eyes for You (Reporter)», I have translated as "to look out for you (reporter)". The link reporter instead of a journalist pops text of the First Amendment to the US Constitution on freedom of speech. Of course, I am not against freedom of speech, and even the "pros". But before you hear that word, I would like to know who it says. Walked 5 minutes on the site «Before ...», I did not see the names of the authors, and section «About Us» found only here it is: «Before It's News® is a community of individuals who report on what's going on around them, from all around the world. Anyone can join. Anyone can contribute »(Before It's News® - a community of people from around the world reporting about what is happening around them. Everyone can join. Anyone can contribute). Looking at these "contributions", I felt a burning desire to go and wash your hands. But since I took up the plow, ... I had to read through and understand.

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The message that rocks RuNet appeared originally in September and was called «Giant Spaceships Heading Towards Earth?» (Giant spaceship sent to Earth?) Its pretty incoherent text does not make sense to quote in its entirety. It talks about the upcoming invasion of aliens, and the global conspiracy of politicians and scientists, ostensibly to establish communication with alien ships and hide this fact from the world's population ... Brad, in a word. But, unlike other reports of this kind, it is accompanied by photographs and astronomical celestial coordinates "extraterrestrial objects." Everyone wants to go to the proposed respectable astronomical sites and to check that the professional photographs of the sky in these places there is really something amazing. In addition to the coordinates of objects on the site «Before ...» and shows a photograph of one of them (the blue 'squiggle' in Fig. 1). To understand the nature of these "UFO", it is necessary to clarify the origin of their images. Website «Before ... & quot; the source said: an interactive map of the sky This is quite demonstrator quality of the night sky, using materials prepared by professional astronomers in different years of the program reviews the sky in different spectral ranges. In particular, the optical images taken from the well-known Palomar sky surveys POSS (Palomar Observatory Sky Survey).

The first such review (POSS I) was made in 1950 on the initiative of the National Geographic Society of the USA by a wide-angle Schmidt telescope at Palomar Observatory in California. In 1980-90-ies it was made a second review (POSS II), but covering the entire celestial sphere: images most southern regions of the sky obtained on a similar telescope in Australia employees Anglo-Australian Observatory. Shooting was done on glass photographic plates the size of 36 × 36 cm, covering the area in the sky 6 ° × 6 °. Later records have been scanned, digitized, and now these images available to all in the form DSS-1 and DSS-2 (Digitized Sky Survey), for example, on the website of the Institute of Space Telescope ( / dss_form), the European Southern Observatory ( or other organizations (

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Although in Fig. 1 you see a color image, the original photographic plates were black and white, as is common in astrophotography. But to get an idea of ​​the color of objects, each region of the sky photographed several times on plates with different emulsions sensitive to different regions of the spectrum. The review POSS I it was "blue" and "red" plate, and in the review of POSS II - «blue", "red" and "infrared". Images on the plates, of course, negative: the night sky light, and the stars in it are dark. To represent the sky in a more natural form of digitized images are inverted - there are bright stars on a dark background. A website they are presented to the even color; This achieved by "painting" an image on each plate in the corresponding color and adding monochrome images together. Fig. 1 is easy to see the colored edge of the stars where they are red and blue image and the not entirely accurate. Color "UFO" pure blue, therefore, its image is present only on the blue plate and not in the red. This alone is an experienced astronomer says that "UFOs" are not connected with the cosmic light sources, which are never strictly monochromatic. To ensure that there is only a mysterious image on the plate of the same color, I took from the DDS-2 blue (blue) and red (red) of the image area, which is shown in Fig. 1. They include, in the orientation of the starting material (Figure 2); the angular size of the frame 5 '× 5'. "UFO" is available only in blue plate.

Fig. 2. Blue (top) and red region of the plate 19 25 12 -89 46 03.

I looked through all the other "UFO". The result is the same: the strange images found only on the blue plate on the red in these places clean.

