Five of mysterious places (27 photos, letters, video)

Man always attracted mystery - especially those that are difficult to uncover. There are eternal secrets - such as the mystery of life and death, there is a mystery of nature - in their knowledge of the person little more than a chance, there is the mystery of the spirit, and there is a mysterious place, a mystery which may be their appearance, the very existence and their importance for people. Of these five, four places are easily reachable: Coral Castle in Florida, the Portuguese Fatima, Lebanon Baalbek, South Ural Triomphe. But the sacred mountain Kailash is not yet conquered. But each of these places - their own secret.

Coral Castle Mystery

Lidskalninsh Edward was born in a small village near Riga in 1887. He was 26 years old when he woo the 16-year-old fellow-villager Agnes Skaffs. Edward was the guy positive and Agnieszka he did not refuse. But two days before the wedding, my decision changed - they say that you are too old for me, Edward. Maybe a bit old, and, perhaps, rostochkom not gone - he never rose above 152 centimeters, and weighed only 44 kg. All the money Ed spend on a ticket to America, where ten years of poor health Latvian will wander in different states. And in 1920, he will buy a small plot near Homestead in Florida, and he will still have money to live modestly, but did not go to work.
Hardworking Lett was not bored, he worked, but he worked in a strange way - just after sunset. 20 years in solitude, not allowing anyone on their land, he builds a castle out of coral limestone, which call «Rock Gate Park» (Stone Gate), and its construction will devote his only love - Agnes.

He later claimed to have uncovered the mystery of the construction of the pyramids, to understand how the ancient builders in Peru, Easter Island, the rising and setting stone blocks weighing several tons. Like it or not - we do not know, but no one saw Edward delivered from the coast on its territory multi-ton coral boulders, no trace of the use of even the simplest of lifting gear, even with the help of which it would be difficult to understand the stone blocks to the height, so such a slender man, Ed. We can not say that his neighbors were indifferent to what makes Edward on his site - they are spying on him, even with a telescope. But whether they have something considered bad, or come up with - they say, "the huge stones were floating through the air like balloons."

No less amazing story castle transportation from place to place, which happened when Edward found out that on the next site will be built multi-storey building. He hires a truck driver to move their buildings to a new area - the driver did not see any loading or unloading units, although the process itself takes less than half an hour in the absence of lifting mechanisms.
Coral Castle - a huge complex of megalithic statues and a total weight of 1,100 tons. How to create this structure - no one knows, but there is no evidence that Edward used any machinery or equipment when he created his castle, or someone working on it. The weight of the stone coral blocks - 6 tons (for comparison - the average weight of the limestone blocks used for the lining of the Great Pyramid of Giza - 2, 5 tons). Ed did not have a car to the Castle had no electricity. There were no traces of use in the construction of the castle of cement or concrete.
On top of the 250-ton tower-Ed columns placed overlooking the castle a huge telescope, finely tuned to the North Star, and it weighs, by the way, 30 tons.

Edward died in 1951 of kidney failure, burned in three days, and did not reveal the secrets of building a castle. Many years after his death, the American engineering company conducted an experiment. Its members have rented the most powerful bulldozer and tried to budge Ed unused 30-ton block of coral limestone. Nothing happened.

Today the castle complex - a two-story square tower weighing 243 tons, various buildings, massive walls, an underground swimming pool with a spiral staircase, stone map of Florida, roughly hewn chairs, a table in the form of heart, accurate sundial stone Mars and Saturn, as well as 30 ton per month, its horn indicating exactly to the North Star, and much more. All of this is located on an area of ​​over 40 hectares. Devyatitonnye Gate so precisely fitted and balanced that they can open a child touch one finger - how could Edward do not get even a secondary education alone to do what can not afford modern best engineers - a mystery.

Secret of Fatima

Fatima - a place in Portugal. May 13, 1917 here just three children - ten-Lucia, her cousins, nine-seven-year old brother and sister saw the Madonna. But to hear her and talk to her could only Lucia. These meetings were a total of six - all the 13th, from May to October. These days the weather was very special - everyone in the neighborhood saw the shining light, lightning in a clear sky. Children told an adult about his meetings with Madonna, but people laughed at them, asked for confirmation - do something they could not see her. October 13 - the day when the children last saw Madonna - they handed the request over: to confirm their appearance miracle. And on this day in the town, it was pandemonium - came to 70 thousand people in robust as Lucia, see and hear Madonna.

Heavy rain - and suddenly part of the sky abruptly cleared from the clouds and over the heads of people lit up very bright solar disk - so much so that their clothes soaked from the rain dried up almost instantly. At the same time people feel the effect of the heat, were bent over the narrow band width of 70 meters, passing through the field. Outside of this band, people stayed wet. This fact has been embodied in the newspapers of the time.

