Unexplained mysteries of the world (17 photos)

Seventh August 1999 London police received more than 36 reports of a giant sea serpent in the Thames. "It's almost seven meters long and about five feet in diameter," - reported in a panic one of the witnesses. Despite the fact that many people have seen the monster, no one managed to photograph. Or is it possible? On this day, photographer John Collins made panoramic images of London from his private jet, and he did not notice anything unusual until he looked at photos.

Stone sculpture in ancient India, depicting the Vimana (flying machines). Many epic poems, written in Sanskrit in India more than two thousand years ago, describe the mythical flying machines - Vimana. Taking into account the similarities in the descriptions of ancient Vimana and the stories of people who saw the alleged UFO, once scientists have assumed that in ancient times, India was visited by aliens.

Project Avalon Klaus Dona. The hidden history of the human race. On a huge stone bowl can be seen perfectly inlaid constellation Orion and other stars. Bowl strongly magnetized from the inside and outside almost none. Professional Geologists say that this is impossible, because if a stone has metal particles, it should be equally magnetized from all sides.

Mysterious stone was formed on Earth or came to us from some other planet? This giant boulder with a surface resembling a huge waffle, continues to baffle visitors Jennings Randolph Lake in West Virginia. As to its origin there was a set of theories and assumptions from the icon, erected by prehistoric man, Indian carvings, giant lizard print leather to evidence that flew to Earth by aliens.

Objects found Bob White. In 1985 Bob White has found evidence of UFO encounter in Colorado. In 1996, Mr. White flew to Los Almosskuyu national laboratory for the analysis of their findings. Leaders of the laboratory confirmed that White found object has an extraterrestrial origin. However, later laboratory renounced his claims, and Mr. White was subjected to a lie detector test.

An eighty lump with puzzling inscription in the town of Hayden Mountain in the state of New Mexico. On the flat side of the stone is written something on some assumptions, is something like the Ten Commandments - a set of moral laws, written in Hebrew.

Mysterious cones in the Egyptian desert.

Chinese pyramid in Xianyang. Most of the photos of Chinese pyramids made by local photographers. The Chinese government has categorically refused to allow foreigners to explore the pyramids, only once the visa was issued for this purpose.

Mystical circle on the body. Two people who are not familiar with each other, separated by thousands of miles, one morning found these strange marks on their skin. They had no idea what it is. The only thing that they somehow tied - spiritualism. One of them was at the ceremony of ayahuasca (the drink of immortality) the night before the appearance of the mysterious mark, the other after the case of extreme spiritual situation, diagnosed as psychosis.

In July 1944, Waldemar Yulsrud made a loud discovery in Acambaro, Mexico. He found figurines of dinosaurs, unknown to us animals, reptiles, unknown deity and objects of everyday life (pipes, musical instruments). Most of all he was struck by the dinosaurs, as these people could depict animals that are supposed to be, they could not see. Again, traditional archeology makes a mistake and prefers despite the obvious facts remain steadfast. Figurines date from 2500 BC.

Strange creature photographed Sheriff Jeff Greenhow in 1973 Falkvile, Alabama. From the memoirs of the sheriff: "There was a feeling that he has no neck, he was dressed in a suit is very bright, glowing, like grated nickel, but at the same time, the light was very soft. When I saw him standing in the middle of the road, I stopped the car and asked if he is not a foreigner, but the answer did not hear ».

Skull of the Sasquatch or Bigfoot has been found in the Reserve Rocky Mountains.

Mysterious airships or blimps ghost - kind of unidentified flying objects which are well known, thanks to a series of newspaper reports that appeared in the western United States in 1896-1897 years. If you believe the researcher Jerome Clark, information on these airships appeared all over the world from the 1880s to the 1890s.

Reports of mysterious airships are considered to be precursors of modern dishes aliens. The report provides information about the unexplained fires, and gave a detailed description of the object, similar to the airship. Pilots and crew are usually described as humanoid creatures, but sometimes argued that they Martians.

Many believed that these flying objects - the invention of some unknown genius, are not ready yet to make his discovery public. For example, Thomas Edison is so tied to these UFOs that in 1897 he was forced to make an official statement about the non-participation.

Author Gregory Rice claimed that such airships can not be the work of a man, because in this period did not appear any reports of flying tests, not to mention that it would be impossible to keep such a thing secret.

Japan, in 1803. One of the first stories about UFOs came to us from Japan. This story is about Utsuro-Byun, an alien woman who suddenly emerged from the depths of the Pacific Ocean on a round the ship. A detailed study of the drawings of the time describing this event, detects the ship in the form of plates, similar to what people see today. Pale, red-haired woman was inside the ship, she was dressed in a soft luminous clothes and was carrying a little box. Where did it come from? What was in the box? That no one knew.

Military pilot photographed the UFO over the Italian airbase Treviso June 18, 1979.

This footprint was found near Glen Rose, Texas in the river Pelaksi. The length of the indentation 35, 5 cm, and width - about 18 cm. Paleontologists say that female imprint. Research has shown that people who left such an imprint, was about three feet tall and weighed over three hundred pounds.

August 26, 1966 Lieutenant Glen B., apartments in Minot, North Dakota, saw over their base flying a fleet of UFOs. The officer says, "I was worried because of the previous event (the day before the UFO blocked a nearby nuclear missile silo) and everywhere carried with him his camera. The air began to vibrate, and a dozen objects, similar cylinders flew right over us. They were absolutely silent and flew at a speed of arrows ».


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