Mysteries of the past century

The past, the twentieth century was filled with a variety of events. This two world wars, and the opening - from penicillin to a nuclear bomb. This new means of communication and transportation, the new social formation and change of orientation. But at least the last century was rich and the biggest mysteries.


In the British Isles Flannan completely disappears the whole watch in full lighthouse Eileen Moore (Eileen Moore lighthouse)


During the night of December 30 in Paris, there was a stop watch. Almost across the city arrows froze at age 1-05. The reasons for this failure could not figure out.


Famous explosion on the river Stony Tunguska. His power reached 40-50 megatons, was knocked down in the forest area of ​​2100 sq km, shattered windows in homes in a radius of 200 km and 800 km from the epicenter of the explosion was heard. 5 hours after the explosion magnetic storm lasted. But what exactly was the cause of the explosion - and not so well established, usually speak of the Tunguska meteorite.


July 14 train disappeared walking part - a steam locomotive, three cars. I went to Rome station, drove into a tunnel and everything ...


January 31 was born in Strumica legendary girl who at age 12 had the gift of clairvoyance to replace lost sight and her name was Wang


In 1890, New Zealand went sailing ship "Marlborough", which was found in 1913 at the Tierra del Fuego with the remains of 20 people on board. During all this time the ship did not come into any port


During the summer melting of glaciers on Mount Ararat pilots summer, during the melting of glaciers on Mount Ararat pilots of the Imperial Air Force Lieutenant Roskovitsky with his co-pilot have found something resembling a part of Noah's Ark on the mountain.


Ali Izenbek Colonel Volunteer Army, found in some tablets with inscriptions estate, which were later called "Veles book". The authenticity of this collection of texts of VII century BC. e. - IX century BC. e. scientists questioned.


Fixed the appearance of a large animal with a long neck, snake River Paint (USA)


Anthropologist Philip V. Tobias discovered near the village of Taung (South Africa), the baby's skull, which dates back to 2, 5 million. Years. Moreover, the conventional wisdom about the extraterrestrial origin of the remains.


The lake near the village Shuknavolok Vedlozero fell unknown cylindrical object. After a time on the shores of the lake, local residents began to meet some big-being, which, when danger lurked in the lake.


Lake Loch Nass got the first documentary evidence of its population by unknown creatures. Stories about big monster with a long neck and small head there since the time of the Roman conquest, but even today to explain a hypothesis to prove or disprove the existence of Nessie is not possible.


Oktyabr 1943 gave rise to the legend of the US experiment "Philadelphia". According to the myth, the military conducted an experiment to test ideas about teleportation Tesla and Einstein on unified field theory. Waters an electromagnetic field destroyer "Aldridge" disappeared with the entire team, and then was found many miles from the site of the experiment with partially dead crew. There are, however, and the version of the origin of this legend - conducted experiments on the demagnetization of ships to make them invisible to magnetic mines. Such a scenario and could produce some effects.


In the Australian state of Queensland massively bombarded UFO


At the end of the war disappear leaders of the Third Reich (Borman, Mueller and some others). Their fate remains unknown, the remains are either not found or were merely an attempt to hoax. There are versions of the shoots them in Latin America.


Just 6 planes disappear in the Bermuda Triangle on December 5


This year was fruitful for UFO crash in the United States: On July 7, Magdalena, and on July 22 in Roswell (New Mexico) crashed flying saucer and the bodies were found extraterrestrial beings. Naturally the government to classify the findings, thereby giving rise to the wildest version.


12 - July 26 there are many UFOs in the sky directly over Washington and the District of Columbia. Rumors crawling around the country worst, no explanation for what is going to pick up and failed.


During the night of 28 to October 29 in North Bay (Sevastopol) there was an explosion underneath the battleship "Novorossiysk". Along with the ship and killed 608 sailors and officers. The nature of the explosion could not be determined.


The fighter with the British air base in August was exposed for 20 minutes prosecution UFOs. Later, the device simply vanished into thin air.


On December 14 the newspaper "Youth of Yakutia" was reported "Labynkyrskom Chёrte." So local Yakuts called monster, huge dark gray, with a giant mouth and very aggressive, which is found in the Lake District Labynkyr Oimyakon. It is called very dangerous, capable out of the water onto land. And about the size can be judged from the fact that the distance between the eyes of the monster evaluate wide raft of 10 logs.


In February, it had lost touch with a group of tourists at the beginning of Igor Dyatlov. Were organized full-scale search, and then after the discovery of the bodies - a large formal investigation. Versions of what happened was a lot, but the death of the group Dyatlova remained unsolved.


Near the coast of Puerto Rico Navy US maneuvers. At that time they had seen a very fast moving object. Affected object's speed - 280 km / h.


10.22.1963 years in the Texas Dallas was shot and killed John Kennedy, the thirty-fifth President of the United States. Shortly thereafter, he was arrested and charged with the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald. But today, the day's events, motives and actions raise more questions than they answer.


Roger Patterson manage to film the female "Bigfoot" in the valley of Bluff Creek.


03.28.1968 died first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. The official version of the death also caused a lot of controversy, but in the words of Vanga he died and "was taken».


The first steps on the moon earthlings. But today more and more disputes over this event, doubt the reality of the landing.


September 20 at 4:00 am there was a "miracle Petrozavodsk." Above the main street we saw a UFO in the form of stars, very bright, and the radiating rays red. Later, the star fell apart in a rain of fire, and above all the north of the Soviet Union and Finland massively observed objects. There have also been detected in the glass of the upper floors of houses holes - large size and with sharp edges.


On one of the ships of the Black Sea Fleet in the Bay of Tsemess stopped all the clocks on board.


January 29 on the hill "Height 611" in Dalnegorsk UFO crash occurred about. At the crash site showed a drop of metal with holes in different nature, black glassy particles of up to 30 mg, loose flakes of quartz fiber thickness of 30 microns in a mesh. Each such fiber was spun from a thin quartz even more flagella, which are inserted inside the golden thread.


On the coast of Brazil's emissions in 2000 dolphins. This mass suicide was repeated in 2009 off the coast of New Zealand, where emissions-pilot whale dolphins


For the fourth mass suicide of whales off the coast of Chile - 140 individuals were killed.


April 12 Sasovo the Ryazan region, an explosion occurred at the time of flight of a UFO over the city. In place of the fixed funnel anomalous activity - the failure of electronic devices, calculators reprogramming.


In just 10 months, close to Western Micronesia "Pacific Triangle" lost 48 ships with more than two hundred sailors.


Not far from Chelyakovitsy (Celakovice) (Czech Republic) found strange burial end - the beginning of the eleventh century. It was called "cemetery vampire" because of the fact that the remains of 13 to 11 pits were buried associated with aspen stakes through the heart. Also, some bodies were cut off hands and heads.


The first closed ecosystem was discovered in the Romanian cave Movil. 30 species of crustaceans, spiders, millipedes, insects and plants in the dark isolated live past 5 million. Years.


In the village of Kaolin at Kyshtym in the cemetery pensioner Tamara Prosvirina discovered a strange creature half alive. 30 santimetrvy humanoid ate human food, has a strange odor, he was the head with a high forehead, eyes and mouth. Pensioner Alyoshenka being called and left to live at home. A few people have seen it in the past month, held at Prosvirin. After that the woman was placed in an acute exacerbation of schizophrenia in a psychiatric hospital.
It is killed by time, possibly from improper feeding and care, or were killed. 05/08/1999 A year before the interview to Japanese journalists at night the two were struck by motor vehicles and Tamara.



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