Brother and Sister Lucia will soon - as predicted Madonna - died of "Spanish flu", as Lucia after some time at the request of her confessor recorded prophecies received from the Madonna, and they were transferred to the Vatican. What were these prophecies - no one knows, but the most common opinion, by the way, supported by the Vatican - it is rather the end of the First World War, and the subsequent more azrushitelnaya WWII, the role of communism in the fate of Russia and the world, and the fact of the assassination attempt on one of Popes. (The girl did not know what "communism" and wrote about him as a human being - "when it is evil Communism"). The Catholic Church believes that the phenomenon of the Madonna of Fatima - is one of the most serious event for Catholics in the 20th century, but I'm not specifically talking about predictions in more detail as a true Catholic, first of all, to believe what is written in the Bible. For the same reason I omit details and supermificheskie miracle demonstrated Madonna 70 thousand pilgrims.

Nevertheless, about Fatima write books, make films, pilgrims travel every year in Portugal to a gold-plated statue of the Madonna, pasture and oak among a field obyavileny sacred. And Lucia died not so long ago - in 2005 at the age of 97 years, among other things, on February 13th.
I would also like to add that the miracle of Fatima recognize and Muslims. Firstly, because the Muslim name of the town of Fatima remained in the Catholic Portugal miraculously from the 12th century, and secondly, because the Quran agrees with the worship of the Virgin Mary (Mariam) - perhaps it is the undisputed object of veneration, unifying and Reconciling Christians and Muslims.

The mystery of Baalbek

This ancient city is located on the territory of modern Lebanon, 80 km north-east of Beirut, at an altitude of 1130 meters. Once in Roman times it was the Roman emperors came here to make sacrifices to their gods and ask the oracle about the fate of the Empire. This place is considered one of the most sacred in the world, and its temples - one of the most wonderful.
Ancient history Baalbka unknown, although the site was inhabited since ancient times, is worshiped god Baal (hence the name of the city), and Dionysius. During the reign of Oktavana Augustus (27 BC. E. - 14 BC. E.) The city was transformed into a Roman colony, and there was a Roman garrison. In the Roman period there was built the temple of Jupiter, the temple had a rectangular shape - 89 to 49 meters, the roof was based on the 54 Corinthian columns - is now left of them only six ...

The Temple of Jupiter was so impressive that by comparison the Parthenon in Athens looked a baby, his columns three times lower than the columns of the Temple of Jupiter. But, as it was not great Temple of Jupiter, it was built on the basis of even more enormous. This base, which consists of stone blocks - world champion among heavyweights.

In Baalbek, there are 27 limestone blocks included in the base of the temple, which are not comparable in weight to anything in the world. The lightest of the 27 stones weigh over 300 tons. A group of three very large boulders called "Trilithon" or "Miracle of three stones." Each of those incredibly huge stones reaches an average length of 21 meters, a height of 5 meters and a width of 4 meters. And they weigh 800 tons each - is the heaviest stones ever mined by ancient man. They - of the remarkable structure and rest on top of the support structure at a height of about 20 feet (1 foot = 30, 48 cm) above the ground.

The crane, which was used by NASA to raise the "Shuttle", controlled weights about 430 tons. What is needed to use the ancient builders for the concept of a 800-ton blocks?
Some scientists are trying to argue that Trilithon - a stone artificial - yes, they say, we do not see any traces of cement, which connects into one separate blocks, but may in antiquity had its ancient, cement - or whatever it was also called.

But this theory does not fit the Stone of the South - a block of limestone, located a few hundred meters from the Temple of Jupiter, and weighing more than a kiloton - slightly more than the weight of all the stones of the Coral Castle. And he is not separated from the ground - and what sense would bind "the old cement" integral parts of the future artificial stone before it is delivered to the place of use? So as long as the number of questions is greater than the number of responses - all signs of the mystery.

It's no secret that the Temple of Jupiter itself was destroyed by time and wars, and put the lid on the earthquake in 1759, the year. So now in Baalbek can be seen only the remains of the temple and two large courtyards surrounded by columnar gallery, with a magnificent portico at the entrance.

Mystery Kailash

Much has been written about Tibet, mystery this place and add those to whom this same mystery in life is not enough, and in any case they will be able to find it anywhere - even a stick of sausage. But the fact that the sacred mountain Kailash keeps some not yet open to us information - it's a fact, as the mountain up to 6714 meters, from which originate the four major rivers of Tibet, India and Nepal (the Indus, Sutlej, Brahmaputra and Karnali - it can be seen on the area map) - until now still considered unconquered.