19 25 12 -89 46 03 - (blue «flourish»; red - pure)
16 19 35 -88 43 10 - (blue «flake tube»; red - pure)
February 26 39 -89 43 13 - (blue «deformed ring»; red - pure)
08 50 47 -89 38 09 - (blue «string of beads»; red - pure)
14 38 50 -88 40 42 - (blue «wavy thread»; red - pure)
14 59 06 -88 21 24 - (blue «curve thread»; red - pure)
23 13 00 -88 53 11 - (blue «direct thread»; red - pure)

I deliberately speak of a photographic plate in the singular: all "UFO" are on the same plate. There is a natural assumption that marriage is an emulsion. Experienced photographers know that this happens even in the records of the company Kodak, which were used by American astronomers. The second assumption - a stain on the record during the scanning process. It happens. For us it is not important, it is a marriage or dirt. It is important to check whether the image is in the sky, or an artifact of the photographic plate. Of course, I do not consider the option of dirt on the lens of the telescope: a sharp image at the focus of this mud does not. By the way, one of the tests on the origin of cosmic images - their sharpness. Atmospheric blur makes everything a little bit out of focus space images. And only the dirt on the plate can give a perfectly sharp image, insoluble for light beam scanning plate. On the plates I considered all the "UFO" have very sharp edges; much sharper than the images of stars. The example in Fig. 3: an object like a string of beads (the result of scanning and compression) significantly smaller thickness than the images of stars comparable to the brightness of it. Here it is necessary to clarify that in Fig. 1 soft edges of the image smoothing procedure established specifically for the demonstration site. It is no longer present, the processed image.

Fig. 3. The object having the declination -89 ° 38 '.

Another test - on the motion. The exposure of the photographic plate lasts several minutes. During this time the object is within the orbit of Jupiter moved considerably - so the shift of the image discover asteroids and comets. However, we do not see images blur associated with movement (Fig. 4). The author of the notes on the website «Before ...» argues that the size of the "UFO" of about 20 km. But the cosmic speed free flight even at the edge of the planetary system, near Pluto's orbit are 5 - 8 km / s. Moving so fast, "UFO" is shifted to the size of its own for a few seconds, and we do not see signs of movement for several minutes.

Fig. 4. Subject to the decline -89_43.

Easily found and another sign of a shallow knowledge of astronomy, the author notes. The angular size of the "UFO" in the pictures is from 20 to 80 seconds of arc. If they are really linear size of about 200 km, the distance to which a total of about 1 million km, only 2 - 3 times farther than the moon! Within a week they could land here! Let me remind you: These pictures were taken decades ago. However, bad arithmetic not only American authors. One of the advertising of Russian sites, which reprinted the American "lime", we would add: "On our site, we are obliged to announce three very large object flying towards our planet. Landing, according to the calculations of scientists, will be held in mid-December 2012. Date coincides with the end of the Mayan calendar. " And it is quite bad with astronomy and geography, even the authors of one of the sites, "Do" topic. Here is a quote (supposedly comment specialist) from the site

"I was in touch with my former colleagues in SETI. They told me that it is definitely alien ships, they are in contact with them via HAARP ».

As you know, HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) - a program of high-frequency Active Auroral Research, the American project to study auroras and other ionospheric phenomena. It is a powerful radar in Alaska. The project featured in numerous conspiracy theories, including the claim that HAARP is a geophysical weapon. However, even my first-year students at once realized that Alaska southern region of the sky can not be seen. I specifically asked them to analyze the message about the giant "UFO" to test their knowledge of astronomy and to develop their immunity to such information. Incidentally, the site «Before ...» in the notes posted interactive "voting is": the reader can express his impression from reading by pressing one of two buttons - «Fiction» or «Fact». If you believe the site all readers thought it was a fact, and no one pressed the button «Fiction» (Fudge). I tried to press the «Fiction» - the program asked to register and enter my email address. Of course, to report his address to this site, I did not. Apparently, so did all of that took a "threat to the UFO" as a fiction. But it is possible that "voting is" consistently demonstrated 100% "fact».

In concluding this investigation, I foresee a reasonable question: "And how astronomical photographic plates in the dirt?" Well, this may be to blame, not only astronomers. Small foreign bodies (and their size, we see that the order of 0, 1 mm) can sometimes be found in the chemical reagents used to prepare the factory emulsion. Sometimes it is not quite the whole batch of pure plates. The scanning process is also possible accidental contamination of the plate, or scratches on the emulsion. To make sure that this dirt or scratch, rather than the image of the real object, an astronomer usually takes another snapshot of the same region and tries to find it suspicious object. Dirt and scratches twice in one place does not get. It is this operation done we are comparing red and blue images of areas with a "giant UFO".

Author: Vladimir Surdin

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