Of course, one of the difficulties of this climb is that Kailash is located in a remote and rugged terrain of Western Tibet. But there are two reasons, which are not conducive to such an ascent. The first - the mystical. The gist of it is that in all the treatises said that the mountain is holding the only gods. It resets the other. And supposedly only Milarepa and Bon were on top of it. On the ascent to the Kailas it was taboo, and even when, finally, in 1985, the famous climber Reinhold Messner has received from the Chinese government permission to climb it from him at the last moment refused.

It is believed that anyone who attempted to conquer Kailash or died on the way to its top or back, without reaching its goal, but, "having got the mind." It is said that in Soviet times on the outskirts of the mountain disappeared two expeditions of the NKVD.
The second reason - the fact that millions of believers around the world express their protest conquest of Kailash, this protest to support the UN. In 2000, a Spanish expedition acquired a permit (not cheap, by the way) to the conquest of Kailash from the Chinese authorities. To rise above the base camp at the foot of the Spaniards could not - thousands of pilgrims stood in the way of the expedition.
Therefore, information about Kailasa we try to be divided into three kinds: religious, and physical evidence.

Religious: it is believed that at the top of Kailash is the abode of Shiva (Hindus), or the Buddha (Buddhists), and there is also the entrance to the mysterious land of Shambhala. If you bypass the mountain on a certain route (outer bark), you can get the remission of all sins if 13 times - you will not get in the Hell for the next five hundred reincarnations - and get right to work around Kailash another route (inner bark). Having eto108 time weed out of the circle of rebirth and attain enlightenment of Buddha. A small, but very important caveat: if you're doing all this to satisfy his own ambitions - nothing will avenge you and the mountain. The purpose of the cortex primarily be a spiritual cleansing and rebirth.
Physical: this is the correct four-sided pyramid, the wall-side of which is oriented to the cardinal, and the tip is rounded in the form of eggs. Gore is composed of thirteen horizontal layers of step that is somewhat reminiscent of a Mexican pyramid (hence the origins of non-serious speculation that the mountain this - man-made). Dome of the mountain is covered with permanent ice cap. The south wall of Kailash completely cut through from top to bottom of straight-cleft crack running right on the middle of it. Layered terraces form on the walls of the crack giant stone staircase that goes from the base of the mountain to its summit. At sunset, this crack and shadow stone terraces form a pattern in the form of a giant swastika. Look at the map - of course, conditional, but the rivers originating from Kailash form a picture similar to the swastika. The exact height of the mountain is not defined as a mountain "breathes" (again, arbitrarily) annually, it changes up and down for a few tens of meters.

Witness: Distance of outer crust - about 60 km at an altitude of 5000 - 5700 meters - it takes an average of about 5 days course. However, those who do it on all fours, can spend three weeks, and experienced "hodilschiki" and can handle in a day. Buddhists are moving in the direction of clockwise, the others - to meet them. Fluctuations in day and night temperatures from +40 to -10 degrees. Travelers describe all the symptoms of altitude sickness: persistent depression, anxiety, insomnia, periodic bouts of terror, throat or nose can go blood, visual perception (flash white and yellow light arising smoothly and as smoothly fading) - although make their own conclusions, that it was mountain sickness they can not be, because they "have already been adapted." As pilgrims find the greatest happiness to die, making the crust, and the Tibetans there is no rule to bury the corpses - a show here is not for the faint of heart, but those who are stronger in spirit, imbued with the idea that life and death - it's so close.

I know outwardly calmer, but no less difficult internally ways to get absolution for the Christian. At a minimum, this can be found in the church, even without their own confessor. And I do not believe the fairy tale that someone once at the top of Kailash could go - why not? But I support the people of faith who are against rock climbing on the mountain: for climbers - it's just a matter of ambition. Leave to others the secret of Kailash. They need it. It gives them hope.

Mystery Arkaim

Back in 1952, unique data aerofotosemki Southern Chelyabinsk region. On the pictures you can see a few laps, released on the surface of the steppe. Artificial origin of these circles no one doubt, but an opportunity to explore their archaeologists received only in 1987 - they were separated for a year on research, then Arkaim valley were flooded to create a reservoir to irrigate the arid steppe region. And the first archaeological finds forced to reconsider the future of the place, although the project has already been spent millions. Two main reasons contributed to this: the uniqueness of the buildings that have been reconstructed by archeologists found remnants and their ages.

So, the city Triomphe. It had a circular outer diameter of about 160 m. It is surrounded by the ditch filled with water, and it was surrounded by a wall height of 5 m and a width of 5 meters -5, which was made four passes. Just behind the wall was the only street that has an annular shape, too, about the width of 5 meters, while the street was dug-foot channel naryty timber flooring, acting as sewage.



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